Mathematics for the little ones

Can you do the math with a yearling or two year old tot? Watching what! Alas, all the early development has been taken to reduce it to the account of early learning and reading. And this is contraindicated for such crumbs, their brains are physiologically not ready for such manipulation. But there is another mathematician.

When we talk about math for kids, we have in mind, rather, familiarity with the main logic concepts: one and a lot more-less, above-below, the set, etc. It is obvious that these concepts are necessary not only for the development of mathematical thinking. They

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Weapon of mass destruction Gaddafi

Libyan rebels were able to find warehouses that store the chemical weapon, or harmful fissile materials. After that was initiated control of warehouses. The West fears that unsafe substances can master terrorists. The government has asked the newest Libya next month in order to suppress Gaddafi. After you've achieved the final victory over Gaddafi supporters must go through 8 months and should be a new election.

Unusual finds

Chemical weapon was found in warehouses, which were in the south of Libya, in the oasis of El Joffrey.

Mustard gas is a "mustard gas", which is known as

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Russian scientists are seriously engaged in the search for Bigfoot

Ufologists from Sverdlovsk again to resume search for Bigfoot, they will travel to the north of the Sverdlovsk region. Researchers interested in Bigfoot is not by chance, they were interested in the unusual messages that they received from Garinsky district.

You had a dream about war? Do you want to quickly see the dream book to learn interpretation of your dream? In that case, find out what you can dream about the war in the dream book online

For all of 2011, local residents found the

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Orbital cesspool able to do gallakticheskie flights unenforceable

Imagine a situation where, enduring trash from home, you dump it here — at the entrance. You have broken fridge — you throw it right out the window. Products, shall we say, active life, too, merge right at the front. With the passage of time adjacent to your home area will turn into a real dump, which is for you yourself do not give to live on in their own home.

Similar to the one described apocalyptic plot situation is in Earth orbit. During the time that has elapsed since the launch of the first satellite in the near

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Experienced gun Rolls-Royces chambered for .55 Boys

Perhaps, for many will be the opening of the fact that the company Rolls-Royce, the eminent worldwide for its cars and engines, was engaged once and fire cannon. In general, this is not the only company that saw the development of instruments of real profits. For example, I remember an old anecdote that started Apple in vain to sue Samsung because, besides phones, Samsung still does and ACS. But in this article we will not touch the South Korean company, although in the middle of its products is a very worthy of attention standards of military purpose, and try to

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Experienced submachine gun Tokarev BSA (SSSR. 1927)

Submachine gun, even by today's standards is a tool quite specific and applicable far not for widespread implementation. A small effective range of a pistol or revolver bullets seldom make it almost worthless, even at medium ranges. But on a small instrument similar shows great results, in the main, of course, due to be utilized in the munitions that possess enormous stopping power significantly compared to vserasprostranennymi crotch cartridges.

For some reason, many believe that the sub-machine gun weapon relatively young and it came after the received spread automatic rifles and automatic rifles, but it is not entirely correspond to

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Very soon the frogs can become an endangered species

All the frogs that live on our planet may disappear — due to changing climatic conditions. The climate is changing very quickly, and the frogs are simply unable to adapt to it quickly.

Scientists have conducted several studies in which analyzed the state of the frogs spawn in the last ten years. For caviar frogs watch thousands of people who helped the scientists to conduct the experiment. Later he was given a report on the observation of 50 tys.lyagushkami that lay eggs, have become increasingly put off her, as the

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"Today's newspaper", 19.10.2002, Krasnoyarsk, n153 They can not predict who and where it is necessary to give Investigated the case of rape. Investigator: "How it all happened?" The victim: "He … I was rudely stripped and raped!" Investigator: "How?" The victim: "Well, I'm on top of it from the bottom …" (A real case of police practice).

Since different people have to communicate. From too suspicious and frighteningly sane to do totally insane. A lot of who comes and calls the "SG", laying out their concerns, aspirations, kvazitvorcheskie gusts, etc., etc., etc.. For example, one of our recent guests

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Ukraines defense against the defense of the Russian Federation

As reported by the Academy of Security Open Society "Hvilya", Ukraine. The command of the Army of Thailand has announced a tender for the purchase of 200 tanks to upgrade existing in-service military equipment. Applications for the role in the tender submitted three countries: Ukraine, with a new tank "Hold" Our homeland with upgraded T-90 and Germany with an improved version of "The Leopard 2A4." The Thai government could see all the offers and eventually declared the winner of Ukraine, Kharkov, and now 200 tanks will be collected and transferred to Bangkok. This news in Russia took nothing less

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Operation Unthinkable. Shot in the jets on backmassage from the Allies.

3rd Global war was scheduled to begin July 1, 1945 surprise attack by the combined forces of the Anglo-Saxons Russian troops … At the moment, it is not enough people know so well and the way in which Stalin was able to thwart the plans of 'probable allies, "why we had to hurriedly take Berlin, against whom English instructors in April 45th Division trained not disbanded Germans who had surrendered to them captive, why was destroyed with inhuman brutality Dresden in February 1945 and who specifically want to frighten the Anglo-Saxons.

In April 1945, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill ordered

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