Operation Aryans: SMERSH against Abwehr

First, in September 1943 Adolf Hitler vyznat the surrender of Fascist Italy, which was the main ally of the Germans. Benito Mussolini himself was arrested. Hitler gave the order to invade the Italian countryside, and create a plan for the release of an Italian favorite. But all of these operations do not pale in comparison with those actions that the Nazis planned to spend in the East. Engaged in the development of the best agents of Nazi Germany — specialists from the Abwehr. If the operation was successful, Russian Alliance fully could divide the face of the earth …

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Fear joy disarmament

After reading the topic and about our "neftyanichnyh" (that is to say the United States), nuclear charges, and in particular about how and what we can expect in the future nuclear and perinuclear conflict. I set out a few thoughts on the matter.

Yes, little need to kill life on the planet. But, as is clear, is not the goal of "partners."

How would say a good general: — "For the poor no matter what civilization war is good for such a civilization is always there is as old. "

So. U.S. seeks to limit or reduce nuclear weapons

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MEK — who they are: terrorists or peaceful organization?

MEK — who they are: terrorists or peaceful organization?In the period from 2005 to 2007, representatives of the American special forces, which relate to Special Operations Forces Command, conducted training militants belonging to a terrorist group "Mujahideen Organization of the Iranian people" (MEK or "Mojahedin-e Hulk"). These workouts were held at a U.S. military hidden bases located in Nevada.

Preparing militants took place at the base, located near Las Vegas, which is owned by the Ministry of Energy. Training the Mujahideen did not differ from the standard training of U.S. special forces and consisted of learning cryptography radiodelu,

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Oman for a special deal with Iran

Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC), despite the apparent trend toward integration, with the predominance of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and now still is not a homogeneous entity. Here, the example of the Sultanate of Oman.

This absolute monarchy is placed in the south-east of the Arabian Peninsula, bordered by Yemen, Saudi Arabia. The area is washed by the waters of the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman. The population is quite small — 3 million people, including 0.6 million foreigners (as of 2010). Almost 80% — are Arabs, some have Negroid admixture. Municipal

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The U.S. military is looking for help in creating an artificial human brain

DARPA agency finds help in his brand new project that will allow computers to simulate human neocortex — the section of the brain that we use to comprehend language, reasoning, and perception. Although we already have a machine-learning techniques that allow computers to make decisions based on constantly changing disk imaging, DARPA wants more. Military wish to obtain a «model of cortical computation,» which will allow computers to recognize new data when they are relevant to their current task, and adapt the latest information from their environment. And although the «cortical processors» sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie

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Czech CZ 805 BREN Machine

Czech Republic has always been famous for his weapon, but soon obvious advantages over their instrument samples from other states were not observed, but everything came back to normal in 2009. Specifically, in this year’s exhibition IDET was presented for the first time a new machine Czech CZ 805, which next «made» even Belgian SCAR in the competition for a new weapon for the Czech army. Try more closely acquainted with this prototype and find out what exactly is its uniqueness, and the main thing that distinguishes this particular standard of the vast amounts of other, far not the

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Outskirts of Europe

They say that the title comes from the Balkans, 2-word, "ball" means honey and "kan" — the blood. And this interpretation of the name of the south-eastern part of Europe is quite justified, because the conquerors really drawn here, as in honey, and sometimes conflicts arise much blood has been shed since the beginning of the last century to the present day.

In autumn of the year today, specifically on October 8, the population of the earth marked the centenary of day or the beginning of the war against Serbia, Montenegro and Turkey.

Armed conflict headed for his own

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It turns out that our homeland is to blame for the fact that Lithuanian Jews were killed!

As it turned out, in the Baltic States have made historic "sensational discovery."

With the current day or just our homeland will be responsible not only for the "Soviet occupation" of these states, and also for the "Holocaust" of the Jews in 1941, which, You can say the Nazis did not so much how many Lithuanians themselves.

As now says the eminent historian of Lithuanian Arvydas Anushauskas "Lithuanian resistance to anti-Semitism has been weakened Russian terror that began in the first year occupation, in other words, from 1940 to 1941. In turn, the company ended being resistant to misanthropy,

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Whether to wait for the Russian Federation of a new South American vassal in his own western borders

The second round of the presidential elections in Finland, finished with a convincing victory Sauli Niinistö, relating to the restricted Coalition Party country. 62.2% of the voters who visited the polls, gave their votes for the 63-year-old lawyer Niinistö. His rival — the representative of the "green" — Pekka Haavisto seriously lagged behind the race favorite, gaining a little more than 37.4%. Analysts Finland tend to associate with the defeat of the Emperor Haavisto his unusual sexy attitude. Pekka Haavisto, left without a vote of the Finnish hinterland, in which it does not share the sexy preferences.

With the advent

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One-time UAV: The unit kamikaze plane or a target?

Cadets from the U.S. Air Force Academy, work began to build unmanned. Perhaps in the not too distant future it will be a universal cheap stealth platform. The main purpose of the 12-meter aircraft with a wingspan of 7.3 meters is being sought — to be a target, which is a copy of the stealth fighter maneuverability of our time.

At the moment, until the South American pilots to gain experience in battles with unmanned models purchased by configuring fighter QF-4 Phantom and more than a modern QF-16 Fighting Falcon. But in the course of employment, which are a

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