One against all

The Pentagon and the terrorists started the hunt for the former "fur seals"

Excellent scandal erupted in the United States in connection with the publication of the book stated, the founder of which was made by a Marine who took a particular role in the elimination of "terrorist number one. "His essay entitled" Sophisticated day. The report first-hand about the special operation to eliminate Osama bin Laden, "should be placed on September 11 — the anniversary of the terrorist attacks," Al-Qaeda "in New York and Washington. Even before the book became clear that it creator exposed to mortal danger. Alias

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One of the most expensive modern tanks — AMX-56 «Leclerc»

AMX-56 is the main French tank. The main developer of the company «GIAT». In the 80 years of the last century, was created for a change in service already obsolete AMX-30. In a series of tank received in 1992, for 15 years, was created 794 units of "Leclerc". On this day, the creation of AMX-56 is discontinued. 406 units are in service with the French Army, 388 units — in service with the UAE. One of the most expensive in the world of modern tanks, the approximate price of a car — 6,000,000 euros.

This tank was carried out by

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Earth — the reservation aliens

"Arguments and Facts", 10.07.2002, Moscow, n28, p.12

The incident, which occurred on the night of 4 to 5 July in the sky over the Ukraine when the pilot saw the Israeli aircraft to starboard outbreak of unknown origin, re-made the whole world talk about the issue of UFOs. Vladimir Azhazha, president of the Academy of Applied informatsiologicheskoy and ufology, believes that this topic is given too little attention.

On a microscope slide

— Vladimir G., you have written dozens of books and hundreds of articles on the issue of UFOs. Analyzed thousands of cases of observation. Informed on

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Ode to the plant number 18. Dedicated to the event December 10, 1942

The plant number 18 (now "Aviacor" in Samara) December 10, 1942 issued from its own plants first Il-2. But the actions, which will be here we have begun much earlier and in a totally different town. Prior to describing the time plant was located in the town of Voronezh. And, since February 1941, commercially produced IL-2.

June 24, 1941 the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Board makes the evacuation. Its chairman is appointed Shvernik and the Vice — Kosygin and M. Pervukhin. June 27th Central Committee of the CPSU (b) and the Council of People's Commissars of

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Gunshot The Kid

Often, employees need different intelligence agencies appears in a firearm that is tolerable when the properties would be small-sized and secretive. For the "experts liquidators" gunsmiths at times make different cover system installation, but for most users, they do not fit. In this case, more appropriate solution prepyadstviya look compact pistols. One of the most recognizable members of this category of weapons is a Belgian Bayard 1908. But in our country has created several similar samples.

In the first half of the 90-ies of the last century designer Tula TsKIB COO YI Berezin has developed its own version for the

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Loch Ness monster: where truth and fiction?

Probably on the planet there is no person who would when — or did not hear conversations or news about an incomprehensible being who allegedly personally observed by local residents and tourists. Small Loch — Ness has for almost 1500 years shrouded mythical tales and legends.

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However, even after such a long period of time and with modern equipment,

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Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce on Atlantis energiticheskoe crystals!

A few months ago I was told that at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle was discovered glass pyramid, and today I want to introduce you to an article that will likely confirm this finding such a great seer of the 20th century as Edgar Cayce. It is believed that this is where the ocean was the main energy center of Atlantis, which by means of huge quartz crystal supplied the whole country, as well as aircraft and even spacecraft great people!

The great

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The Japanese have found a new and safe way to induce rain!

A team of scientists of the University of Tsukuba has tested and published a new, safe way to induce rain…

They held a successful experiment for an hour, researchers sprayed liquid carbon dioxide from aircraft over the island of Miyake. After a while, as expected, and experts on the nearby islands of rain fell. And, as reported at " — The most interesting thing in the world of science and technology", with reference to Japan Today, in some places the rainfall was 10 mm per hour.

Japanese scientists

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Japan. The ghosts of victims of the tsunami in 2011

After the tsunami in Japan, 2011, more there were reports that they see the ghosts of the dead friends, relatives, and friends who had died in March of that year. They come to their destroyed homes and visit survivors…

Taxi drivers even try to go around these areas, fearing that the beauty of their cars will get some phantom.

And these ghosts look like, what were the victim at the time of the disaster.

"There is a ghost without heads, some do not

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Teaching kids the elite abroad makes threat to the Russian Federation

Accommodation and training toddlers Russian elite abroad carries within it a safety hazard of, say Russian military experts. The latest "spy scandal" with the expulsion of ten Russian officials external intelligence services of the United States led to reflect on the effectiveness of not only the SVR, but the entire system of Defense.

As reported by "Kommersant", the exposure of Russian spies was the result of the betrayal of a Colonel Shcherbakov, which oversaw the SVR South American control. It later emerged that Shcherbakov's daughter for a long time living in the U.S., and his son, who worked in

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