MBT latest generation of T-90AM declassified in September

Intended variants of T-90M — maybe it's the T-90AM (sketch A.Shepsa 2010)

Last week in the Russian sector of the global network has information that in Russia all the same will be created by the latest generation tank T-90AM. How not hard to see by description, it will be upgraded T-90, but the representatives of the "Uralvagonzavod" emphasize that it would be "very profound modernization" T-90, which will allow to make a significant step forward in comparison with all existing zabugornom modern counterparts. They also said that the new girl fighting vehicle will be presented to the general public

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MBT Altay — the hope of the Turkish tank design

Tank forces of Turkey are very perceptible history. In the ranks of the armored forces of the country for their existence has always had time to visit the French, German, English and, of course, Russian tanks and tanks of the United States.

Turkey's first steel tanks French light tank "Renault FT», several of these tanks to Istanbul, Turkey acquired Infantry School in 1928. Again the French tanks purchased this country in 1940, they were also light tanks "Reno" series of R-35.

In the coming since 1930, the Turks began to buy war machines in the UK, according to

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The situation in Syria continues to be challenging

The United States closed its diplomatic mission in Damascus. State Department explained to the move concerns for the health and the lives of their employees. The country last mess. Only in the last day there killed about 50 people. Own diplomats from the country also withdrew Germany and England.

In Nekhel and Homs last shooting. The last days of constantly having reports of new victims. Opposition forces claim that as a result of the last shelling killed 50 man, and the victims of Friday's speeches were about 200 man .In this regard, Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, said the regime

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The doomed flight

In 1981, the chair of the U.S. President Ronald Reagan won, the last actor, governor and senator. From the first steps of their own as head of the country, he gave clear grasp countrymen and the world that is going to organize something similar to the second Missile Crisis.

In general, for all the Hollywood charisma and aggressive rhetoric of the fortieth owner of white houses it was hard to name an independent political figure. It only implements the plans of South American military-industrial complex, which was a puppet. Those who led the former actor to power, sought to expand

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U.S. Army began to develop this suit, «Iron Man»

Development, which the story of the movie «Iron Man», became one step closer to reality thanks to the United States military. The U.S. Army has ordered the development bronekostyumy TALOS, who will be able to give their own carrier superhuman capabilities, such as night vision, phenomenal strength and invulnerability to guns. Each suit will have an integrated computer that can simultaneously react to certain situations and deliver to the owner’s own extensive information about its surroundings. According to a military press release, the suit will be able to use the watery armor, which is the real point is in development

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Obama rushed, so as not to give Ukraine a go east

Specifically, in these days of almost all solved prospects of "European integration" of Ukraine.

"For the U.S., the worst thing — if there is integration of Ukraine into the Customs Alliance and the single economic space, and they will start working in full-scale. That's why Obama and suddenly rushed for all the summit in Poland (XVII summit of the Central European countries in the last days of the Polish capital. — Comm. KM.RU) ». Such a world view expressed in an interview From-UA recognizable Ukrainian politician, a favorite of the Progressive Socialist Party Natalia Vitrenko.

Recall that it

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Anatomy of advertising

Author: D. Zykin

M-hmm, how's this nice — to get involved in your brains! Your desires more than you do not belong — I impose my own you. I forbid you wish as anyhow. I decide it is today, what do you want tomorrow. Hey you, I'm sick of you pathetic slaves who dutifully performing any of my whim. " This is a quote from the acclaimed novel "99 francs", written by the former employee of the advertising agency Frederic Beigbeder. Damn it, what are unpleasant to read it all! But the other way to do, our

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Global Eurocopter

Modern look to international cooperation euros producer For the second decade in a row, international observers and competing companies are waiting for the same, in the end, the European helicopter design group Eurocopter Group (a subsidiary of the defense-industrial concern EADS) reduce speed to increase production and, consequently, of net profit. But despite the global monetary crisis, the Franco-Spanish-German manufacturer confidently holds the leading position in the world helicopter. So over the years 2005-2011 yearly income increased from 3.2 to 5.4 billion euros. With all of this backlog in the past year amounted to 457 helicopters (increased by 32%).

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About unsullied thoughts and hints Zapyataev

Esche for a long time until the Middle Ages the civilized West, weighed down by radiant thoughts of universal love tolerant nations among themselves, tried to bring the fire of euros education and the light of civilization, where he could. Over the last millennium the light of civilization niskolechko not changed by its consequences. Changed only means of delivery uncivilized peoples.

As usual, ordinary Russian savages who had no guns, every last one drove to a local church, stables or large shed, along with the ladies and the children, and lit the fire of education on all four sides.

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Elektrochelovek. Lively generator of electricity!

Continuing the theme of hidden possibilities of the human body, and this time tell you about elektrolyudyah. Who are they? It's simple — it's the people that "lives" is quite familiar to us from your electricity! There are not many and they try not to advertise themselves, so as not to fall into the hands of experimental scientists. But some I will tell you. For starters check out this video, in which you'll see an unusual Chinese doctor providing treatment by his inexplicable ability. And yet, he knows how to ignite objects simply raising a

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