On how the expansion of the elite led to the defeat of the Russian Empire

At the reign of Alexander III, the Russian Empire had the most powerful army on the planet. Implementation of the shipbuilding programs means that empire, defeated in the Crimean War (1853-1856), received the third on the power of the world's fleet after fleet of Britain and France.

And this power could not defeat Japan, which was "discovered" in the 1854 South American warships, battleships and cruisers which were built by the British and American shipyards, most of the field and naval artillery purchased abroad. Army trained overseas spices, rifles were also not his. A country that did not have a

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Polish SWR Tor

Mnogokalibernye sniper rifles than once justify what they view as necessary tools in service of a modern army. Provided that the instrument is designed by experienced hands and blond heads, and ammunition that are used in it, not the gross production and the highest properties in comparison with machine-gun bullets, such an instrument can be used successfully not only on targets with tank size, but Accuracy and precision over long distances. While shooting clear need not only to defeat enemy personnel, and to undermine the unexploded ordnance, which is especially topical, provided that the sniper himself Sapper is a

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On the dilemma of modern unmanned aerial vehicles in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Part first.

Why Defense Minister AE Cerdyukov against Russian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)?

Automatically controlled instrument began to appear in the XIX century, when the mechanization of mass production. Military experiments with the machines, moving without a driver (even including radio controlled airplanes) began during the First World War. During the second world war, the belligerents were used in the fighting some types of unmanned devices, including a remote-controlled bomb. Then followed a period of rapid development of discrete (single-purpose) digital ("computing") devices, right up to modern solutions based on integrated circuits (at the beginning of 2008, "CPU" already

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It has long been proven that the future can not see exactly no one. That attempts to look into the upcoming too often end in failure. We can not possibly know that prepares the coming day. This makes some sense, but at all times were wanting to know exactly what surprises are in store for us life. And as in all times there were people willing to help those who suffer. But despite the fact that most of the predictions did not come true, and clairvoyants, and those who are trying to pass as they are often wrong,

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About attempts to undermine China with Xinjiang mine

Taking into account the situation in the United States and England, it is clear that China and Russia will not give a relaxed living. London and Washington for any shocks in these powers is simply a gift that allows you to delay the inevitable has enormous configuration in the U.S. and satellites. Because, not surprisingly, that the Middle Kingdom activated Uighur separatists.

Over the weekend days of the conflict occurred in the north-west of China, where, according to official data, during clashes and terrorist attacks killed 15 people, injured more. According to the official news agency "Xinhua" speech came

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Willingness to guerrilla warfare

"Probably, they shall fear the emergence of many real essay" — these words started once highly classified scientific work of Peter Karatygina "partisanship. Original experience of tactical research "(1924). Is not it more exciting and more than the actual one? — Voskriknet Karatygina a hypothetical opponent. What is the point to engage similar issues? Enough about the guerrillas, all the time … But, here P.Karatygin retorts, "no one will be surprised if tomorrow, next week, next month radio notify us of the first clashes of German Reds guerrillas and the occupiers, and with shelves Reichswehr .. . ".


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On winning the war, but failed

Kuban scouts in the Caucasian Army in the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878

Cossacks — members Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878

Balkan conflict

More than 130 years ago otshumeli fight Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878, which appeared as a result of recovery of the liberation movement in the Balkans and the aggravation of international conflicts in the Middle East. Our homeland has supported the liberation movement of the peoples of the Balkans, has also sought to bring back their own prestige and influence, undermined by the Crimean War of 1853-1856.

By the beginning of the war Our homeland has deployed two armies,

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St. Petersburg scientist attacks hepatitis and AIDS

polygamist.narod.ru Perhaps "Odnodvorets Ovseannicov" (1847) — the best essay of Turgenev's "Sketches". The text begins with a description: "Ovsyannikov was an exception to the general rule …" Today, on this memorable name more than once or twice you will come across in the book "Laser and health" (M.1999). Or in the list of participants in medical congresses, regularly held in the most exotic corners of the planet. Today the name belongs to the author of over 100 publications, 50 of which are devoted to the most complex aspects of laser medicine.

After a century and a half from St.

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On the patriotism

In the near future in Russia are increasingly at the official level they say about patriotism. Further on the subject prepared special instruments to increase the degree of patriotism among the people. Meanwhile, in fact power, including the first face of the country, practice quite the opposite values. The examples do not need to go too far. This writes a newspaper column expert "New Region" for Security and Crisis Fyodor Yakovlev.

October 20 president Vladimir Putin signed a decree "On improvement of state policy in the field of patriotic education" in accordance with which the Office of the President created

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Nuremberg — a fair tribunal or fake? (Latvijas Avize, Latvia)

October 16, 1946 — a day when one of the tributaries of the River Isar (near Munich), ash dump it eleven major war criminals — the Nazis had been sentenced to death at Nuremberg international military tribunal. Favorites decided that nothing should be completely stay away from the dust of the Nazi favorites. Isar, Dov, the Black Sea … — Ash was sentenced should be dissolved and the gap in global waters.

The decision to condemn the major war criminals of Germany's victorious countries (USA, USSR and Great Britain) was already at the Potsdam Conference (July 17 to August

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