15 years since the tragic death of the singer Igor Talkova

Sixth day of October, 2006 marks 15 years since the tragic death of the poet and musician Igor Talkova. If you still unexplained circumstances, he was killed during the concert, which was held at the Sports Palace in Saint Petersburg. On the day of the funeral date on the spot death of Igor Talkova monks of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery made a memorial service.

By the plaque, which is located at the entrance to the Palace of Sports, friends and admirers of the musician laid flowers and Talkova son Igor, Igor talc, Jr., performed songs from his debut album, "We

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Do the modern idea of the Russian Federation State?

For 25 years after the defeat of the Russian Federation as a "cool" war of favorites (West) on our homeland was imposed Straseni size of contribution that we pay out up to now. This contribution is expressed in trillions of dollars, exported irrevocably over the limit for that time, millions of citizens who have left, most of whom were classy spices in various fields. West "sucked" out of the best technological development of the Russian Federation as a civilian and military nature. But all this would not be so terrible and disastrous for Russia (and our country is rich in

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Atlantis — puzzle time!

For more than 2,000 years of humanity does not stop arguing about the famous island of Atlantis, which was famous for the city of Atlanta. Missing Mainland worried mind of one million people.

Choose their new roller skis and you want to buy a roller skis from the manufacturer? Then, you have to know what to choose and buy a roller skis from the manufacturer can be inteternet store kleosport.ru.

The beginning of this mystery story by the philosopher Plato. In his dialogue "Timaeus" and "Critias," the

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Do RF Central Asia?

Here the problem is the issue of how Moscow sees its future — whether to be a majestic RF power that almost all determines the development of the world's population, or Russia will be part of the EU Member States — part of its raw material. When managers and capitalists of the Russian Federation "dear guests" in London and Paris, and the population is reduced to a "desired level".

If we do we part with the "accursed past" in the form of a "great power" that we do not care that in Central Asia will host a constructive Islamists, China,

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Do I need a RF output of NATO troops from Afghanistan?

Serious debate erupted after Vladimir Putin, while still first month at a meeting with military personnel in Ulyanovsk, said that Moscow has intrigued to extend NATO's mission in Afghanistan. Such an expression for the president himself has permitted him after this issue of the need for the town of Ulyanovsk transit Fri NATO to transport cargo. Of course, that this issue, as they read, was awkward, and so Vladimir Putin had to go far away.

According to him, so that in this Central Asian country remained a simple order, we need active members of the North Atlantic Alliance. "We

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I found Curiosity? NASA have no answer.

On the 61 th Martian day (Sol 61 — October 7, 2012, on Earth) robot scoop scooped Martian soil. In the frame of hit-filled scoop about the size of 5 by 7 inches, part of the robot and the surface on which it stands. And on the surface NASA specialists spotted an object that stood out from the surrounding background. Called it — bright object.

— We just do not know what it is! — Admitted to NASA. And a few days could not identify the object photographed by the

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Zhang Hong Ming — Human-chimp

It has been repeatedly published online articles that talked about the mysterious disease: hypertrichosis universalis, a congenital disease in which children are born with thick hair on the body and face. Today introduce you to someone who has on his body a hair strange birthmark, known as well as the hair giant mole. His name is Zhang Hong Ming (Zhang Hongming) from Chongqing, south-eastern China.

Such formations on the body are not more than 3% of the world population. It's a birthmark in Zhang's from birth, according to him, caused

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New Ukrainian BTR-4 MB

The armed forces of Ukraine will soon receive a new armored troop-carrier BTR-4 MB, which is a modification known BTR-4. This modification was developed by the municipal enterprise "Kharkiv Machine Building Design Bureau in the. Morozov." The enterprise has already completed most experienced the ready reference. As reported in KMDB, the machine will be officially presented in Abu Dhabi (UAE) at the exhibition "Idex", which will be held from 17 to 21 February 2013

Despite this already know some details about the newest car. First, significant processing exposed nose portion hulls. In contrast to the basic model, APC has in

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Russia lags behind the development of third-generation ATGM

  LAW — antitank missile systems, which today represent one of the busier parts of the developing world arms market. This is due to the highest efficiency of these complexes. Modern LAW significantly cheaper tanks with all this perfectly able to fight this major impact means ground troops. LAW spur global market for development and the general trend of the greatest constructive strengthening the protection of all types of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles in modern armies. Currently, many states army intensively scamper with LAW relating to the 2nd generation (automatic guidance on target) for third-generation systems, which are based

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Non-traditional birth

According to current recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) at birth, every woman has the right to choose any type of service in childbirth, which she prefers. It is understood that the pregnant woman can give birth at any suitable position for her (lying, standing, kneeling, squatting), both in the clinic and at home.

In Soviet times, all gave birth the same way: in public maternity hospitals in the state lying, under the supervision of midwives. Today, the situation with obstetrics in our country has changed markedly: all more are common pets and water delivery, and in hospitals

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