In the ocean will «laser» option battleships

20 years later, after the investigations began in laser cannons, naval forces of the United States managed to achieve great success in the design and development of shipboard laser guns. But, apparently, the existing fleet was not ready to, to adopt a new tool., Reports The new study, which was carried out experts at the Congress, show the inability to obtain old and new ships of the U.S. Navy laser guns as onboard power system owned by insufficient power. According to a report produced by the Congressional Research Service, a couple of years will be the first high-energy

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UFO picks Crimea

Witnessed an unusual phenomenon became citizens of Yalta and the rest — in the evening flew over the city and a ball of fire sparks scattered over the sea. He moved silently. As always, go the traditional talk of UFOs. However, in the Yalta Department of Astronomy and Geodetic Society denied the rumors. Experts believe that it was an ordinary space "garbage", which is above our heads in excess.

Now, in the space is 7,500 objects, each of their meeting with other celestial bodies, generates thousands and thousands of pieces. It is said that even if the cessation

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New submachine gun OC-69

Tula Instrument Design Bureau cheers again a new prototype tool, which is very unusual. As you know, machine — a tool, far away is not always suitable for combat in urban criteria and inside the premises, because in the first case there is the risk of getting on the peaceful population, due to the relatively long range of a bullet, and the 2nd is a risk of ricochets walls. Naturally, the machines are available for patrons with reduced ability to ricochet, but the stopping power of these weapons is far from standard. Specifically, for this reason, designers have developed tool

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"UFO", 15.03.2004, St. Petersburg, n12 (330), p.8-9.

Author: Valentin psalomshchikov

In the early 90s I had occasion to be in the Parapsychology Laboratory of the Polytechnic Institute, led by PhD Vadim B. Polyakov. One evening, while I lingered in the laboratory, there Polyakov, accompanied by two men. When he saw me, he was delighted and immediately presented as an expert on anomalous phenomena.

It turned out that these men — employees of a private firm, with offices located on the second floor of the corridor type in the city center. The story that we were told one of the

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New opportunities for women with cervical cancer

In recent years there has been a steady increase in the number of women who are of childbearing age put a terrible diagnosis — "cervical cancer" — a disease that develops from the cells of the epithelium lining of the cervix. According to statistics, about one-third of patients at this point do not yet have children. Therefore the possibility of preservation of reproductive function after treatment for them is very important.

Disease, requiring partial or complete removal of the reproductive system, in most cases, the woman becomes a sentence, because such an operation leads to early menopause

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The new light helicopter ANSAT

Maybe International Exhibition «Africa aerospase & defence», has recently opened in South Africa, did not quite live up to the French, the British or the Middle East aviation salon. But for the state company "Russian Technologies" and included in its holding company "Helicopters of the Russian Federation", it is quite important, because African market arms quite roomy. In addition, the African aviation market since the Russian times accustomed to the dominance of Russian helicopters have proven their reliability and simplicity.

Now holding was not limited utility for upgrading legendary recognizable helicopters MI-8 and MI-17 who use civilian and

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Random time travelers

Scientists say — time travel is impossible. But some of the facts tell a different story. Viktor Orlov, a military pilot who in 1976 flew over the Soviet Union, under a picture of the battle he observed, which does not fit the definition of modern warfare. Having studied his story, historians have concluded that the pilot saw one of the major battles of the Civil War America.

Today to buy a new pump stations do not have to travel back in time. You can just go to the website of

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The new Chinese mountain Tank continues tests

The network has a new photo Chinese "mountain" of the tank. This machine case "lit up" a bit more than a year back. Echelon with 2 tanks was such an unknown photographer captures the moment when he was heading to the area of Tibet.

Since that time, no official materials on this topic has not appeared, but at times the Net shimmer case made photos of this tank is usually possible to behold the car during its transportation railway transport. There are also photo on car trailer. And now — the first photo of the "mountain of the tank"

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New Israeli machine Meron

At an exhibition in Paris in the past year has, the Israeli company Versia Military Design showed how she sees the modern machine. Do I need to state that at the moment almost every second arms company tries to outdo all the development tools of the sleeker appearance. It creates the impression that an instrument does not do it for that to shoot, and shoot for the next blockbuster, with all this, they say the developers of the incredibly comfortable using their particular standard, which, if you believe the marketing texts have become almost a continuation arrow hands and shoot

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New earthen redistribution in Africa: why wait?

Another 150 years ago, the majestic South American writer Mark Twain read that the earth is the only product that is no longer made, respectively, and appreciated it more than anything else. And now it is very likely that these were his words get new meaning.

The crisis affecting Europe, gave reason to think that a similar negative impact on the economy could lead to food shortages. And, in the main, the threat is real for countries dependent on imports of agricultural products. As it turns out, the solution prepyadstviya very common: starting in 2008, some Asian countries have

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