ASAT weapons — space killer

In the modern era of satellite orbital groupings linked not only elements of civilian infrastructure more advanced countries, and a significant part of the military infrastructure. Moreover, while many possible conflicts satellites can be used in military interest because often have a dual purpose. Communication satellites, global positioning satellites Meteorological Service are dual purpose. It is no coincidence over time in some countries have decided to focus attention on the development of anti-satellite weapons systems. Because disabling orbital groupings possible enemy can inflict great harm military potential of the current. ASAT weapon — a set of arms, which is

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Forest of Mirrors Ghost

Many girls are addicted to magic, trying to help of any objects evoke an image of her spouse. So it did Olga Zaitseva. She was a nice woman, but at the same time caring for her a couple of guys, and she wanted to clarify the situation. She turned off the light in the room, place a mirror and candles and began to utter a primitive tongue twister, which recommend books on magic.

First, Husband did not think there will be, Olga decided to throw this venture and went to

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Mayan frescoes on the wall in the village Chahul.

The whole world thundered the news that as a resident of Guatemala, making repairs in the kitchen, found a Mayan mural, which neither as no less than 300 years!

This finding Lucas Ramirez did five years ago, but archaeologists have learned about the discovery recently. Scientists believe that the images belong to the Mayan culture. The newspaper The New York Daily News reports that the house in which the paintings were found to have been built in the XVII-XVIII centuries. Presumably, they were created at this time.


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France. A mechanical menagerie of Les Machines De LLLE

At times, the French are capable of hitting the scale of their creations and original design ideas. Park mechanical animals Les Machines De L'LLE just another confirmation.

Prehistoric furious roar drowned out a squeal of children who run away immediately at the sight of him heading towards the giant creature. However, no cause for concern — flapping ears fantastic 48-ton elephant with a carved wooden body is moving very slowly.

Snorts steam and puffing animal walks in the park «Les Machines De

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Christmas gifts for kids

Not far off the New Year Happy holiday, and that means it's time to contemplate about the gifts that we can give the main gourmet our lives — our children. Many utter, it is now possible without problems elect sweet New Year's gift, because the shelves almost overwhelmed with candy, marshmallows and other sweets. But in fact a choice of sweet Christmas gift specifically for the same reasons and it becomes very difficult undertaking. If you want to find a good New Year gift for their own child, then please contact the website /. Order is there to do

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New standards of individual small arms foreign production

The range of personal automatic weapons of SCAR from Belgium «FN Herstal» (FN Herstal) widened with new models. One of the samples — 5.56 mm assault rifle, which has received index IAR.

This rifle outside is very similar to the rifle SCAR L / Mk 16, but has a very unique automation. It provides an opportunity to fire very highest intensity. For this system is applied, which changes modes guns. When a low level of heating barrel fire started in the "forward whispering" (before firing the shutter is in the front position) when the highest heat level —

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Brand new form is approved MO

Last week, Shoigu and CHODs examined the latest field form (in general, not just her, and all that at the moment are in the armed forces) (the newest form of photo you can see here: combined arms, for special purpose forces). In general, approved.That want to change:— epaulettes on vole need to return back to the shoulders. The golden grove …— Hood and collar on 3 types of jackets (insulation, soft-shell and vetrovlagozaschitnaya) wish to look like on the anorak. That is, instead of like this

It will be like this

— Patches will be on the field form. Maybe

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The U.S. military is looking for help in creating an artificial human brain

DARPA agency finds help in his brand new project that will allow computers to simulate human neocortex — the section of the brain that we use to comprehend language, reasoning, and perception. Although we already have a machine-learning techniques that allow computers to make decisions based on constantly changing disk imaging, DARPA wants more. Military wish to obtain a «model of cortical computation,» which will allow computers to recognize new data when they are relevant to their current task, and adapt the latest information from their environment. And although the «cortical processors» sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie

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Crop Circles and theorists

Why do over the next three hundred years, there was nikakih debatov of krugah in the fields? Molchali both scientists and the public. This explanation is still less than samim krugam. But what about them krayne rarely vspominali — fakt undeniable. Only zatem, kogda more and more people stali soobschat the appearance of circles, scientists put forward a number of assumptions that zahvatili voobrazhenie obyvateley.

Samym rasprostranennym explanation after the witches and demons stali UFO. There is still the version of the mating of animals, a takzhe theory that circles — rezultat circular motion urchins slaboumie are well

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Obesity: an integrated approach

In today's world, the prevalence of obesity has gained epidemic proportions indeed, especially in developed countries. About 1.7 billion people are overweight, and 320 million of them are obese. In Europe, the incidence of obesity varies from 5 to 23 percent for men and from 7 to 36 percent in women.

Being overweight is not just an aesthetic flaw, but a serious illness, which provokes or aggravates the course of many related diseases. Because of the prevalence of obesity is steadily increasing in the first frequency of such diseases as diabetes type II diabetes and diseases of

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