Tippy — Girls who love wild animals.

Tippy (Tippi) — an amazing girl who is able to communicate and make friends with wild animals. The elephants, ostriches, lions, tigers, crocodiles not only do not fear it, but to recognize as "his." The girl lives in Namibia with her parents — professional cameramen. It was they who taught her to respect, understand and appreciate the wildlife.

Excellent film and movie, as well as a selection of totally incredible pictures waiting for you!




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The famous chair-killer

In the English Yorkshire inn located "Busby's Chair", which is notorious killer chair belonging to a famous murderer Thomas Busby. The chair was absolutely remarkable as his owner did not bloody maniac, for some unknown reason, cursed chair.

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This event occurred before the hanging of Thomas — he shouted that anyone who sat down in his chair, not die a

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Tesseract — on the way to the fourth dimension

The teachings of multidimensional spaces began to appear in the middle of the XIX century. The idea of four-dimensional space scientists have borrowed fiction. In his works, they tell the world about the amazing miracles that gives fourth dimension.

Heroes of their works, using the properties of four-dimensional space, the contents could eat eggs without damaging the shell, have a drink, without opening the bottle cap. The kidnappers were recovered treasures from the vault through the fourth dimension. Surgeons perform surgery on internal organs without cutting the tissue of the

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Inaccurate comparison

Not so long ago the Russian media spared another resounding statement from the mouth of the Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, General of the Army Nikolai Makarov. According to him, the majority of Russian military equipment from foreign hopelessly behind. It happened at the meeting of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, in the presence of a large number of invited professionals.

In fact, open a discussion military reform. About weapons and military equipment mentioned in passing, in the context of the presentation, one of the slides that contained an unfortunate and "comparison". Specifically,

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Nicholas Dyrenkov unknown. Bronemotovagon D-2

The first model of the D-2. Pay attention to what is written in the name of …

When reading a biography of most versions of Nikolai Dyrenkova — there is very confusing question of how could so long to act in the USSR adventurer, not issuing any on-mountain (not including anecdotal D-8) with respect to the mass car? Maybe it? The whole story says to us that the answer is "no" means …? Means that we do not know something. For example, the fact that bronedreziny Dyrenkova consisted in a series of mass (more than 30 pieces only

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Unknown flying object was shot down in Israel

December 16 in the sky over the Israeli town of Dimona was shot down by unknown object, which was in the vicinity of a nuclear reactor. Operation to destroy the intruder had air forces of the country. First signals about the offender did in the second half of the day or when the unmanned vessel entered the illegal flight to the place of the Dead Sea and headed for nuclear center in Dimona. As is clear nuclear Center is designed to produce nuclear weapons and the air space above them closed for safety and carefully guarded by the air defense

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Unbeknownst to the lord of heaven — the transcontinental plane Kalinina K-7

The history of the aircraft begins in 1925 with the idea of the creation of a transcontinental aircraft designer K.Kalininym. That's when he started his own production of this aircraft. To fulfill a dream project he managed only three years old when his design bureau been developing a three-engine heavy passenger aircraft K-7. It had to set up the German engines from BMW, 500 hp "Hornet". Purpose of the aircraft — transport more than 20 passengers with their luggage. In 1928 he began the study of the reduced model airplane in a wind tunnel. In 1929, the project is ready

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That conceals the Devil’s Tower?

Devil's Tower is called columnar granite rock, composed as it were of the individual pillars. It is located in the state of Wyoming in the western U.S.. The age of this tower is estimated at about 225 to 195 million years old and is a monolith formed of an alloy of the magma that rose from the very depths of the earth whose height is 386 m

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Aliens. Destination — Moon

"We have a lot of facts collected by trustworthy people. These facts prove the presence of any sentient beings interfere in our lives. " Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

Frank Drake, President of SETI — Organization for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence — derived a formula according to which only our galaxy, the Milky Way may be between 10,000 and 100,000 of intelligent civilizations. Could it be that this list can get the aliens living right under our noses — that is, on the Moon, a satellite of our planet?

The sensational book by George Leonard

Lift the curtain of secrecy

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In Russia developed a new generation of naval missile

RF sea missiles developed the latest generation Company «Tactical Missiles» in 2012, completing the development of 10 types of high-precision systems managed aviation and marine instruments. This was stated by Director General Boris Obnosov holding, «Interfax». «This year we are preparing and completing a very huge series of our products in a different type, and immediately we must prepare for their mass production. Problem is not just difficult, but if we use the term Lenin — daunting, «- said Obnosov. He said that at the terminating stage of creation are more than 10 aviation and maritime missile last generation,

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