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The military preferred to look at Farnborough, and not takeA distinctive feature of the Farnborough international air show 2010 was the almost complete absence of military contracts — in the criteria of the crisis, most countries of the world have reduced defense budgets, the expense of which is carried out and buy new weapons. In general, the air show still turned out to be fascinating — it could look at the statements and the original aircraft the second world war, and the latest technology, adopted or is adopting the same. In 2010, at the air show was dominated by civilian

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Not fulfill the mission of U2

After the Russian defense failed, in the end, to bring down the U-2, the air space of the USSR was not to be a "revolving door for foreign spy planes'

Training U-2 flight over California. In this state, there is the main base of U.S. spy planes — Biel. Apart from it, there are four additional resources located in different parts of the world. Photo: SMSGT Rose Reynolds, US Air Force

Half a century back, 1 May 1960, Russian missile troops shot down over the Urals South American spy plane U-2. Pilot — Francis Powers (Francis Gary Powers, 1929-1977)

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Legends of the Perm region

Perm — a huge area like a fairytale land. Here there are dense forests and mountains.

If someone has visited these places at least once will never forget the pristine beauty of the Urals, as well as impossible to forget prikolno office jokes portal It seems that the nature of the edges created without the involvement of supernatural forces.

Every river or mountain in the Perm region has its own legend. The whole earth is literally riddled with fabulousness and unexplained phenomena. How many different stories

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The legends about the mysterious civilization which, according to some historians, went under the water, do not give no rest to whom. The debate about the island of Atlantis did not fall silent until today. Does it exist in reality, and if so, where to find it?

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Some believe that Atlantis existed and go in search of the lost world, others think

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Mysterious pyramid of China. Online

Chinese pyramids — This is not the crafts that a country with a billion people supplies to Egypt to sell them to tourists. This is a huge 16 buildings, of which many have not even heard. With that, China has not made them available to the public and is not trying to cash in on them at the expense of newcomers onlookers. These Pyramids in China closed to the public, and the whole area around them diligently guarded by troops. Why is that? With so carefully hidden power? The film of National Geographic will try

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The secret government led by Etienne Davignon.

I have repeatedly posted information about the formations known as Secret Societies. Rumors about them so much that no one is really knows what to believe. Every year since 1954 "private" organization composed of the richest people in the world is going to discuss the world's problems. her head is a 73-year-old Viscount Etienne Davignon. What is it really this hidden group? ..

Etienne Davignon, in the past — one of the commissioners of the European Commission, and now the head of one of the corporations.

In Brussels,

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Tests have begun production of the Su-34 Russian Air Force

Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association named after Chkalov (NAPO) has started to factory test the next batch of serial bombers Su-34 is designed to transfer the Air Force RF. According to a press release, "Dry", of which comes NAPO, the tests are carried out within the framework of the state defense order for 2011 year. How specifically bombers undergoing flight tests, is not specified.

At the current time in service with the Russian Air Force are 10 Sou-34, the first of which is acted on armament at the end of 2009. The last batch of the aircraft was transferred to

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National diasporas in their own estimate murder of Yuri Budanov

While the former Russian army colonel Yuri Budanov, convicted in 2003 for the murder of 18-year-old Elsa Kungayeva, paid homage posthumous military honors, his death roughly discussed the two societies. Part of Russian nationalists consider Budanov hero and a martyr. North Caucasian public believes that it was destroyed in revenge or in order to incite the upcoming Caucasian-Russian hostility. Browser "MN" Ivan Sukhov analyzes Caucasian resounding response to murder.

Notice of the death of Budanov flowers, which nationalists immediately carried to the place of the murder, and funeral honors could not recall the December events at the Manege (report from

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Public safety and modernization of the army

To strengthen the security of the Russian Federation to the accelerated rearmament new non-nuclear weapon

Creating Innovative economy instead of raw materials, as mentioned in the Letter to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, is also a prerequisite for the modernization of the military-industrial complex and rearmament new instrument. Russian army is armed with a 90% mentally and physically depreciated tool.

So in service are the main legacy 20 thousand tanks and 1,800 combat aircraft more Russian production. Two-thirds of them are in need of complete renovation. In a languid state of the branch for the production of

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Nationalism leads to the disintegration of Ukraine

At the moment, we talk about Ukraine's independence can only be irreparable romantic. This is particularly dependent country, ability which carry an independent foreign and domestic policies are kept to a minimum. Admit it bitterly, and it is difficult to refute.

Naturally, we can not say that in Kiev ruled hundred percent dolls, but they make such a complete dependence on external borrowing from the markets of products from imported products, and the rulers themselves are hostages of the capital, which at the time they took over the border. In addition, the debtor Ukraine international creditors, and it obliges any

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