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Natural and synthetic diamond tools for cutting and drilling

As is known, one of the most natural minerals is strong diamond. The word itself is translated from the Greek means "invincible", which, in principle, one hundred percent consistent with the characteristics of this material. Now diamonds are used in the development of numerous technical tools that are intensively used in metal cutting, drilling, or crushing rock drilling. One of the use cases — diamond blade, which can be purchased through the website of Prof. diamond tools For the creation of high-quality materials are used and sawing so called industrial diamonds, which have learned to create with the special

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NATO: Afghan army post on

Last week it became clear that the NATO Secretary General Rasmussen emperor suggested to participate in the financing of the Afghan armed forces of those countries that are currently not part of the Alliance. Among these states Anders Fogh Rasmussen sees and the Russian Federation. He is confident that specifically cash infusion into the Afghan army after the withdrawal of NATO troops will ensure the benign future in this country, and means and throughout the region. In addition, Rasmussen recalled that the countries themselves — Alliance members meet once a year "reset" and sent to Kabul, a little much, 4

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NATO alliance, which does not connect voedinyzhdy and disconnects!

Members of the alliance once connected the same goals. But at the moment has all changed. Countries that are members of NATO, are increasingly starting to use this unit for their own purposes. As a result of such action alliance is becoming more difficult to connect together voedinyzhdy different countries, even in cases where there are common interests.

In the development of NATO sixty years ago was reversed meaning. Allies on both sides of the Atlantic are teaming up to defend Western Europe from the "terrible" Russian aggression. When finished the existence of the Warsaw contract and there

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NATO is already included in Transnistria

Chisinau invited there "observers" from Canada, without consulting either with Moscow or with Tiraspol

It would seem that the NATO military Transnistria — Something completely unimaginable. In any case, in today's situation: 'There must be agreement on the principles of peaceful settlement of the Moldovan-Transdniestrian conflict, signed July 21, 1992 the presidents of Russia and Moldova in the presence of the President of PMR. And in accordance with this Agreement, the region formed Area Security spanned much of Transnistria, where the joint peacekeeping forces (Russia, Moldova and Transdniestria — roughly the same proportion of each of the parties). In order

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Gods and artifacts (part 1)

In the myths, tales and legends of ancient peoples, there are numerous mentions of unusual events and striking testimony alien presence on our planet.

In the Chinese book "Tao Te Ching" tells about the original deeds of the son of heaven Huang having four eyes like the fish that flew the talking dragon with wings and antennae. In his park vehicles were "flying turtle", "mountain carts," including "a stone basket": … Strong but extremely light, with the wind it floats freely over the sands.

Aliens have used a variety of technical systems: semi-transparent mirror for communication, of unknown purpose

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Scientists find planet similar to Earth

Astronomer first time found a planetary system, called "Kepler-11". It has a minimum of six planets that have a mass and diameter, close to the earth. This leads us to expect in the near future discovery of the planet, similar to Earth and is suitable for the existence of life on it, the scientists reported in the article, published in the journal Nature.

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Minsk expects the devaluation of the dollar and the Chinese recommendations

Society Almost three months ago, on March 22, the National Bank stopped selling currency to commercial banks for exchange, which led to the disappearance of the free sale of not only dollars, euros and Russian rubles, but the Ukrainian hryvnia, the Polish zloty, the Lithuanian litas. The result was indeterminate in terms of hype around foreign money and its total deficit. What is the situation on the currency market today?

The age of three months, as the chairman of the National Bank Petr Prokopovich reporting to Alexander Lukashenko, said state and commercial banks fully satisfy the public demand for

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Sergey Ryzhov warned about the responsibility for organizing a strike

Society Former candidate for participation in the presidential election Sergey Ryzhov said that he was forcibly taken to the prosecutor's office and threatened further arrests.

According to Sergey Ryzhov, about 16 hours, and he received a call from the police department Pershamaiski Vitebsk, and a man who introduced police officer, asked what address to bring a summons to the prosecutor. Mr. Ryzhov said he is in the clinic, and the agenda was brought there. Come to the prosecutor's office for any conversation needed immediately, but Sergey Ryzhov had other pressing matters.

Reschedule failed: he was forcibly dragged into a car

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The era of the other wars

Natural disasters of recent years was hampered by the harsh reflections

"Climatic weapon: a bluff or reality?" — A headline posted in September on the pages of "military-industrial complex» (№ 35), of Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov. Creator of affirmative answers to this question, and we fully agree with him. With all of this we consider it necessary to elucidate further the problem of the affected.

At the current time, the geophysical weapon while still regarded by many professionals as the hypothetical tool that can be applied only in the distant future. But the available technological and scientific groundwork now allow even

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The real truth about gender

In the State Duma is waiting for the adoption of the draft Federal Law № 284965-3 «On the municipal guarantees of equal rights and freedoms of men and women and equal ability to implement them", which will bring into our lives the concept of "gender" (social field), abolish gender bio and reorients All our policy on the value of the rights of perverts.

Cheat Sheet for the general public of the Russian Federation and abroad

In the State Duma a draft federal law № 284965-3 «On the municipal guarantees of equal rights and freedoms of men and women and equal

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