Russians Big Boys Toys

The Russian Federation has a great many military vehicle and equipment museums, more than most people resident in the country can easily visit on the , occasional weekend off, never mind tourists on a restricted timetable. One of the “must sees” in Russia for the military vehicle enthusiast is however the Artillery, Engineer and Communications Forces Museum in St. Petersburg, which rather handily is located in perhaps the most tourist-friendly city in the Russian Federation, with its canals, palaces, museums and art galleries; and small and relatively economical tourist hotels.

Better still, the city is small enough that one can

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Runner-up BY A NOSE

During the Bedford production run, which continued until the 1980s, some 551,866 TKs were built, but close on its heels, with more than 520,000 coming off the production line, was the Bedford T J Perhaps even more remarkable was the fact that production of the T J actually outlasted the company which had developed the model, and later versions were still being produced in the 1990s many years after the demise of Bedford itself. The designs and tooling were picked up by AWD and Marshall, and these two companies, which continued to produce the T J for the expert market,

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Royal Princess

Princess Cruises’ new Royal Arrival

These were the words spoken at Southampton on 15 November 1984 by the late Princess Diana in her first speech without the Prince of Wales at her side. Almost 30 years later another future Queen, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, uttered the same words at a spectacular naming ceremony in Southampton on 13 June 2013 of another of Princess Cruises’ flagships, Royal Princess.

At 141,000gt, Royal Princess is just over 20 per cent bigger than the previous largest

Princess ships, the 115,875gt, Japanese-built Diamond Princess and Sapphire Princess. Constructed by Fincantieri at its Monfalcone shipyard,

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Rockwells Lancer

NAMING a MILITARY aircraft is an unofficial seal of approval; the withholding of it betrays uncertainty. When in June 1990 the name Lancer was officially adopted for the Rockwell B-1B, some four years after initial operational capability was achieved and more than two years after the 100th and final aircraft was accepted by the USAF, it looked suspiciously like belated remorse. Prior to this, the unofficial soubriquet of Excalibur had been applied, but as this is also a brand name for an unmentionable rubber product, it failed to catch on. After a long and chequered history, it now seems that

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Robust 9-5 keeps the Saab flag flying

The original 9-5 is reliable and cheap, so there’s no reason to be nervous

Excited as I was by the recent arrival of a royal baby, it was the appearance of a Saab 9-5 Aero with the Duchess of Cambridge on board that I found more of a thrill. Research revealed that it wasn’t a Middleton-mobile but a plain clothes cop car, which is perhaps even more significant. They wouldn’t put up with an unreliable old heap of a saloon, and neither should you.

The original 9-5 still looks in fine shape after all these years, and it can definitely

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TНЕ ROYAL International Air Tattoo (RIAT) continues to attract more interest from the military aviation enthusiast than any other airshow in the world. It is also one of the United Kingdom’s biggest public events.

In its heyday in 1995, the International Air Tattoo (as it was then called) attracted over 200,000 people and a massive 300+ military aircraft, even though there were severe traffic problems for visitors and despite the fact that at £20 the admission charge appeared inflated. The show was a financial success, which should have been reflected in the contributions to the RAF Benevolent Fund Enterprises (RAFBFE),

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Remembered with honour

WEST OF NANCY in the Lorraine Region of France, is the French National Cemetery of Choloy. In the northwest section, are headstones of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.At least one of these dates back to World War One, but most mark the final resting place of Allied servicemen who died in 1939-1945, the majority of them airmen. In all, there are 1,650 French and 461 Allied war graves.

In 1950 the commission relocated some 100 war graves from a number of local churchyards and civil cemeteries to Choloy.There, in Plot 2, Row G, Headstone 8, is the grave of Fg

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The latest changes on the UK, Irish and Isle of Man registers.

Just two new types appear on the UK register this month. The flrst is French- designed APEV Demoichelle G-CHWI. This is a modernised version of the 1908 Santos Dumont Demoiselle, complete with wing warping, which comes under the SSDR (Single-Seat Deregulated) microlight regulations. The second newcomer is Baldwin Quad G-CHWV, another SSDR aircraft, this time in the shape of a four-wheeled paraplane designed speciflcally for aerial survey work. Airliner movements begin with a new Airbus A320 for easyJet, followed by four restored Thomson Airways Boeing 737-800s, back from

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Editor-at-large Peter Maddison answers readers’ questions


A:1930s houses generally have hardwood window frames and sliding sashes that were generally well made, but they need periodic maintenance, particularly if they are in full sun or in a continually moist area. If your windows had been well looked after and maintained, that is, sanded back and painted periodically, with weights and pulleys


RAF Waddington

Alan Warnes reports from the annual airshow at RAF Waddington, Lincs.

THE INTERNATIONAL Airshow at RAF Waddington on June 26 and 27 celebrated a record attendance on the Sunday… but there was a catch. Most of the event’s estimated 125.000 total turnout was down to some judicious planning on behalf of the general public — they’d heard the weekend weather forecast and scheduled their visit for what promised to be the less wet day.

Based Units

As you would expect for the RAF’s main recce and warfare base, Waddington plays host to a number of interesting units. The higher profile

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