The presence of the beard is directly related to the combat effectiveness

Studies show the Pentagon — the presence of a beard is directly related to battle efficiency!

TAMPA, Fla. — Forget the modern equipment, weapons or sophisticated guidance systems. New Tool Enters Service with combat units, this beard.

In the report, the research team placed Xegis Solutions says that beards are directly related to battle efficiency.

"We took 100 people, 25 people from the special forces in what had beards and 25 commandos have any beards were not, 25 of the standing army, who were allowed to grow beards for research and the last

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The structure of the Vacuum. Online

So far, the schools teach that a vacuum — it is an absolute void. Scientific and educational film Vacuum Structure open your eyes to the real physical properties of the vacuum, or ether. It is that substance on which to base their theory Nikola Tesla. Just learn the history of the study of this question.

Watch of the vacuum

Thanks to Yuri for the film Once again, convinced that Nikola Tesla was a genius, knowledge and technology is incredibly hindered oil tycoons. I hope that one day

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Screw A160 Hummingbird drone scouts to reclassify

Unmanned Aircraft Company Boeing, initially conceived as a military cargo carrier, equip a strong surveillance system. A160 Hummingbird, which is very similar to a helicopter, but formally refers to devices with vertical takeoff and landing, began to be developed in the late 90’s a small company Frontier Aircraft, later bought out by Boeing. Test flights of prototypes started in 2007, and in the second half of this year planned to submit to the Ministry of Defense ready unit length of 10.7 m with the highest takeoff weight of 3 tons, capable of flying at speeds of over 260 km

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Prospects for the spread of AIDS

"All of our efforts is no longer enough, the epidemic is out of control," — said Peter Piot, head of the "Anti-AIDS", established by the United Nations. According to the UN report, the world has 50 million people living with AIDS or infected with HIV. OnlyAfrica This year died of AIDS 2.3 million. But it's not all bad news. This sharp increase in the incidence occurred not because of Africa. In contrast, in some African regions, especially sub-Saharan Africa, have managed to stabilize the situation. But in other regions of the deadly disease fell on fertile ground and threatens

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Hopes for the anniversary MAX

It remains to wait a little until the moment when, in Zhukovsky near Moscow will host an anniversary — the 10th in a row MAKS. This event promises to be truly spectacular. At MAKS going to come delegation of such global giants in the field of passenger transport as Boeing and Airbus.

These companies are virtually divided the world into two parts, sky and are not going to give a chance to other manufacturers to snatch a decent piece of a profitable business. Our aircraft manufacturers, which, I confess, has long been nothing to brag on the world market,

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Sex shop

Society Minsk is probably the only European capital where there is no sex shopu. Already becomes ashamed of his hometown. Meanwhile, it is clear that the need for such stores is not smaller than in pharmacies, and more clearly than in the monuments to Pushkin. Products that offer this kind of shops, strengthens families, promotes preservation of sexual health, helps to precede dangerous to society of mental and physical abnormalities, and — probably most important — awakens the imagination and enrich the world of our senses …

Like this, a little blyuznerachy, but by and large all seriousness I spoke

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Who and how to destroy the Soviet Union. Continued Part 3

The ideological crisis was created artificially. And the ideological vacuum has arisen partly filled with anti-Soviet works of art. Here we are about to leave the so-called Jewish factor. For example, in the Soviet cinema, as well as in the U.S., dominated by Jews. A Jewish intellectuals on the whole was anti-Soviet. The Jewish people, the people, clan, nation-family grieved the fact that Stalin pushed him from power, that the Jews were a result of the Revolution of 1917. They used the tools of propaganda to achieve their goals. A considerable number of Soviet films had a clear anti-Soviet

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Scientists have discovered a planet invisible

From school we all know that in the solar system today, there are nine major planets. And we know a lot about these relatively sufficiently studied planets.

On these planets, with the exception of our land is no life. These people have studied the planet a thousand years ago, they had been known to the ancient Chinese, the Incas, the Egyptians, the Assyrians. And the ancient legend of the nine celestial bodies, there are still a primitive tribes. However, every ancient culture speaks of a certain celestial body that is

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At the speed of the mind

The story of how experienced people have broken all the rules and made the most unusual high-tech weapon in the world.

South American generals all missed. Shortly before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, they were laughing over German plans to build a new engine for high-speed aircraft. Now, in 1943, when the Allied forces were preparing the invasion of France, said the intelligence that the Germans had completed the creation of a high-speed fighter borudovannogo those "bespropellernym" jet engine, which not so long ago, Americans have rejected.

U.S. War Department desired to get the miracle-plane and turned to

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Who and how to destroy the Soviet Union. Continued Part 2

Classic Soviet triumvirate: High-quality apartment, car and giving — so if you think about it, minuscule in comparison to the fact that the elite has impoverished banana republics, and compared to what elite has developed states. And today's "businessman" middling also give odds to any party leader of the Republican rank and oligarch easily surpass itself and the general secretary. The Soviet elite is perfectly understood, and this state of affairs did not suit her. Man is weak, and if passed through his hands, and even more millions of billions of rubles (dollars), the temptation is great. Pretty soon,

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