On Venus discovered creatures

Russian scientist in his article stated that on Venus appearing and disappearing objects of a decent size, the appearance of these objects scientist is quite difficult to explain. Back in the 1970s, scientists have tried to explore Venus, studies credentials received many photos of the planet's surface. Scientists claim that prompted them to new research — many new research results with the physical conditions of the planets on them than — that resemble the conditions of Venus.

Need glasses for your Ford car? Then, buy a car, you can ford

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At the landfill again exploded

Disposal of munitions in Russia and Ukraine is converted to a string of deadly fireworks

On Saturday, July 3, at the site at 9 kilometers from the town of Byisk in the Altai region, a massive explosion. Kamaz took off into the air with a load of gunpowder and defective ammunition, which had to be disposed of forces FSUE "Bijsk Production Association" Sibpribormash. " An explosion killed six people, four of whom — civil. At the site of the explosion and the investigation team is working miners, neutralizing unexploded ammunition.

Regional Unit UPC Russia declares that two of those

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Mysteries of the planet Neptune

The discovery of Neptune was a triumph in astronomy. The planet Uranus did not move on the path that resulted from the settlement of Newton's law. Scientists and astronomers from England and France, John Adams and Urbain Le Verrier suggested that the motion of Uranus violated the attraction of another planet. They figured out where the planet can be found in the sky.

In 1841, Adams brought the telescope in their place the calculated and found Neptune, which was named after the Roman god of the sea. Neptune was the

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At the rallies will catch recruits

Moscow's military conscription will open a real "open season" on recruits evaders in the coming May prazdnichkom dedicated days of Victory. Agenda will be given to those young people who are detained and taken to the Department of Internal Affairs for the offenses in the period from 6 to 9 May. About this newspaper "Arguments and Facts", with reference to the draft board member of the 1st of the metropolitan areas.

According to the publication, the service will call not only Moscow, and visitors to the capital. It is also reported that individuals who already have gained 27 years,

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Mars through the Moon

In the age-old dispute gallakticheskoy industry physicists and poets transformed into the twenty-first century in the debate about what is more important for the world's population — automatic or manned astronautics?

The advocates of "automation" appeal to the relatively low costs of creating and launching devices that bring tremendous value for basic science and for applications on Earth. And their opponents, who dreams of a time when "the dusty paths of distant planets will remain our tracks," say that without the development of human activity gallakticheskogo places unrealistic and impractical.

Where do fly?

In Russia, this debate has a

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Solar towers — from breaking down good!

Hello everyone! I want to share with you the information about the maximum understandable for our science, but of course the amazing inventions such as Solar Tower. They collect solar energy may be directed to create comfort, and the fracture! ..

In this device, combined 5800 mirrors, that capture solar energy and focus it at the point size of 1 centimeter!. Such a beam can not only burn wooden objects. but tin, melted rock!

Watch Solar gun death

You can imagine how formidable weapon can

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On the ruins of the Libyan

It appears that in the near future such a government as Libya remains solely in the historical documents and maps issued until the spring of 2012. After the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi, about any consolidation of the society, as the opposition favorites, and question. Each clan is trying to catch up on so much power in the country, how many will be able to master. Armed conflicts not cease for a single day, which shows the inability of the favorites of the Transitional National Council to keep under control the situation. Even the Libyan capital is now a conglomerate of

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TR-3B — the secret apparatuses U.S.?

"Moscow-Week", 18.09.2002, Moscow, n36, p.16

The last 20-30 years, a triangular UFO became frequent guests earthly heaven. Prior to 1960, according to the list of Bob Pratt, there were only four cases of observations of such objects. The first in 1855, over Bermuda

Ufologists believe that the aliens is a technological breakthrough, replaced the classic "flying saucers" come apparatus triangular shape. A large, powerful and reliable. Information about their accident has not yet been reported. "Triangles" is often accompanied by the usual "dish", which according to a number of observations, and are based on them. Takes place and

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Is there life on Mars?

This topic is spread over many decades, until the man himself never set foot on this planet, do the necessary research to answer many of the theories — Is there life on Mars?

We will briefly try to understand this issue. U.S. scientists have launched a Mars rover Curiosity, who flew to the planet Mars for nine months, landed, took samples of organic compounds, but scientists NASA, insuring said early on that, or talk about the alien races, but they do not exclude this possibility. If you have decided to

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In war as in war

About the worst possible scenario and a scenario

After the election, the "orange" try to bring out a critical mass of people and cause a mess, maybe even bloodshed. It is not that similar developments only probable. It can be prevented.

Scripts must not only outline — they have to prove. According to another analyst gives a very very Nostradamus. The greater the risk, the more acute the situation is, the probative should be our scenario development and our forecasts. Since the revolution, the real danger at the moment is very high, the confirmation of the Society, to be truly

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