At the top of the power

"In the summer of 1980, we," reservists ", held in a tank of fees for carpet. They lived separately from conscripts in a tent city in the woods. Once NIGHT MODE, sitting by the fire, hear the sound of the rising weird. It seems not a buzz saw, not on a scooter, it is gaining momentum, then dropping them …Not far behind the trees took a tank regiment of the road to the landfill. So here, for it particularly smoothly and swiftly came with ten very unusual tanks. Flat, with a gun and predlinnoy malehankih rinks, like BMP. It

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On MBP now all go upstairs, as in this grave one does not want to go

How to connect the interests of society, the army and exporters of guns

Greece stopped the conclusion of an agreement with Russia for the supply of Athens 420 infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3. The deal, finished 2-years and sulivshaya Russian defense companies to almost 1.5 billion. U.S., hung in suspense. The reason for this is not well-known money prepyadstviya 1st in the EU (in Russian tool budgeted funds have been set aside), and carelessly thrown at a press conference critical phrase in the address of this machine is the Deputy Minister of Defence — Chief of the arms of the Armed

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On the Tiger, set a new Russian engine

The term was not possible to verify the work of Yaroslavl engines before they enter into force.

Russian army already started to receive improved armored cars "Tiger-M", which are equipped with a diesel engine JAMZ-534-10. The properties of this new motor that opens the manufacturer motor, no worse, and, perhaps, better zabugornogo Cummins engine (specifically these engines were on the first "Tiger"). All the technical properties will be tested specifically in the military, and it will take a couple of years. But at the moment it is too early read on how successful was a new slider. To

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In the second round out Nikolai Lukashenko and Dmitry

Society This summer hovered over Belarus if any abnormal defensive shield: neighbor to the West, floods, a neighbor in the East burns and in Minsk, according Gidramettsentru posted on the site header of "Nasha Niva" — "without any special effects." By the way, there is now hanging exactly same. Impressive stability.

After returning home from Razanshchyny, I could not help feeling that came in a Baden-Baden. So all around the resort was breathing relaxed carefree. The visible world of phenomena one lightly, almost imperceptibly swaying, just not showing anything special. Maybe someday I can appreciate the greatness of the

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The Number 13 for the U.S. Apollo

The number "13" for American astronauts is considered fatal. And there are good reasons. They leave the roots in the now distant from us in 1970, when on April 13 aboard the spacecraft "Apollo-13", which made his trip to the moon, suddenly exploded tank, which contained liquid oxygen. At the moment none of the astronauts on board the ship and there were three people — is Fred Hayes, James Lovell and John Svaygert did not believe that he can once again return to Earth.

And there was all this: the

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We push Pakistan into the arms of China (The National Interest, U.S.)

The Obama Administration only that stopped sending Pakistani military aid worth 800 million dollars. But taking such "hard measures", it ignores the fact that the United States and its allies are dependent on Pakistan is much larger than Pakistan is dependent on them. Nuclear weapon, which has Pakistan, poses a great threat to Washington and its allies. The fact that the most formidable threat to the West at the moment — it is a combination of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, and Pakistan — is a possible place in which terrorists can order or other method to get a

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The mysterious and frightening infinity

All that we see on Earth, and she, along with us, is composed of particles that have emerged from space. Humanity during its entire existence, seeking answers to the questions of where there is life there is any other intelligent civilizations in the universe, or habitable planet with living organisms, and in general what is out there in the dark and mysterious way.

Want to print high-quality wall calendars with the stars and planets? In such a case, the trust seal wall calendars you can professionals from the printing house "Eurographic." Details

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IN RUSSIA begin testing the new engine for combat helicopters

One of the leading Russian manufacturer of aircraft engines, JSC «Klimov» Tuesday ends tests new engine for carrier-based aircraft and begins a new Russian engine tests for combat helicopters, said mon Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.   «The event that there is going to happen tomorrow — early prototype test helicopter VK-2500 engines, which consist entirely of Russian parts. This is the result of federal programs from motivated by development of the defense-industrial complex. Under import one hundred percent we are moving away from dependence on foreign the selectors, «- said Rogozin meeting chaired by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev,

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Shopping for mother and baby

During pregnancy, a woman's figure varies considerably: increasing chest and growing every month tummy. Therefore willy-nilly have to think about changing clothes. In addition to the free clothes, the expectant mother will need special clothes made of natural fabrics (bra and panties), tights and protect against varicose veins, and a bandage.

In the hospital my mother protrebuyutsya special hygiene products (pads — conventional and chest, disposable panties, cream for cracked nipples), and the baby — diapers and diaper rash cream.

Young parents often difficult to determine the order, which must be newborn layette. How not to buy too

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Comets — the cause of the origin of life on Earth?

According to new research, collided with the Earth's surface of the comet were able to provide enough energy to create simple molecules that make later life began on our planet.

This finding was published in one of the most popular magazines in physical chemistry. The base presentation of the facts given computer model showing a similar effect on the crystal comet, originally consisting of carbon dioxide, water and other simple molecules. Play online games spongebob please visit

On the basis of the words Nir Goldman, who

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