The man on the moon was a twin?

All the people on the ground see perfectly well that our satellite — the Moon looks like a smiling face. However, there is a hypothesis in scientific circles that in the past our planet had two moons — two of the Moon. And this is mentioned in ancient chronicles of the same Sumerians and ancient peoples who inhabited the modern India.

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Massive strike weapon

The development of cruise missiles tightly interwoven with the work of Russian scientists. Missiles tool, particularly important as a means of hammering, for the first time appeared on the Russian warships of the Union at the turn of the last century 50-60. Other countries did not initially appreciated. But after October 1967 the situation changed. During the Arab-Israeli conflict, which lasted six days, the Egyptian missile boat type Komar, who was resettled Russian anti-ship missiles, with the first attack destroyed the Israeli destroyer Eilat.

This event had a significant impact on the country's own reinterpretation of weapons. Leading maritime

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Metropolitan fire June 21, 1547

In 1547 Moscow was preparing for an operation to capture of Kazan. The main instrument of which was to assist in the implementation of this goal, the number of gunpowder, the congestion in the town in unlimited quantities. But their role in the fate of Kazan, he did not play. During the terrible fire, enacted in Moscow on June 21 1547 year, all the powder in store was destroyed. The magnitude of this fire were just awful. "The fire was pouring like a river — writes Karamzin — and soon broke Kremlin, China Town. Large Posad … The crackling fire

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Download and print your own gun!

Liberator — the world's first gun, a fully printed using 3D printing. It's not a toy, but Currently, military weapons. It seems that soon the armies of the rebels will be no need to purchase machines, "Kalashnikov" in Russian, they will create it themselves in the 3D printer…

And yes, the creators of these weapons soon plans to lay CAD-files for the printer so that any person who has a printer that can print itself firearms. Sounds strange, right? But it is.

Liberator consists of 16 pieces each

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SPACE CROSSROADS: Orion next (Part 1)

The second consideration paleocontacts earthlings with extraterrestrial civilizations took place much earlier. The beginning of his lost in the darkness of prehistoric times, especially around the time it is possible to outline XV-XI millennium BC. Then the land fell into the sphere of influence of interstellar expedition arrived in the constellation of Orion and Sirius system. It seems again that the Earth was convenient for them "meeting place" — maybe because of its location in the galaxy, and perhaps for the reason that at that time there existed a highly developed civilization and the aliens could to

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Heart defects

What is it?

The normal heart — is a powerful, constantly working the muscle pump. The size of it is a little more human fist.

The heart has four chambers: two atria are called the upper and lower two — ventricles. Blood series comes from the atria to the ventricles, and then into the main artery through the four heart valves. Valves open and close the blood flowing in one direction only.

Heart defects — it is congenital or acquired changes in the structures of the heart (valves, partitions, walls, waste receptacles) violating the blood flow inside

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Modular Thunderstorm

Features counter-terrorism operations from the outset put forward a number of specific requirements for small arms. For example, a machine for special forces must have small size, light weight and appropriate properties of fire — the pace, precision and accuracy. The firing range with all this is not so critical, because most of the battles with the terrorists are on the small distances. In the late 70's by the army and special forces entered Austria complex Steyr AUG. Although he developed as a basic instrument for the entire army, the "expert" is also rated it tool. In addition to

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Crop circles: not all the grass trampled

"Fairy circles" in the fields of cereals — not a new phenomenon. There is a whole branch of ufology — the science of aliens — studying the phenomenon. The fact is that many people are rude and pragmatic dreamers at heart and mysticism. And Vladimir S., which will be discussed in this article, a young man saw a UFO.

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STEALTH CIA: So much for the UFO …

Finally, it was reported that the staff of U.S. national security during the "Cold War" systematically deceived the public reports of the so-called UFOs — came to this conclusion after proper CIA study.

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The report of the CIA says that most reports of unidentified flying objects during the

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The upgraded F-33

First of September spetsy presented to the general public the latest modification of an old and well-known to many of the R-33. As for the whole 30 years, this is the rocket was the main armament of the fighter-interceptor MiG-31. In general, this was the only fighter that is used rocket this type. But the modification, received the title of RVV-BD, not only surpasses its predecessor in a number of features, and can be installed on virtually least some fighter. If P-33 was effective at a range of 120 km, the brand new development has a range of 200 km.

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