Upgraded MSTA-M

In the early 80's Ural Plant Design Bureau of Transport Engineering, headed by LI Gorlitskiy, Grau received from the commission to create a self-propelled howitzers, which could change the "serving" in the military "Acacia" — 2S3. It was supposed to make a universal howitzer of 152 mm caliber, capable of operating as a self-propelled guns and towed artillery. With all of this was planned to make new chassis which would uniformly with undercarriage tanks.

The first self-propelled gun — 2A65 titled "MSTA-B" — was adopted in artillery regiments of tank and infantry divisions in 1989. Shaped as letters "B"

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Upgrading: The word is, there is no process

Sonorous words about innovation and democratic modernization turned into a convincing imitation that if and lead to something, then obviously not to the great

While Medvedev sovereign states from the screen of innovation and development, normal people looking around and was surprised to notice that his life miserable "modernization" does not hurt. Means should not worry: talk-talk, and after the election will calm down and everything will be as before.

But this will no longer tolerate Russian scientists. Last week, South Russian branch of the Institute of Sociology and the South Branch of the Center of limited research MSU held

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Repeat! watch online

We offer a new burlesque show Channel One, in what will accept the role: Nonna Grishaeva, Alexander Oleshko Len Sparrow, Michael Grushevskii, Valery Ponomarenko, Anna Bol'shova, Kamil Larin, Valeria Lanskaya, Daniel Sheblanov, Mark Tishman. For you to have the opportunity to behold the great number of favorite and beloved images, repeat who undertake the project participants. Each example program they will submit the tribunal jury on one character from a variety of categories (such as eg the "Politics", "TV Personalities", "Actors", "Classics of the genre of spoken," etc.).

1 issue

either here all the series

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Lose weight like a man

A good man should be plenty. Rather, it came up with the saying men prefer to buy clothes one size larger if acquired overweight, and not take care of her figure and, therefore, health. Why diet — it's not just women, but male occupation, explains the doctor-reflexologist, MD, author of a unique "Slimming" technique Golden Eagle ® Mariyat Mukhina.

Vulnerable floor

Nature has endowed man with physical force but deeply layered defenses went to women. A strong half of humanity, in fact, sick more often, longer and harder. As for this, and obesity, which is on

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Fashion and Health

Health ladies is determined by many factors: its relation to the most for themselves, the right diet, the regime of work and rest, as the choice of clothes. Some ladies, trying to absolutely match the fashion trends, get things that, despite its own impressive appearance, have a negative impact on health. These things can first apply underwear. To highlight their beauty and conceal flaws, the lady goes to the numerous tricks. Busty ladies get bras smaller sizes to make their own sex appeal appearance. The girls with enough pyshnovatymi forms can choose a lingerie that is able to give

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Yanukevich: Sannikov gave himself away

Society The presidential candidate of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front Gregory Kastusyou together with the head of the BPF Alexei Yanukevich presented the "Manifesto of the protection of national interests." Andrei Sannikov called the document "inappropriate." On Gregory Kastusiou, Belarusian Popular Front party, realizing one of the core values of the national interests of Belarus considers it unacceptable for themselves participate in the campaign for the Kremlin scenarios, "because they have a view to maintaining and strengthening customer Belarus' dependence on Russia formed by the current regime, and will not lead to a real democratization of the country"

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Why deteriorating eyesight in old age?

One of the diseases with which the age-related vision loss — is age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Depending on the age, its frequency may vary (in age-related group of 52 to 64 years, it is 1.6%, from 65 to 74 years — 15%, from 75 to 84 years — 25% of those over 85 years old — 30%), but its current datarate in Russia is 15 cases per 1000 population.

How common is macular degeneration?

Anything in the world, according to the UN, there are between 25 and 30 million people with AMD. Life expectancy is gradually increasing,

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Germany could make a nuclear bomb?

The statements made by General Groves after the war … may have been focused on something to distract attention from the German programs from isotope separation. The plan was that if you hide the existence of the German programs from enriching uranium, then you can write a story about how if all the efforts to build a nuclear bomb in Germany were as poor attempts to build a nuclear reactor to produce plutonium.

Carter P. Hidrik. Critical mass: true story the birth of the atomic bomb and the advent of the nuclear age

"Those who questioned Heisenberg and other

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Numerous violations of the elections to the Municipal Duma of Russian Federation

In the Sunday, December 4, in Russia held elections to the State Duma of the sixth convocation. In addition, in 27 regions of the elections are held in local parliaments. Total in the country — about 2800 local elections and referendums. Elections are held from 8 to 20 hours and take their role may be more than 108 million people who own the right to vote.

Recall that the situation in the election watch 688 observers from 6 different international organizations. On the Russian side the same number of observers was about 500 thousand people, representatives of political parties

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U.S. Air Force intend to develop energy weapon

Latin American Air Force had spent millions of dollars want to explore the unknown «biological effects» suffered by in a human body when it is subjected to impact micro and radio waves. Air Force rely use them for the creation of new types of power tools. Not so long ago, «the study of biological effects unit» U.S. Air Force announced that they will conduct a series of research to identify which molecular configuration in the human body can cause radiation energy nonlethal weapon. The Air Force intends to explore a whole range of weapons: «Chemical agents to suppress riots,

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