Mikhail Leontiev: Our homeland China and deserve respect as probable centers of power

Any state, which means to exist outside the orbit of the United States, is its enemy.

I imagine for yourself type of real South American fighter usual limited sense, does not know the words of love, and the words of political correctness. But specifically, these properties allow it to be adequate, as opposed to the public, which does not wipe your hands on the tablecloth, but apart from that no utility of their own country can not bring.

It is clear that none of Korea and Iran are no enemies of the United States (nor bitter, bitter or not) can

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Return of clouded leopards watch online

Two rare baby Clouded Leopard have been saved from poachers and environmental spices are grown, which, for their survival, trying to teach them instead of their mother. Let's observe the rehabilitation of orphaned cubs Clouded Leopard to their natural habitat — the jungle. Cubs need to go through training before heading to the tropical undergrowth. A year later, scientists are going to find a leopard, which themselves have lived all this time in the tropical undergrowth.

Animals sushi

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Who are you — Martians …?

Many of you remember the famous line from the movie by Eldar Ryazanov's "Carnival Night" — "Is there life on Mars." At the time it was seen only as a joke. Today, however, comic phrase becomes the object of serious scientific discussion, especially in light of recent discoveries.


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Back in 1996, the international media

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Today, August 6, 2012, will land on Mars Curiosity.

Today, August 6, 2012, will land on Mars Curiosity. This rover, weighing nearly a ton, which will continue the study of their predecessors. Equipped with the latest technology, he will be able to find out whether Mars ever life even in the form of bacteria? The big event in the world of space discoveries, which began in 2004 to prepare. Personally, I think that even if there will find something (maybe even not only microorganisms), we can hardly say. But, okay. Let us enlighten

Watch video Curiosity rover's landing on Mars and

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Russian navy scares the West

Navy estimates in foreign experts, and in fact Efforts Russian military and political control in naval construction has not gone unnoticed. Over the past year, leading zabugornyh «naval» editions published many stories about the Russian Navy, as, perhaps, was not in the last 10 years. More «fresh» example — the article «Again on the world stage: Russian naval power in 2013 and in the future,» published first this year in the journal «IHS Jane’s Navy International» authored by Dr. (in Russian terminology Candidate of Sciences) Lee Willet .   «Revival of the Russian Navy» — such removal did editors

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Legends of the Ice Battle

Battle on the Ice, or the Battle of Lake Peipus — this battle of Vladimir and Novgorod led by Prince Alexander of the army of the Livonian Order, composed by the time entered order The Sword (after the defeat of Saule in 1236), in the area of Lake Peipsi. The battle took place on April 5 (based on the Gregorian calendar, that is, on a brand new style — April 12) 1242. There was a general scramble, putting an end to an aggressive campaign of the Order of the 1240-1242 period.

Fight as many steps in the history of

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The myth of Stalins Great Terror — part of the information war against Russia

In Russia, October 30 marked a day of memory of victims of political repression — a memorable date, which became the official calendar in 1991. In almost all towns and villages in the present day ceremonies will be held in memory of those killed and injured in the process of political repression. In Moscow, for example, yesterday a few 10-s man gathered at the Solovetsky Stone on Lubyanka Square to honor the memory of the repressed. The action "Return of names" are often held there since 2007: come alternately read out the names of the death list submitted by

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Therefore, the way we live — in lies and misery

Society Ivan Galkovich of Svetlahorsk would like to hand over the apples in the procurement office, but he was asked a variety of reference. Sp.Galkovich says in this regard:

"I called the Svetlogorskij Rise-office, which is engaged in the blanks. Says: As you pass the apples? Need some help, I have a site that I have the right. I'm in the woods, there are so many apple growing, there is no reference no. So I say, what are you doing? Take, I'll bring you only pay money. If stolen, the catch and punish. apples as manure in the garden,

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Premature ejaculation

Twenty years ago, the definition of "premature ejaculation (Premature Ejaculation) "Had a very clear options: all that lasted less than two minutes, automatically makes you a man who has sexual problems. A little later, the ratio of premature ejaculation has changed — now under her understand the condition in which Ejaculation occurs either before intercourse or immediately after it starts.

Alas, this is a problem "number one" in many men, and, as a rule, failures associated with premature ejaculation, then projected onto the entire sphere of private life.

Why is this happening?

In the vast majority of

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The world needs justice

During a visit to Cuba, the Iranian president delivered a lecture at the Institute of Havana. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the development of the capitalist world was at a standstill, and the only way out for them is murder. Capitalism "has resorted to arms in order to kill and destroy. Now the only thing left of the capitalist system — it's murder. " Iranian favorite urged the world community to create a new world order "based on justice", in which the world would "respect all human values." He stressed that "If we do not plan to create a new world

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