Sayan — quarry-anthill

Sayan — A vast system of labyrinths, just 10 kilometers from Moscow. Inside it looks like a huge ant hill, as it is constantly moving people …

In the famous quarries Syanovskih two centuries ago limestone quarried white stone for the construction of Moscow, and today a huge underground complex with dozens of tunnels, caves and caverns became a kind of Mecca for thrill-seekers. Seasoned Pioneers even lead tours there.

Even the soft limestone can not drown out the conversations and laughter. At a depth suddenly crowded. As

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Taiwan deploys advanced early warning radar

Taiwan has put into service a distant detection radar system manufactured in the USA for the billions of dollars, the least capable to prevent than 6 minutes of a Chinese missile strike, said on Sunday a senior bureaucrat. Radar installed in the mountains in the northern county of Hsinchu, has already begun to provide information on the observation immediately after the opening ceremony, which held control of Staff, Air Force General Yan Ming, on Friday. «Radar is able to tell us less than 6 minutes to prepare for the unexpected though how attacks,» said Lt. Gen. Vu Van Air

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The world order has changed: The Taliban have reconciled with the U.S.

According to «Reuters», Afghan official authorities quickly declared that they are ready to lead talks with the "Taliban" (Islamic movement) with the Consulate of Qatar, which once opened by the Taliban. With all of this control of Afghanistan, expressed some apprehension about the fact that behind them for a long time with the Taliban is talks specific authority from the United States.

Last week, Joe Biden (U.S. Vice President), said: "As such, for themselves Taliban, who are not anti-American, and because they can be fully negotiate any agreements."

The current Afghan administration, which is said to have been

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The global crisis is not an obstacle army. But it is not Ukrainian, and Polish

Last summer died down soccer Euro in Poland and Ukraine. For most foreigners from the West Ukraine was even prettier than Poland. Working load to that effect, "dill", which was developed in the local media. UEFA President Michel Platini, counting grandma, said that over the past 20 years, it was the best Euro-Cup. And our military have had a good chance to fly, shoot.

Until the end of the pendulum, he worked the defense budget, and the troops continued to be renovated and upgraded technology standards. But even then there were signs to the word populism. Wages and pensions

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Prenatal screening for trisomy II trimester of pregnancy

Prenatal screening for trisomy II trimester of pregnancy (biochemical screening II trimester of pregnancy, the "triple test» II trimester) — a set of research being undertaken to pregnant women in order to assess the risk of fetal anomalies — Down syndrome (trisomy of chromosome 21), Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18) neural tube defects (NTDs).

What indicators are included in the "triple test» II trimester?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG, beta-hCG);  Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP); Free estriol

What are the indications for "triple test"?

Prenatal screening for trisomy II trimesters of pregnancy is carried to all pregnant women. Specific indications include:


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Global geopolitics: The rich government must be strong?

More than 20 years ago, an international political situation in the world has changed dramatically. The bipolar world has lost even that weird balance of power, which existed since the end of the second world war. The Soviet Union fell — the power for decades to contain the spread of South American influence in the world. What after all is now an international political situation? Focus if all major decisions and actions around the most powerful country the U.S. or global arena has a different balance of power?

We draw your attention to the Old World. In 1992,

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Children of the Third Reich watch online

As fate Toddler Nazi war criminals? What does it mean — to be imprisoned by their own names? And how to live, knowing that at the hands of your fathers and grandfathers blood of thousands of innocent lives? The movie tells about how there fate kids and family recognized the Nazi bosses, the names of which the world remembers and curses so far. In search of the heroes of this film took many months to come. Hundreds of phone calls and letters. Personal meetings. Languid negotiations. People who were hiding for years, long hesitated to speak.

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Most ecological structure (TOP10)

It is unfortunate that so far there are no clear rules on which developers would have to build its own structure, taking into account environmental standards. Perhaps this is why such different countries try to solve the problem on your own. They build houses, ships, whole gardens that will not pollute nature, and produce their own electricity.

The world-famous magazine National Geographic has made a selection of 10 of these examples. I propose to review them.

This year, Singaporean officials inaugurated the original Gardens

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UFO controls weapon Missile Forces

UFO controls the strategic missile forces weapons

There are cases when under the influence of a UFO hovering over the positions of the Strategic Missile Forces, there was a strong heads are magnetized missile guidance, negatively affecting their accuracy.

As a result, had to shoot some missile units from combat duty.

Interesting information reported by the retired Colonel Sokolov, who has worked for ten years in the Section of Applied Problems (closed unit at the junction of the Ministry of Defence and the Academy of Sciences), and who had access to sensitive classified information. Sokolov said in

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The world on the way to the First World War. Part 4

The ruler of the German Empire and ruler of Prussia, Wilhelm II (June 15, 1888 — November 9, 1918), he found himself on the throne, made a series of mistakes that led to the newcomer a cooling of relations with Russia.

Apparently almost everyone, it was associated with severe injuries he received at birth. Physical defects led to the deformation of the psyche of the future ruler. From youth he noted reticence inflated irritability, outbursts of anger, prone to impulsive decisions, resentment. At the same time, in the struggle with their physical shortcomings, he managed to raise a tremendous

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