R&W Febry & Sons Ltd

Individually, the Fabry’s most prominent (arm would have been that of R8W Febry of Chipping Sod bury, which at its height was operating a fleet of 150 haulage vehicles. Although in partnership with his brother, William, the firm was spearheaded by the chairman and managing director Richard (Dick) Febry.

Dick was the eldest of six sons and six daughters born to Albert and Alice Febry at Old Sod bury. He started work at the age of 12 at the Cross Hands Farm. Old Sod bury.

As a 17-year-old in 1921 Dick went to work for a local coal-merchant where he

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Quality from Quangsheng

I purchased my first Quangsheng plane just over a year ago and since then I’ve slowly been replacing my Stanley and Record family with their cousins from the Far East. What has really impressed me is the consistent quality that comes throughout the range, and this latest addition — a stainless steel spokeshave — is every bit as good.

It arrived housed in the Quangsheng trademark wooden box with its sliding lid, in which it will live safely for years to come.

Quality casting

The spokeshave is fractionally larger than the standard adjustable Stanley model, with an attractive gull-wing design

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Putting on A SHOW

Jewellery houses are increasingly displaying their wares as art, which is exactly as it should be, says Carol Woolton.

Carnelians, cabochons and diamonds shimmer seductively on a long necklace, displayed in the Bulgari store. It’s the type of piece with a story to tell, imbued with the memory of its era. A glance at it conjures a snapshot of a tanned Elizabeth Taylor in Positano, throwing the pendant over a purple- patterned kaftan, the turquoise sea lapping in the distance. It’s a Seventies masterpiece. The chaotic colour and flamboyant style mask its complex design, so the original drawing and a

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There’s something about dirt bikes that gets under your skin (and nails). Just ask Nick Green who was a passion for the Suzuki PE enduro range.

A rider popping a wheelle the length of Teignmouth seafront on a bright yellow two-stroke might not have done much for the image of motorcycling but 30 years ago It certainly left a mark on a Devon teenager.

The open-mouthed youth was Nick Green; the bike a PE Suzuki and three decades on from that memorable day he now owns one of the best collections of the iconic Japanese enduro machines in the country.

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Prowling Over Scotland

HMS Illustrious handed back to RN

AS THE aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious (R06) enters the final stage of its £120 million, two-year refit, the ship was officially handed back to the Royal Navy (RN) on July 27 at Babcock Engineering Services’ Rosyth Dockyard. Some 550 new RN crew members will now assist in completion of the refit at Rosyth which will lead to an intensive period of sea training after she returns to the fleet in February 2005 before officially becoming the Fleet Flagship in June 2005.

Once the refit is completed, officially scheduled for November 6, ‘Lusty’ will look

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Photo Shopping

You’re in the market for a camera or lens, but don’t know which one to go for. Photo expert Malcolm Birkitt offers some advice to help guide you through the maze.

WITH SO MANY different types and makes of camera on the market, how do you go about choosing the right one? It’s easy, really — just think of the kind of pictures you want to take, because this quickly points you in one of two directions.

If you don’t want to be bothered with all the technicalities of photography, a compact camera is the obvious choice because of the

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Perfect for fighting against the MiG

Fighting the MiG in a Mustang held no concerns for Capt. Byers who flew with the 12th FBS. Capt. James F. Byers was one of the most experienced of the pilots in that he had served a full tour in World War II and flew well over 100 missions in Korea with the 18th Fighter Bomber Group. In speaking to other pilots in the 18th, he told them, «You could not find a better aircraft for the job than the F-51. We could carry the load, had the range, can outgun and outturn the MiG and above all, outlast it

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Penning a retro style

WILL ROBERTS asks whether the latest Olympus PEN is as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside.

The first time I picked up an Olympus compact camera I fell in love with it. It was about 18 years ago and the camera was my uncle’s 35mm film mju. Even as a child, I remember being struck by its clever, slick design. I loved its pebble-like shape, its clamshell sliding action and the way the lens would come out with a pleasing zip. It felt rugged and ready for work.

Fast forward a few years, to the time

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Paris Perception

A personal view of the 1993 Paris Air Show from our veteran Le Bourget pounder – Mike Spick.

THE HARDEST PART of any Le Bourget Salon is the homecoming, although to anyone who has never attended in a professional capacity, the reason is perhaps less than obvious. It is not that the aeroplanes were less interesting this year, although let’s face it; they were. Nor was it that the personalities have changed for the worse. Neither was it that the technology had become so complex as to totally defy human understanding. And while the weather this year was such as

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Panasonic Lumix DMC G2

When Panasonic released the Lumix DMC G1, it was the first digital interchangeable lens camera system that would just about fit into a pocket.

The tiny body and lenses were achievable thanks to Panasonic’s pioneering development of the Micro Four Thirds system. Using a half full-frame size sensor, already enabled Four Thirds lenses to be closer to the sensor plane than conventional DSLR cameras, but in the Micro system, this was reduced further, as there was no mirror mechanism restricting the distance of the back of the lens to the sensor. This allowed the diameter of the lenses needed to

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