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UFOs are afraid of the cross

We used to believe that a UFO — it is certain aliens from outer space, aliens, possessing high technology. But if you ask about this phenomenon any priest, the answer is clear: under the guise of flying saucers come to people evil entities, which are still popularly referred to as demons.

It seems incredible, but there are many cases to support this view. In a monastery on the outskirts of the northern city, a novice saw a UFO. He called the others. A visit to shop for tires & wheels

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Fractals: The order in chaos / In search of the hidden dimension watch online

A lot of this is not clear, but fractals live close to us as the air we breathe. Their irregular circular shape is found floating in the clouds, in the middle of the branches of trees, in the forks of broccoli, mountain peaks and even at the pace of the heart. The viewer will go on an interesting journey with the company crazy mathematicians who wish to look for laws that can be used to control the geometry of fractals.

Unidentified, anomalies, other world

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UFO — a source of danger

In our time, no one is surprised stories about flying saucers. It seems that the meeting with UFOs has become something ordinary, everyday, but you should not relax. Meeting with unidentified flying objects often do not remain without consequences.

American Sonny Desverdzhes fell unconscious after the red light beam directed at him from the aircraft burned up his hands and hair. Gregory Eulls was taken to hospital with burns after being hit by a beam was hit. A resident of Finland Lario Hoynonen and his friend Esko Vildzho traveling through

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Defense is preparing our forces to expeditionary warfare?

Russian Ministry of Defense — "terra incognita" for the taxpayer. What is decided inside the white building on Arbat Square? Why prepare the Russian army? How is the reform, which they say is already two years? Official disk imaging is not very much. But there is an aspect in which the wizard can predict the future of the army of any country of the world — it is the purchase of military equipment and weapons. This is perhaps the only area of military construction, which is unrealistic to camouflage fine speeches and presentations. Based on the analysis of these purchases,

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Horny people. The mutation experiments aliens, or something else?

I was very surprised when I found this article because it did not assume the existence of people who can grow horns not because of the betrayal of his wife. It turns out that there were such an amazing person at all times. I recommend that you read the interesting stuff, and the photos do not leave you indifferent .

In 1995, on the ruins of the Bronze Age settlement in the Gobi desert, archaeologists have found an amazing human skull — with horns! It turns out that in ancient

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The mine threat

Chief of Naval Operations, in other words, the U.S. Navy Commander Adm. Jonathan Grinert, gave the order to bring the Persian Gulf stern trawlers replenishment. So in this zone were sent to four minesweepers: Devastator, Pioneer, Sentry, and Warrior, and 4 helicopters, minesweepers, MH-53E Sea Dragon, which will be equipped with the most modern facilities of mine. Through these actions the 5th Fleet of the U.S. Navy, who is stationed at Bahrain and already has in its composition 4 ships Mine Defense (CSI), this component will be enhanced by more than a factor of 2.

What did was due

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Discussions are ministers of NATO military operation in Libya

The private meeting today in Brussels NATO defense ministers discussions are the situation in Libya, one day after the aircraft NATO dealt a richer air strikes on the capital Tripoli since the beginning of coalition operations in March.

General secretary NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen said the ministers will discuss the issues of preparation for further Libya without Muammar Gaddafi, which, he said, is part of the past of the country.

Gaddafi vowed to fight on. In the speech, the audio that is transmitted to the municipal television on Tuesday, he said that the Libyan people do not want to

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In 2050, earthlings will encounter with a UFO

Today that UFOs do exist, apparently, has little doubt. June 24, 1947 was first officially recorded in the appearance of a UFO.

The pilot and businessman Kenneth Arnold of Boise, piloting a small plane, I saw near the mountains Reiner 9 properties similar to the plates, which were flying formation at about 1,200 miles per hour. After a sensational report of Arnold, in which for the first time sounded the term "flying saucer", and started the registration of unidentified flying objects. Since then, more than 8000 observed cases of their occurrence.

If we look at history, about paleocontacts

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The Ministry of Defence izderzhalo 36 million rubles for the development of a website

Instead of computer games, which can make a worthy konkurentnst is popular strategy and shooter, Ministry Defense on your own Web site has four flash games, three of which — "Battleship", "Tetris" and "Minesweeper" — there are other online resources. With all of this fourth game "The test for the rank of" very much looks like fraudulent crafts with SMS. Ministry Defense for the development of the portal in the last year of the budget izderzhalo 36 million rubles, reports the newspaper "Izvestia".

The developers of computer games at all it is considered that the Defense Ministry is seriously overpaid.

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Mina top

New technologies and principles allow a mine not just passively wait for the target, and assault the enemy with the most unexpected directions — for example, from the top.

The famous German Panzer General Guderian believed that the main danger to the tank is the enemy tank, followed by anti-tank gun, on the 3rd — anti-tank mines. Planes in the fourth place, if the mines out of action for about 23% of tanks, the aircraft — only 4%.

In an effort to protect against anti-tank guns, the designers have made thicker armor tanks, artillery responded to that caliber and

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