Migration as the main threat to national security of the Russian Federation

Mass migration in Russia has become one of the main challenges the order of the day or. This is a real threat to national security and the future of Russian civilization, the Russian statehood and superethnos Russes. November-December 2012 issue of movement a couple of times was the focus of Russian media. In fact we can say that on the subject is a real information war, because the final decision on the acceptance of millions of migrants can finish off the historic Russia, our civilization.

Practically the people who support the mass migration of Chinese into Russia, representatives of

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Migrants will lay 2,500 rubles for the exam in Russian language

For exam cognition Russian language migrant workers would have to pay about 2,500 rubles. This figure was announced by Konstantin Romodanovsky, head of the Federal Migration Service.

"Order 2500 rubles will be worth testing the knowledge of the language. This amount may be inadvertently called me, but it is equal to the amount that is charged at the time of the test for citizenship. Maybe it will be less, "- said Romodanovskiy.

Under the bill, recently adopted by the State Duma in the first reading, foreigners who apply in Russia for jobs will have to confirm knowledge of the

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Mi-18 — the remainder of the project

In the second half of the 1970s, the Soviet Air Force found a new helicopter that could lift into the air more than 30 people. E-8MTs had suitable capacity, but that it is positioned in the number of soldiers, paratroopers was impossible because of the size of his cab. Realizing this in OKB. Mile, as in his Kazan branch (now Kazan Scientific and Production Enterprise "Helicopters" Mi ") which then worked on all modifications and completions of Mi-8, offered a simple increment fuselage Serial helicopter by using additional sections. A similar approach is quite a long time, which was used

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Maos dream comes true. China grabbed a tasty piece of Tajikistan

The deal became clear in the day of the founding of the People's Republic, in other words, 1 October, although the official documents were signed in January. The plot is about 1 percent of the Tajik areas, and a thousand is 1 158 square kilometers.

In fact, the more odious favorite country Mao Zedong put forward the claim to virtually all who coexisted with China, including to the republics of the former Union. Then, just in time help arrived in Moscow. The last document filed in 1895, according to which the Eastern Pamirs went to the Russian empire. Beijing

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Traces of extraterrestrial intelligence

A former NASA employee, the head of NASA photo lab service on the Moon Ken Johnston, revealed the startling fact that the U.S. government held a special secret for nearly 40 years.

Johnston and Richard Hoagland — a former NASA consultant — worked on the program "Apollo" argue that the flight to the moon in 1970, the astronauts have seen and captured in the photographs, "the ancient ruins of artificial origin." And also photographed the remains of some kind of technology, similar to the gravitational device.


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Solve the mystery of Kikis laps?

This week, in the journal Science, published an article Norbert Jürgens, who for several years studying a mysterious phenomenon "Fairy circles", The formation of which there is still no definitive explanation. The scientist believes that he guessed who it is mysterious creators of these mystical figures…

Fairy rings are circles of evergreen grass that keeps its youth even in the dry season, and in the center there is an area devoid of vegetation. They can be found in the deserts of Namibia and Angola. They may be several decades. They

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Ancient Olympics. Let the games begin to look online

2500 years ago back Olympic the stadium was not a small structure on 50 thousand places in the arena which unfolded superior species. Then Greece was the birthplace of sports, where the favorites hailed as sons of gods, the losers were forever erased from history. Competitions athletes, chariot races and fights fighters were the events that connected voedinyzhdy policies and established a sacred truce, carrying out fundamental cultural and political functions. How did different events that took place in the year 448 before our era, from modern? And after all that was the premise that the Olympic Games have

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According to the BBC, C again was great and 'impartial' report on the troubles of the environmental situation in the Altai region, caused by the implementation of Tipo Russian gallakticheskoy applets.

"Our homeland is one of the favorites on the number of launches in space. Rocket-"Proton" has earned for the Russian Space Agency over 6 billion. bucks. With all of this to launch the "Proton" is used highly toxic fuel — Heptyl. Each time you launch the missile remnants of heptyl into the atmosphere together with the exhaust stages, "- said in a report.

And it's far not a single

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Psychological problems of alcoholics

It's no secret that alcohol abuse is not only a medical and social but also psychological effects. And often they turn out to be a stumbling block on the way to getting rid of addiction. Not for nothing, and the Western and domestic school Addiction pays so much attention to psychological component of treatment for each patient. Just briefly on the basic psychological "ambush."

1. Preoccupation with alcohol

Alcohol predominates in the minds alcoholic. He thinks about drinking from morning to evening, remembers schedule of all the nearby shops, knows exactly where you can buy alcohol at night

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The Dragon — a professional opinion

That comes to an end of the discussion of this mythical character as a Dragon. Before the final article we would like to hear the opinion of a specialist. Dear readers, we invite you to explore the view of the famous ufologist RS Furdui:

"It is time to express their views and about this more than amazing snake. Unlike V. Propp, and many other scientists, folklorists, I believe that of the Gorynych, and Baba Yaga, and other fantastic characters of

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