Be equaled, still!

Malocclusion may cause not only psychological problems — feelings of unease, discomfort, but also trigger the development of certain diseases. However, the situation with malocclusion, no matter how difficult it may be, remedied, and, at any age.

In order to correct malocclusion, align the "curves" teeth, consult your dentist, orthodontist, who will select the best method of correction.

Dentist Orthodontist— doctor who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dentofacial deformities. "Orthodontics" in Latin literally means "straight teeth."

Modern orthodontic techniques and devices allow you to fix any malocclusion.

To apply the braces

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The axioms of brainwashing. Continued Part 3

The real "junk science" In contrast to healthy science, really junk science develops PIARnym corporations and institutions. All korporatsionnye study begins with a known-known targets, the head of which is the principle of "profit at any cost." How long has it happened to science in the U.S.? — Yes, at the time of the Second World War, it was all distorted. If a pharmaceutical company started research to prove the usefulness and the harmlessness of a new drug, and the results come back, what happens? That's right, these studies are no longer funded, and the company starts to

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M103 — the crown of American tanks languid

Immediately after the end of the second world develop new languid U.S. tanks stalled, and only the cooling of relations with former ally — Russian Union urged to begin work in this area. As a reference, the South American tank builders had Russian grievous IS-3, which produced their very strong memory. Russian IS-3 from the American languid T29-T34 profitably different smallest weight with adequate power weapons and more than the highest level of the reservation. As a result, the United States was made especially commission headed by General Stilwell, recommended to grievous tank, which was designated T43, T34 tank

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People are preparing for the colonization of the moon. A lunar base, the printer will print

On your own web site English bureau Foster + Partners to share thoughts that emerged from the architects in the process of solving puzzles to build houses on the Moon

"According to the project design Vertibutylkina street Bells was built even two revolving structure. A five-story, tower, with a spiral descent and a swimming pool round (having gone down the spiral descent, could dive into the water), and the other six floors, balconies with rocking, the parachute rig and a Ferris wheel on the roof. On the streets there was a large number of cars spiralehodov, truboletov, aviagidromotokolyasok, tracked

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Secret development. Part 1: Ka-58 Black Ghost Perspective attack helicopter

Billed as a novelty at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, invisible helicopter Ka-58 is already on sale. Model 72 th scale amazes even professionals: since no one knows how far advanced studies and concepts of the Russian military in the direction of the creation of stealth combat helicopter. On a technical level incomprehensible large reflective area coaxial screws. In addition, under the fluctuation of the possibility of financing such a project and its implementation in the criteria for tight budgets Russian Armed Forces. Which, by the way, a couple of years ponders really decent Kamov Ka-50 and Ka-52 and a

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Karaite cemetery

Cemetery at Calais in Bakhchisarai has long been notorious. This is a dark place and in the afternoon it is frightened and mad, and daredevil who goes there at night, it's difficult to imagine. Overgrown with trees curves covered with old stones with Hebrew inscriptions, overgrown with wild grass and a graveyard, as if descended from the screen of the American horror and zombies is about to rise because of the neighboring plate.

You want to know everything about your dreams? Then, this will help the interpretation of dreams online,

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London and Paris supported the ready to continue the crusade of the West against the Islamic world

In the West, do not hide your own desire to continue the "crusade" for the complete victory of "democracy" on the planet. In the evening on September 3, after Paris hosted "Friends of Libya Conference" on her "arrangement", British Prime Minister David Cameron said that they will allow "circumstances" Britain is ready to perform a "following a military operation." Just got a taste! One gets the feeling that West the world is so deeply degraded that it can not offer other options to resolve the crisis, not including how to get back in the days of open-colonialism, when the

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Welding For Dummies watch online

According to statistics, 98% of tea is drunk Russians. Here we are just in their own brew kettles? How is it that the country hooked on the true "swill", and a decent tea has become the astronomical cost of funds? What methods of falsification invented now, and what — comes more from the Soviet Union? How not to run into Palen, and most importantly, harmful welding? Why marketers believe consumers, "tea", which can be implemented in squalor?

Food and products

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Heresy — a double-edged weapon

While the Marines toss hand grenades propaganda from different sides of the fronts of information, and the militia building barricades to defend and implement tactical tinkering coming, the generals should, first of all, keep in mind that the military actions in the field of information often leads to fights against advancing. Certainly, the generals, the subsequent strategy recognized the genius of propaganda Pa? Uhl Joseph Goebbels, achieve the effect using a tactical tool of "heresy, repeated a thousand times, which, of course, is true." But quite forgets that Goebbels in recognizable events was defeated, no matter how "outstanding" his methods

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Cancer of the rectum

Colon cancer — a malignant tumor, the source of which are the cells lining the colon. The tumor can grow the bowel wall or act in its lumen.

Over the past 20 years, the incidence of colorectal cancer has increased several times. And, the more civilized country, the greater the patients. The leaders in the list of the United States, Canada, Israel and Australia, but India, China, Latin America and Central Asia lagging behind. The only exception is Japan, where, despite the development of capitalism, it is extremely rare cancer diseases.

Rectal cancer — the lot

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