Facing each other: whether there will be the union of Russian and Ukrainian shipbuilding?

Any state that has access to the sea, and must possess the means in order to produce this output, simply put, is bound to have its own fleet. In addition, the government should own and developed shipbuilding industry, as it is one of the fundamental components of economic independence of naval power. During the existence of the Union of Russian industry, which have been linked to the sea, were united. After the collapse of this single complex collapsed, becoming a prerequisite for the decline of the maritime industry in almost all the countries that were formerly part of the

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Aliens. Destination — Moon. Continued Part 2

In addition to the "X-drones" have been spotted, and other devices: some objects while moving left traces in length from 250 m to 2. 5 km and a width of 16 meters Moreover, these devices have been widely by 20-30%. Also astronauts "Apollo 14" filmed a giant mechanical device inside the crater, which consists of two lightweight structures, do not cast shadows, and thus stretching the ac length of 1.5-2.5 km.

The astronauts. The first "official" contact.

In 1968, NASA issued a catalog of lunar anomalies. The catalog covers four centuries, during which it was recorded 579 examples

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Lithuania requested 28 billion dollars for the Soviet occupation

Foreign affairs between the Baltic States and Russia — the theme of a painful, sharp, but still, fascinating. Different events wearing the frank nature of Russophobia, dedicated to an unlimited number of articles, publications, and notes, including those disclosed in certain moments, "Military Review". But the reasons for such brutal behavior on the part of Lithuania does not say so much. We pay attention only outrageous facts, such as the sample to bring to justice Russian soldier on charges that seem absurd, there is an intention to equalize the symbols of the communist alliance with the Nazi swastika. Let's try

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Singing Fingals Cave

Some parts of our planet, few people know, but to be there is. Such is the charming island of Staffa, which is located along the Scottish coast. Externally it is nothing special stands out, but its admirable internal content. After all, there is a spectacular Fingal's Cave.

The uniqueness of the cave is not in its size. They are relatively small (length — 75 m, width — about 14 m, and height — as much as 20 m). The feature of this cave is stunning acoustics. Music waves lapping on

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Lithuania is connected to the war lists, or attempt Bimbo Vilnius look and feel of the West

There is in the world today enough of the whole essence of the outer, but sometimes the internal policy which is based on the unrestrained desire to leap over its history, blame all their own failures are not themselves and their power, but only because some third-party, allegedly chinivshuyu intrigues without interruption for lunch, and Happy holiday weekend. One of these countries is now the de jure-independent Lithuania, the rhetoric of the authorities to which all the past two years, the 10-ka revolves around a single theme: Our homeland is guilty of all failures of the Lithuanian people. Perhaps he

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Habitat — To spoon stood watch online

Palm oil, starch, baking soda and milk levomitsetin.Seychas cure sore throat specialists they say that drugs one can find in every 3rd milk, and we found in each of the first.Milk which the brand is best to drink, you will learn in our programmke.My taken kefir home kefira.Isklyuchitelno in Ossetia where invented this drink have the right to judge What yogurt vernyy.Tvorog made from fruits found the palmy.My palm-tree fat products recognizable producer.What cottage cheese one can there is no harm to health? This and much more you will learn from our applets.

Food and products

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Lipetsk center

Its history began during the First World War. First workshops to gather French planes came here in 1916. In 1918 in Lipetsk started to create a squadron of bombers languid "Ilya Muromets", which was based at the airport, located at that time on the outskirts of town. Lipetsk bombers took an active role in the fighting during the civilian war.

In the spring of 1923 began the creation of the Lipetsk aviation school created to train future aviators. In 1925, it was decided to form the basis for its secret Soviet-German aviation school.

German experts at re-equipped manufacturing facilities,

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Leadership is up to Russia

On the Russian anti-aircraft missile system (ADMS) defense large range of actions in the foreseeable future will remain inflated demand in the global market, which is justified by their superior tactical and technical characteristics and The advantage of such systems over the western production, first, South American. Such a conclusion is contained in the expert report from the Center for Analysis of World Trade instrument (TSAMTO).

The advantage of Russian systems over South American counterparts recognize and Western experts, whose views on the means of defense of the Russian Federation have gained such a level which virtually eliminates the possibility

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News. Pound meteorite fragment found Tchebarkul

Taking a short break, the network starts to fill again reports on the consequences of an event occurring February 15, 2013 in Chelyabinsk and surrounding areas. So, the latest news about the cosmic body, which was called Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk or meteorite. Found a large fragment of the meteorite weighing about 1 kilogram, as well as searching on the lake bottom Tchebarkul not stop…

Divers found at the bottom of the lake Tchebarkul few craters, where, presumably, can be large fragments of the meteorite. This was a spokesman for the city

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Libya, fotorassledovanie

Brand new gun NATO standards, instructors, South American munitions, a new form, and equipment and suspiciously large number of faces does not Libyan nationality.

You know what it's like?

Well, of course — is organized outside coup. Have got people gave gun, instructors and foreign mercenaries to care, winged drugs for mood, and forward — model the wages.

People's "rebellion" in Libya and fight the rebels with the regime of Muammar Gaddafi increasingly resemble poorly orchestrated theatrical production. European townsman hammered the idea of a humanitarian catastrophe, and the media in Europe and the UK call the U.S. invade Libya.

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