Underground pyramid in Sevastopol — Myth or Reality?

Pyramids do not give rest to scientists and researchers around the world. The Egyptian pyramids, the Pyramids of Tibet, Mexico, the miracle of Stonehenge, Easter Island, the Bermuda Triangle posted on our planet non-random manner. This fact causes the mind to think about the Supreme and to place these structures on the surface of the planet. Scientific studies have shown that Mexican and Tibetan pyramids were built before the Egyptian 15-20 tysyacheletiy.V result of research conducted on the southern coast of the Crimea, in the area from Foros to Sevastopol were found seven ancient

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The Libyan government is ready for talks with global powers

Authorities Libya ready to open a discussion with global powers towards a political solution to the crisis in this country, the Libyan government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim.

His speech to foreign journalists in Tripoli gave a live English TV channel "Sky News" reports ITAR-TASS.

Ibrahim said the Libyan authorities "are ready to open a discussion of the political system reform, elections or a referendum."

But, he added, Ibrahim, Muammar Gaddafi must remain at the head of the country as well as the "only he can manage it during the transition period, as the guarantor of unity Libya. "

Ibrahim also identified

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Ghosts. Dream or reality?

When we hear the word "cast" before the eyes there is a certain image — ethereal figure, possessing supernatural abilities, such as: walk through walls, disappear and reappear at any moment, soar above the earth, and others. It is believed that the souls of dead people who came back to finish some of his worldly affairs or holding something in this world.

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May be a way to bring not only people but

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The exhibition in Japan showed a possible prototype combat robot 4-meter

November 28 at the exhibition in the Land of the Rising Sun was presented mock combat 4-meter bot Kuratas more than 30 hydraulic joints and weighing 4.4 tons. Moves the magic art on wheels, which completes the four legs, and «feeds» — Diesel. The highest rate of the bot — 10 km per hour. Inside at Kuratas — driver’s seat, which controls movement with the help of the touchscreen and 2-Joystick responsible for movement of the arms of the machine. Also used the definition of mimicry, which is activated and «weapon.» Boat is armed with 2 pistols and 2

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Libyan plane steered on Armenia

The scandalous arms deal was not without intermediaries.Minister of Defence of Moldova Vitalie Marinuta have to answer not only for themselves.

On Wednesday, the Parliament of Moldova held closed hearings on the Libyan aircraft had arrived in Chisinau from Benghazi on Sept. 12 and flown away with a cargo of arms in an unknown direction. Defense Minister Vitaly Marinuta admitted that "ammunition, missiles and military equipment" from the arsenals of the Moldovan sold to Armenia. The expert of the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces Viorel Cibotaru this fact, "NG" confirmed, noting that the scandalous deal has

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The Libyan revolution has made it to its own ideology (anti-American actions across the Muslim world)

A strange deja vu must have experienced people who have seen the picture reprinted AFP South American ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, who was somewhere drags mass of people. No further in October last year, the entire world is open a discussion breathtakingly similar frames, made in Libya. Only the main actor was then deposed Libyan Muammar Gaddafi's favorite. Neuzh a bitter dramatic stories all the same is taking place. That's not Believe then in fatalism and irony …

September 11, 2012 south american salting Stevens arrived in Libya in the so-referred to as the eastern capital of modern Libya

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What is channeling

Channeling — information contact with higher intelligence. Often during a meeting with unexplained visual being, it appears as an abstract substance.

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This is called the image of the "sub-human" or "man incomplete." That is, the contactees tend to see one head or one leg. Other body parts contactee think up myself, so it is easier to understand the mind, to realize that in front of him.

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Where the CIA knows your address in Moscow: curious facts. Continued Part 2

Guards that "Citigroup" has got off relatively easy. A fine of $ 212 million on a turnover for 2004 of $ 86.2 billion and net income of $ 17 billion — is too light a punishment for money laundering and harsh treatment of creditors — themes that while the United States is perhaps the banner of a political campaign. Was not between bankers and the U.S. government any agreement unknown to the world, for example, that the Corporation will deserve forgiveness additional work on the Central Intelligence Agency? In this case, observers note that the expansion of the "Citigroup"

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A child of five to seven years

Age Five to seven years is called pre-school senior. And really — how grown up your little one! He himself feels it and constantly requires you to get you recognized his abilities and capacities, asserting itself by inventing this whole new ways.

However, in psychological terms, this age considered to be more or less calm this time of gradual and orderly development. Perhaps this is why, when the child turns five to seven years, the parents begin to miss the gentle and touching the baby and thinking about the second Chad.

It seems, there is not now such

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Rogozin ASKED SIGALA lobbied Russian firearms

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin appealed to the South American actor Steven Seagal with a request to assist in the work of the abolition of the Russian-American agreement that restricts the supply of modern small Russian guns in the United States.   During the meeting, which was held today at the Government House, in particular, Rogozin said that the South American Small society Segal enjoys enormous prestige, that’s why he decided to use this «lever», and not just official talks at the highest level. «In all the movies that I beheld that beheld my citizens, you have always been

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