The famous Mi-8 helicopter to celebrate its 50th anniversary

Exactly 50 years ago, August 2, 1962, for the first time flew first experienced the standard multi-purpose helicopter Mi-8. Mi-8 (NATO by ordering Hip) — Russian and Russian multi-purpose helicopter, made by Mil OKB first 60s of the last century. At the current time is the most popular twin-engined helicopter in the world, also comes in a number of increasingly massive helicopter in aviation history. Is widely used to solve a huge number of civilian and military applications. In service with Russian Air Force helicopter was in 1967 and proved so successful technology view that procurement for the Russian Air

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The famous and the unknown CRS

Soon after the end of the second World War, in almost all countries of the world are seriously thinking over personal protection for each soldier. Obviously, the development existed much earlier, but this time there were material and technology, allowing to make high-quality, reliable and comparable light body armor.

And if there was a method to protect the fighter, fully understood and that there was also a need to look for methods allowing to overcome the defense and hit the enemy fighter. In the Russian Union have addressed this issue very seriously. Specialists have analyzed the situation and found the

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Phantom of the railway

Numerous legends about ghosts and other anomalous events that took place on the "construction of the century" is not always an invention or a joke youth, who worked at BAM.

One of the legends that went among the workers who built the Baikal-Amur Railway, was the legend of the ghost of the railway. Oh, and it tells all of the local population. They claimed that he had repeatedly seen rushing train, which did not publish a single sound.

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Plasma. A new step in the research

Researchers from the University of Missouri have developed a technique creation and launch of plasma rings in the air. Depending on the point of view that you prefer, it can be considered as a major breakthrough in the generation and conservation of energy, and you can — more realistically — precisely the step that was needed in the military industry to create a plasma rifle and plasma panels.

As is known, the plasma is one of the states of aggregation of the substance in which it has

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Leo Tolstoy as a mirror of the Russian counterrevolution

Creator of "War and Peace" tried to win over the revolutionaries of all stripes. But he did not believe in progress, and the constitution of the republic.

Reddish flat. In reality, much less fights looked big, but the blood and circuses still missing. Well, the house burned from time to time

I am writing this article on the eve of the presidential elections in Russia. The parallels between our time and Tolstoy imposed themselves. Even year, through which stretched in the past to today's monotonous time string, you can specify exactly — 1905 th. This is the year of

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Latvia: Russian go …

In Latvia, early parliamentary elections were held, the result of which for the first time in the modern history of this country was celebrating the victory party that expresses the interests of the Russian people — "Harmony Centre". The favorite of the party is now the mayor of Riga Nil Ushakov. He's the last years trying to tell his countrymen that have long time do not divide people into "us" and "them" if they live in Latvia and bring the good of this country.

So, the first place at the "Center of the consent." But it is not so

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Monsters and ghosts of the Seas

The underwater world and to this day is poorly understood. Therefore, there is a strong likelihood that there may be unknown to us creatures dwell. There are many descriptions of huge monsters, which represent the most often in the form of snakes, octopus and giant octopus.

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These creatures were the terror of seafarers, suddenly appearing from the depths of the sea. In 1881, in the North Sea,

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Electronic spy stone discovered in Iran

Lasts backstage confrontation between the West and Iran. Not so long ago, the media in Tehran were told about the unusual incident that took place to be in close proximity to the plant, which Iranian nuclear scientists are engaged in uranium enrichment. Security forces in patrolling the area found a suspicious stone which was in appearance like a splinter mountains. But as security approached the stone, he suddenly exploded, reports After that incident, a study was conducted that showed that the fragment was not a splinter of the mountain, and was the real electrical device. Apparently, this device

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The pyramids in the valley of Bosnia!

In 1994, near the town of Visoko, 22 km. from Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the operations were conducted between the Serbs and the Bosnian Muslims. During the shelling of the city residents and heard a strange rumble "vibration" that emanated from Mount Visocica, as if there was an emptiness inside her.

Large-scale research and excavations in Visoko (Visoko) began April 14, 2006., When dozens of volunteers began the excavation on Mount Visocica at several points. After a few days under a meter of land was discovered huge man-made

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Lavrov: missile defense while developing in the bed of the South American

Missile defense is now looms as the main theme from the standpoint of strategic stability. About this the other day own visit to Washington skzala Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

However, the minister said, "Now it would be unfair to limit all Russian-American relations only this topic. " They even richer Lavrov added. "I am of the many areas that previously were not present in our dialogue, already mentioned. Yet the military-political issues, global strategic stability and strategic parity, of course, as before, is dependent on the RF and the United States. — he singled out.

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