Lavrov accused the U.S. of supplying the Syrian rebels gun

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov said the U.S. stuffed instrument Syrian rebels, reports Reuters.

In Iranian state television broadcast Lavrov said that weapons and equipment that the rebels receive from the United States, can be used in battle against the forces of President Bashar al-Assad. The Minister also noted that our homeland does not violate the norms of international law, delivering his tool Syrian army.

Word of the head of Russian Foreign Ministry statement came in response to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who on June 12, noted that the supply of Russian military helicopters to Syria

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La Fayette

These multi-purpose frigates, designed by world-famous French shipbuilding company DCNS, belong to a class stealth frigates. They are built at a shipyard in Lorient company. The structure of the French fleet includes the following ships of this class: La Fayette (tail number F710), Surcoef (F711), Courbet (Courbet) (F712), Aconit (F713) and Guepratte (F714).

First ship Series — Lafayette, was commissioned in 1996, and the last, Guepratte — in November 2001. The company DCNS also built a version of the anti-submarine frigates to Taiwan Navy (Kang Ding Class frigates) and air defense version for Saudi Arabia (frigates F3000S) within

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Peru. Ica stones — the library of the past.

A resident of Peru, Dr. Cabrera from the beginning of 1960 gathers in the districts of the small town of Ica, located 150 kilometers from the Nazca Desert, a collection of oval stones — from very small, fist-sized boulders up to one kilogram. All of these findings, the plane is dotted with small, stylized drawings of people and animals …

The sheer abundance of painted stones — a phenomenon quite unusual. Only in the collection of Cabrera, a passionate lover of the ancient cultures

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Personal doomsday

Only 4 days left before the date of 21.12.12 , and the latest news about the end of the world continue to appear every day. Someone buys carefully preserves and candles, someone buys a place in the bunkers, and someone changes the place of residence, trying to climb the-above. One thing is clear: the situation is heating up and the people around go to the extreme limit, when the nerves just can not stand.

Apocalyptic psychosis syndrome.

In Russia it came to the point that with soothing statements

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The Kurds will not allow the West to sacrifice himself

Thus, the proclamation of the Kurdish country, scheduled favorite of Kurdish autonomy Massoud Barzani on March 21, 2012, did not take place. On why specifically came true, and can it be considered that the Kurds have postponed the idea of independence in the "long box" in an interview with "Pravda.Ru" told the chief editor of the "Free Kurdistan" Ishkhan Miro:

— In the course of history the Kurds became victims of internal and external enemies. As you know, the Sevres peace treaty of 1920, signed between France and the Allies defeated Turkey, foresaw the provision of independent Kurdistan.

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The cult of personality in Polish

Polish patriots staged a motor race in memory of the victims of Katyn. On bikes with Polish flags they have arrived at the area of Belarus, and traveled to Russia and Ukraine.

This — the eighth motocross to the victims of Katyn. 92 participants with 72 roaring bikes made it to the Bronze, Bykivnia (Ukraine), Katyn (Our Fatherland) and Belarusian Kurapaty. According to the participants of the run, they are everywhere hearted people willing to assist foreign visitors.

To the question "What do you Katyn raid?", One of the participants said, "The way to strengthen our national consciousness."

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Ku Klux Klan: A History of the White Movement

History of the United States of America, the country's young enough, contains a number of dramatic and hidden pages. One of the most critical moments in the history of the country was a plainclothes war that broke out between the free North and the slave owners of the South. It began in 1860, when things between with 2 sides strained to the maximum. In the North, there are many influential parties that supported the conduct meaningful democratic reform, one of which was the abolition of slavery. Abraham Lincoln led the movement, which and was elected president. But the conservative

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Kuzkina mother and Russian Tsar Bomb

50 years have passed since that time, both on the newest land was exploded a thermonuclear bomb of high power. Even now it is impossible to estimate exactly this event without considering the situation of the previous show of force Russian Union.

2nd Global War ended. The people-winner started to rebuild the country. But the future development of global events has forced the country hardest hit by the Nazi invasion, again to think about their own safety.

Already in March 1946 the English favorite Churchill's speech at Fulton, who accused the Soviet Union in the unlimited export of

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The lakes are home to a huge population Hayyr monster

About Nessie, who live near Hayyr, Gates and Labynkyr write not for the first time. Those people who met there is a monster, considered visionaries and jokers, and some mentally ill at all. However, in 1970 one of the UFO vacationing on the coast of the village Hayyr fortunate enough to witness the strange events.

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The monster

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Tajikistan where to put their independence? ..

We continue the series of articles dedicated to how the former republics of the Soviet Union being developed with the independence and use is indicated in their declared freedom for their own development and prosperity. A little earlier, "Military Review" came out materials on the economic and political achievements of Latvia and Moldova. Now make out such a government as Tajikistan, is shown in the geopolitical map of the world September 9, 1991.

Prior to the release of the Russian Union of Tajikistan was in it as a republic since December 1929. If we talk more precisely, it is

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