The Cuban Missile Crisis

U.S. President John F. Kennedy with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR Andrei Gromyko's office Rounded white houses. Photo from the Library and Museum named after President John F. Kennedy in Boston. 1962

October 14 marked 50 years since the beginning of day or which lasted 13 days, the Cuban Missile Crisis, which in the United States called the Cuban missile crisis, and in Cuba — October Crisis. In this period of confrontation between nuclear giants — the Soviet Union and the United States — have gained maximum points cool war. The world really looked completely

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Expert: National Bank has lost control over the processes

Society Less than a week ruble in commercial banks depreciated by 50%, but as bankers predict it — not the limit. As soon as the National Bank will cease to control the step size of the devaluation, jump in the cash market may repeat the records that are placed daily on the interbank market — the dollar there are going to more than 7 thousand. Meanwhile, the authorities did not explain the results of their policies, which led to the collapse of the economy — for a few days to pay the equivalent of $ 500 spavzli to 300.

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A pair of genes off and people will live 800 years!

Scientists have found a way to extend the life of organisms, by which one, in the long term, be able to live out up to 800 years, if not years bolee…

Researchers at the University of Northern California announced that they have managed to increase the lifespan of yeast bacteria tenfold, and that the methods by which they have achieved this amazing result can be used and for the people. The secret is — the removal of the two genes and reducing calorie intake. Scientists have already started testing a

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Who is behind the protest actions in Moscow?

During the protest actions in Moscow organizers are Prof. riots that using social networks and blogs, "lured people to the streets." This was stated by the political scientist, Director General of the Center for Political disk imaging Alexei Mukhin, the correspondent of IA REX, commenting on the protests taking place in the past few days in Moscow.Is it true conspiratorial version of protests in Moscow? What are the similarities and differences of events in Moscow and in countries where there have been "colored" revolution? These questions were answered by experts.

Politkonstruktor Yuri Yuriev:No such Russian occupation — "organizer disorder", the

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Who is behind the tragedy at the Sea in Feodosia

One of the biggest mysteries of the year can be fully story behind the creation of hovercraft class "Bison" in Feodosia. If accurate, it is not a mystery at first production, which many did not expect, taking into account the fact that the shipbuilding plant "More" for a long time was in working order, and in its collapse. Now first things first.

In autumn last year, the municipal company "Ukrspecexport" signed a very lucrative contract with China for the supply of the ships of the "Bison". According to official data, the contract amount of 350 million dollars, and the main

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Who are you, gentlemen Rats?

Fun, but in the Dictionary of Synonyms word "deserter" is a direct synonym for "Rat".

What do we know about rats? They cause economic harm to humans, harmful to his health and daily life are also very badly perceived by most of the world's population. In addition, it is clear that the rat is cornered, will storm well, or just run away with the ship gave to flow.

In the "storm" today verbally and actual battles around Syria manner "ship" is the ability to unite around Syria struck her troubles. The personification of "rats" in this case are deserters

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Winged battleship

"Father of Nations," coined a new technical term

Is it possible to "cross" the tank with a plane? Long years the very idea seemed absurd. But in the end there were all the same here, in the pre-war USSR, the spices that were able to solve such a "technical puzzle." Among them was Nicholas Sklyarov — Russian veteran of the industry, almost 70 years worked at the All-Union Institute of Aviation Materials, and more than a decade developing new kinds of armor.

Correspondent had a chance to meet with Nicholas Mitrofanovich and find out from him the unknown details

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Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

One in five people after 30 years of constantly snoring in his sleep.

According to popular opinion, snoring — it is unpleasant but harmless sound phenomenon. However, few people know that the so-called "mighty" snoring is a precursor and one of the main manifestations of severe illness — Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or disease stops breathing during sleep. The first witnesses of this terrible disease are awake loved ones who anxiously watch as suddenly breaks off and there is a scary snore stop breathing … and then sleep loud snort, sometimes tossing and turning, move his arms or legs

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Winged pride of the Russian Federation (Part 4th) — IL-4

IL-4 is a twin-engine bomber far, designed by OKB-240 under the control of SV Ilyushin. Was forthcoming development of the DB-3 bomber with a new fuselage (under a different production technology, developed for the Li-2), the latest cabin mate, also a new wing. Name of IL-4 aircraft was in March 1942. A total of 5265 units were produced. IL-4 is one of the most recognizable aircraft the second world war, which participated in all major operations on the Soviet-German front. More significant achievement of these machines were bombing of Berlin at the beginning of the war.

History of CreationModern

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Winged pride of the Russian Federation (Part 1st) — AIR

AIR-1 — is the first aircraft of the famous Russian aircraft designer Alexander Sergeyevich Yakovlev. He received his acronym in honor of Chairman of the CA Osoaviahima Alexei Ivanovich Rykov. AIR-1 was a small two-seater plane, having an open cockpit. It was built in a single copy in 1927. The airplane was found two unregistered global record: the duration and range. It was made flight from Sevastopol to Moscow, which was the first non-stop flight to distant lung Russian aircraft. In the upcoming 1927 and 1933 year Yakovlev has designed 10 different types of aircraft AIR-AIR-1 to 10.


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