Winged pride of the Russian Federation (Part the second) — ANT-25

The plane of the legends, specifically this unofficial nickname stuck for the machine ANT-25, also known by the acronym RD — "distance record." This aircraft is specially designed and built a team of Sukhoi for the realization of distant travel. The head of the project was another outstanding Russian aircraft designer Andrei Tupolev. ANT-25 in the 30-ies of XX century has made a number of outstanding range on non-stop flights. In September 1934, the airplane was accomplished record in distance and duration flight on the circular route — 75 hours of plane crossed 12,411 km. (Crew commander — MM Gromov).

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Naikrupneyshie failures in the history of exploration: Operation Gold

During the "cold confrontation" in the middle of the last century, either party tried to get as much disk imaging on their own political opponent. The introduction of its own in order to give special advantages because spends a lot of covert operations, diplomatic intrigue and trailed komploty to establish channels to obtain certain information at first hand.

Such events are usually carefully hidden developed special departments whose staff were constantly checking and introduced into the confidence of the reverse side, working as currently adopted read, "under cover". The data on these transactions is long years kept hidden in the

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Kronstadt rebellion in 1921: Legends and daily

First, in March 2011 will be 90 years from the day or the Kronstadt rebellion. In February 1921, unrest broke out in Petrograd workers, who spoke with the economic and political demands.

Petrograd Committee of the RCP (B) introduced in the town of martial law, the working zateyschiki were arrested. March 1, sailors and Red Army military fortress of Kronstadt (garrison of 26 thousand people), under the slogan "Power to the Soviets, not the party!" Passed a resolution to support the workers of Petrograd. Thus began the famous Kronstadt uprising.

There are two main points of view on the

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Cut and reshape — heart hurts

Take up the pen led "new" starovvedenie in the organizational structure of the Ministry of Defense, specifically the front-line submission associations Air Force Command of the surrounding area. In history, it has already passed the third time and a half shall be removed from it, spending a lot of money.

ARMY AIR to justify itself

First time in 1939 all aviation was distributed to the districts, armies and corps (in 1937 began to create air army) and, in the grim years of the start of the war majestically Russian Air Force management were deprived of the ability to use

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UFO go under the water …

While studying the cases of collision earthlings with alien flying objects, scientists often forget that most of the surface of our planet with you occupy waters. Three-quarters of the entire area of land that is covered with water, is much more difficult to learn.

As for the routes of ships, they are usually strictly predetermined and very rarely violated. There are many areas under water, which are generally not explored by man. In view of all the above-described mixing a few crews to meet them with UFOs represent an extraordinary value. Moreover, such events necessarily recorded in special

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Bloody flashes over the Arab world

A number of countries in the Arab world shrouded in considerable excitement. People take to the streets with the economic — asks lower food prices, inflation freeze, lowering taxes, wage increment and political — in the government's resignation, the tribunal on individual bureaucrats involved in corruptive ties.Among the manifestations is not limited — there are fights, set fire to cars, fights with police, looting. Bloodshed, often people are not involved. Began to flee tourists — were taken from Tunisia, started evacuation from Egypt.


In Tunisia, there was a first revolution, it has been dubbed the "Jasmine". The last decades

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Summer of Alma-Ata

The former capital Kazakhstan, sweltering with the heat of the summer, that's already the third month "heated" nightmarish summaries of police and intelligence agencies. The city and its surroundings every day waiting for new messages on explosions, shootings, arrests and the terrorist threat. Last year's violent actions all over the country and the harsh response of the authorities, it would have led to the lull of the terrorist underground, but it was seasonal lull. In the summer of 2012 in the country over spilled blood …

"Dagestanizatsiya of Kazakhstan." Atrocities and versions

Mysterious event happened June 30, 2012, when

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Critics heralded the collapse of the U.S. Air Force almost from the beginning of their creation

In October 1957, 5 years before Fletcher Knebel published his famous book "Seven Days in May", he wrote a fascinating article, which is located on one of their pages of favorite magazines ever since. The article was called "Instant death Force" and was dedicated to the creation and transfer of weapons to missiles, which can easily destroy the existing armed U.S. Air Force fighter jets.

"It needs to be heard in the corridors of the Pentagon, on our bases scattered around the world, in the offices of design bureaus: the air now belongs missiles" — wrote in his article

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No money. Banks curtail lending programs

Society Lack of working capital makes commercial banks to curtail lending program. So, with the filing of Alexander Lukashenko terminated preferential program — under 5% — loans for housing. Also, banks refuse credit to purchase new and used vehicles. Very few banks still provide the means for consumer products, but this service is uneconomical.

On the eve of Alexander Lukashenko said that the Belarusians should solve the housing problem and ordered to substantially limit the issuance of loans under preferential construction. Minsk City Council has already taken a decision similar to the orders are expected in other regions of

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Thunderball — quirk of nature, or UFO?

"Today", 09.06.2003, Kiev, n126

Author: Dmitry Lavrov

What are the similarities between the fireballs and UFOs? Ask any meteorologist, and he will tell you that glowing balls — this is nothing like "a rare form of electrical storm" that occurs during heavy rainstorms. At first glance — nothing extraordinary. However, there are several impressive "but" …

They are different …

Let's start with the fact that ball lightning is contemplated in a quiet, clear weather. Experts, for many years studying the mystery of nature, can attest to that, apart from spherical "lightning", there is also a "pear-shaped",

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