South Korean cargo, missiles Patriot, was lawful

According to ITAR-TASS, the main representatives of the customs service in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, announced that in Finland were found 69 Patriot missiles on board a British cargo ship "Thor Liberty, "Which, as it turned out, sent the German side for South Korea.The department identified that we're talking about a very legitimate party tools, which approved the government of Germany. These missiles were loaded on the cargo ship in the harbor city of Papenburg.

It is understood that the ship "Thor Liberty"Moored in the port of Kotka on December 13, following the course from Germany to China. Specifically, there he

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Samara Bend: Legend and Reality. Continued from Part 5

There was another very bright period that preceded and Imenkovs and Bulgarians. This is the time when life began here first settled population. It must be said that much of the lower and middle Volga region was occupied by nomadic tribes. And so, in a nomadic environment, the appearance of the settled population are clearly shaped the everyday culture of a completely different type. It also affects the view of the world and the myth of the local population. Gradually, the nomadic tribes are gone. It is believed that they moved towards the Caucasus. But the settled population was

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Unexplained power of telekinesis

First manifestation of spontaneous telekinesis was recorded in 1846. Called telekinesis ability to influence the subjects a force of reason, will. This phenomenon is extremely puzzling, and is one of the most intriguing among the various psychophysical phenomena.

Maria Kozhevnikov you interested? You want to leave an anonymous opinion about it? Then, go to the site mustknow.m, where you can leave your opinion about Mary and read the opinions of others.

So what are the hidden powers allow people to control objects without physical impact on them?

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The Yugoslav relatives Kalashnikov

This article will try to start a very great series of articles devoted weapon that is formed by analogy with a Kalashnikov or else its basis was laid this standard tools. Immediately it should be noted that they will meet the standards of guns that can be hard on the outside a lot of differences from ordinary AC, it can be explained at least in that, taking as a base a Kalashnikov rifle, some designers in the development of weapons turned in the other direction, if Russian gunsmiths but all the same ancestor with the result of their work is

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Yu.Krupnov: Were in the same situation as the June 22, 1941»

NATO base in Ulyanovsk — the result is not treachery, and incompetence

The story of how quarreled Yuri (large) with Dmitry O. (Rogozin), Russian literature enriched unlikely, but in the history of this controversy has all the chances to get to this point already.

Signed at the end of June with. , the decision of the government of the Russian Federation, according to which the loads for the combined forces of the Western coalition in Afghanistan will be sent through Ulyanovsk not only on land, and in the air, shook the indifferent public. Naturally, that the base NATO may seem

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This is not your computer shooter, or the war in Afghanistan, as it is

Jeffrey Ingersoll — last sea infantryman, and now a military journalist, documentary filmmaker, writer and photographer.

After a 2-trips to Iraq, as a correspondent for the Marine Corps in April 2012, I went to Afghanistan, but as a civilian war correspondent. The subsequent history knows about the impromptu battle exit, during which one sea infantryman was injured and more than 20 Taliban killed.

I arrived in the midst of the events immediately after the attack on the headquarters of the Afghan police. On the attack at the camp reads as follows:

"The police chief Wali Coca now officially cooler than

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Parenting styles and their impact on the child

In every family there are certain objective, not always conscious parents educational system. Refers to the aims and methods. On this basis, there are four tactics training, which correspond to the four types of family relationships: diktat, guardianship, non-interference and cooperation.


The dictates of the family is shown in the systematic suppression of some members of the family (mostly older) initiative and self-esteem of others. This does not mean that parents should not make any claim to the child. However, those who prefer to order throughout and violence faced resistance child which responds to pressure, coercion, threats

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Elite offices

Why the need for an elite repair offices? Why waste huge amounts of money on expensive finishes, if You can make a good and cheap repair of the economy class. Let's carefully examine this issue more thoroughly. Any personal or business entity is required to have its own office or several offices, in what will be agreed to decide guidelines and other issues.

Each customer or partner, though what the company refers to the first study, and not on the production room. If small private companies operating within the boundaries of the town and do not have the severe

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Electric digital news

Modern man is simply not do without means of home electronics and home appliances. We use it a functional home and at work. We are working on the computer, use the Navigator to find a particular street in a strange town while traveling, squeeze the juice and whisk cream in a food processor, staying in touch with relatives in using mobiles. All this technology offers to purchase web shop "Foxtrot»

It seems that the human idea has stepped so far that in the foreseeable future will come up with something very difficult. But the author's ideas manifest themselves

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Experts have calculated the risk for RF

The epicenter of the second wave of the crisis, of course, will be Europe. In fact, the recession in the euro zone has already started — six member countries of the Commonwealth of monetary economies in recession. And if in the most acute phase of the economic collapse of the previous one, and could not think about the disappearance of the euro, now the question of its future is the most discussed, though the true difficulties of planetary scale has not even begun. "The recession in the euro area, albeit small, in the range of 1%, but will.'s Debt crisis

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