Expert U.S. society is trying to find ways out of the Afghan impasse

In the autumn of last year, posted the report of a study group on Afghanistan under the title "The New Way Forward: Rethinking U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan» (A New Way Forward: Rethinking US Strategy in Afghanistan) attempted to analyze the current strategy of the administration of President Barack Obama in Afghanistan, identify its shortcomings and offer advice on other options likely Afghan policy of the United States of America.

The research group on Afghanistan (Afghanistan Study Group) connects voedinyzhdy politicians, former U.S. government officials, academics, business representatives, public officials, concerned about the course of the Obama administration in Afghanistan and

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Expert: Our homeland from the United States will receive nothing, except for migraine

The expert explained to why now impossible to do that in Europe a common missile defense system.

Now renewed debate about the negotiations of the Russian Federation with the U.S. on missile defense. U.S. and NATO have been slow in responding to the proposal of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to build sectoral European missile defense system, which is a concern of the Defense Ministry. "The negotiations on missile defense — is a litmus test of the willingness of NATO and the U.S. to first equal and mutually respectful cooperation with Russia", — said Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov. Negotiations are

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Expert: The West needs Russian fighter, because the Wehrmacht had no more

We are experiencing a global crisis, and this crisis is hard acceleration puts a condition of becoming a global control of the world by transnational system and its close contact with the western civilization. This was announced on November 3 held in Moscow roundtable on the ability of Russia's membership in NATO, the vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems Constantine Sivkov, REGNUM correspondent announcements.

"In history there was no option to have a new world order was placed without a major war," — identified Sivkov. In his view, the purpose of the coming of a military clash will be

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Teleportation — the ants?

"The Republic of Tatarstan", 10.01.2002, Kazan, nn5-6, page 14 Extraordinary abilities gives American researcher Ivan Sanderson ants, which he studies

This kind of atta — insect American tropics. These creatures live in their communities, "cities", which are located under the ground. It is these ants, according to the findings Sanderson, among others, are able to immediately re-roll if necessary to distance the material objects. Here's how it showed up. Reproduction of the population in each colony occupied by one or at most a couple of huge dams, each of which is several thousand times greater than the largest

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Experimental winged ESKA-1

In zabugornyh and Russian popular science magazines a lot of time there were reports of low-flying machines-effect craft, among whom was a Russian pilot rescue boat amphibious ESKA-1. This machine is an amateur-built, successfully held series of flight tests, was constructed in an active manner Grunin Evgeny Petrovich in student design bureau MIIGA (Capital Institute of Engineers civilian aircraft). Just participated in the development of the Moscow engineers Gremyatsky A., Cherniavskyi S. Gorbenko Yu and N. Ivanov Flight tests conducted Gremyatsky A. engineer, and then the pilot Baluev A. ESKA-1 was put on one of the exhibitions NTTM was marked

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Experimental aircraft KFOR

To simulate the impact of aviation cruise missile complex "Comet"Also for working on-board guidance equipment made MiG-17 (SDK-5) (SKD — plane-stand-in "Comet", is found in the documents designation KFOR). For the base was captured MiG-17, which was filmed with arms, under the cowl over vozduhopoglotitelem placed the guidance system on the target, above the keel in the fairing installed antenna for receiving from the aircraft carrier signals, adjust the line of movement of the flight. The machine equipped with control and recording equipment (ACA) and the autopilot.

Built several copies of ACS, which were used followed properly. Aircraft carrier with

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East America vulnerable to missile attack

Congressional Republicans called bezotstupno bring 250 million dollars to build a missile defense system on the east coast of America. Now install a missile defense system GMD able to shoot down ballistic long-range missiles, which are located in the American West, the eastern part of the same remains relatively vulnerable. During the reign of President Bush’s missile defense plan came from the greater threat from North Korea than from Iran, because most of the interceptors taken on the west coast. In the first year of the management of the administration of President Obama’s missile defense programs from reduced funding

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Experimental aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing CDF-70

Advances in the development of aircraft in the late 1960s allowed the arm of the Navy high-speed aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), which did not achieve special devices for takeoff / landing. These aircraft are highly effective tool of the ship, so as to solve a wide range of tasks, both in the interests of the fleet and individual vehicles at a distance of up to 800 km.

The main objective of aircraft GDP steel anti-submarine warships guarding the output of base sites, and during the campaign — search, tracking and settlement of enemy submarines, communications between ships

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The experimental stealth aircraft «Have Blue» — the forerunner of the F-117

Radar (radar) appeared at the end of the first half of the 20th century and became the primary means of searching for and detecting enemy military equipment. This fully applies to the aircraft. They were not equal in terms of the range of detection and deployment. As has become a tradition, after the creation of the "sword", is rapidly made protection from him — "shield". Shield against radar aircraft from becoming a means REP. Main the mechanism works — creation obstacles that interfere with radar. Another shield against enemy radar detection is reducing its radar signature by coating the upper

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The experimental fighter with the OHR T-58VD Dry

T-58VD — developed by Sukhoi fighter pilot, having a short takeoff and landing. This machine is to improve the Su-15 had no case. T-58VD was used as a flying laboratory for the creation of the program there T-6-1 — attack aircraft short takeoff and landing, from which traces its roots frontline bomber Su-24. At the time in the world the idea to do a better landing properties by installing additional PD (hoisting engines) was very popular. For example, in France, have experienced the most experienced plane Dassault Balzac, in the UK — Short SC.1. For the improvement of runway features

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