Song of the Year (2013) Full Movie

Our home on the TV main concert of the country! Involves all the stars! Every time in the first days of the new year we are pleased to hear the call sign of the beloved applets: Through the years, through the distance, in at least some way, in at least some of the song do not say goodbye doskorogo, Song does not say goodbye to you … And this year — no exception. On stage the Olympic reconvene the best performers who remind you of the most brightest and happiest minute time of the year. Concert Song of the

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Experimental fighters E series (Part-3) E-50 and E-50A

In the summer of 1956 came an event that is very very troubled Russian control, because revealed quite severe dent in the country's air defense system. July 2, 1956 for the first time in the air space of the people's democracy was seen South American high-altitude spy plane Lockheed U-2, and only 4 July 1956 the aircraft was seen in the skies over the Soviet Union. In the coming such flights were continued and South American planes flew with impunity in the Russian sky at an altitude of 20-21 km., Photographing strategic targets from the air, including Moscow. Oppose anything

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Schoolchildren and politics

Society — Mom, it is necessary to sign a paper that you will not mind if I joined the Octobrists. — What is joy? I'm against it! Why is it you? — Well, the teacher told us that if someone does not come to school may not come.

From conversations on the street Gospel aphorism about baby lips that supposedly always tell the truth, it is necessary to specify in each case: the truth of what industry, what age is a child … Unfortunately, it is very difficult to present a statistical study of opinions on the current school

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When Lukashenko of Belarus will never be able to join the EU

Society Mrs."As long as our economy does not receive such a development as understood in Germany, we will not get there. Germany has already talked about Greece if its economy can not cope, what is the reason she entered the European Union? "

Mr."This is yet another fantasy — under the current regime. The Prius — regime change completely. Need a gradual change of public education, the media, all of the information block. This change in the mentality of the people, strengthening economic and cultural ties with Europe and the European countries. "

Mr."We have, in Belarus there are no

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Eco-technologies for transport — e-mobility and not only

Unfortunately, the population of the earth while not in a position to not pollute the Earth's biosphere. We just can not turn away from a huge amount of comfort when and where and just the right things.

But Ecology is not ignored. Stricter requirements of legislation around the world, and of the people themselves equally willing to pay more for products and things that do not harm the nature and atmosphere. Because manufacturers are paying more attention to sustainability of their own products. There was an exception and the transport market.

And here we have

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Economists have criticized the draft budget for 2013-2015

As you know, in at least some science as truth, but in her arithmetic. But even this seemingly reinforced concrete statement in the near future, too, needs work. The fact is that in today's reality, it turns out, the same number can cause rapid ecstasy in one and the universal tragedy of others. One with the word "million" yells: Wow! a million! And the other say: Well, just something million, so what? ..

About a philosophy now surrounds such a document, which integrates within itself the main lines of economical policy of the country (ONBP) for 2013-2015. Those who

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UFO in the tail of a comet.

Video 2002, which removed the meteorite that flies past Earth. Interest is not the meteor, and the fact that his "tail" is noticeable shiny object. The author considers the video, it's not just trash, or a part of the cosmic body, and UFO. And maybe that's an alien ship took the risk away from Earth in the year? Look.


Wild Asia: Island Magic / Wild Asia: Island Magic watch online

Asia — Mainland islands at the southern edge of aqua surface is scattered almost 30,000 islands. On these islands, separated from the mainland life and stability fueled by the power of the islands are inhabited and developed different kinds. The main inhabitants of Asia leopard — beautiful predator, the monitor lizard — adapting Carrion, which could become a top predator, and vsesuschy ficus. The story begins on the peninsula of Java, which warming up during the last ice age was part of the Asian continent. Difficult to live on the peninsula continental mammals — elephants and tigers have disappeared,

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Cases engineering. Engineered to watch online

The cycle of cognitive film, which tells viewers about the features of engineering and production of the common things that we face every day. Simple items and appliances (toaster, a sewing machine or a regular light bulb) that have become so familiar to us, are just mind-blowing repository of technical solutions and secrets. And all this you will hear the fascinating story of the Discovery channel professionals.

Secrets of Creation gun, ice cream, matches

Cases engineering. Secrets of Creation Learjet aircraft.

Secrets of the creation of auto tires, electric guitar, golf balls


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White-headed Duck yes Grisha. Godfather




I pratsyastuyu cope mired lies!Panalyatala here with Russian crows.What a scandalAnd bespredel!Although I did not personally film etat smatrel …


Black PR,Punch to the gut.Gave the go-ahead, perhaps the king himself?

White-headed Duck:

Doused leader did grind.And this historic day in the ECR,Kagda peopleMouth open,Slyadiv, what's the matter will turn.


Ten years earlier would have …Nothing new is revealed to me.

White-headed Duck:

Well, as vazmozhno UTB, Grisha, I atvets?Union tamozhany we signed a witch.We BT ano — no, no! —Did not fall to registered strapni!


The what?No one anywhere?Yes we have

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