Shlisselburgskaya track — steel road of life in besieged Leningrad

The duration of the blockade of Leningrad was day or 872. It was a difficult time taken by enemy forces in a deadly ring city experiencing an acute shortage of food and fuel. As a result, the impact of cold and starvation killed hundreds of thousands of inhabitants.

Russian command from the early days was trying to break the siege, fighting lasted for 18 months, a large number of soldiers were killed by enemy fire, a huge amount of military equipment was ruined — all failed. Barely 18 January 1943 failed to unite the army of the Leningrad and

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Charles Darwin — the devil priest? / Charles Darwin — the Devil’s Chaplain? watch online

Charles Darwin's contemporaries were divided into two opposing camps: one considered him a genius scientist of all time, while others beheld in him the devil's henchman, which violates God's laws. But how could a man which in his youth dreamed of becoming a priest, become the head of the heretic?

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Swedes are expected to attack the Russian Federation on the Baltic (day to day, Estonia)

Sweden has taken the study of the former lecturer Swedish State Military Institute, according to which there are as many as three attack scenario of the Russian Federation on the Baltic. In this regard, Major General Retired Karlis Neretnieks states of the need to strengthen the defense system.

In his own work, "Fraternal Assistance" Neretnieks outlines three possible scenarios of events that may be associated with risks RF in the address of the Baltic States. In the first scenario describes a non-military crisis which will lead the invasion of. The creator notes that this situation can be considered Estonia and

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UFO in the forest Rendlskhem. England 1980

Forest Rendlskhem, which is located in England, not for nothing call: "English Roswell". The fact that here, in December 1980, was seen a UFO. Eyewitnesses of the event had to be silent for a long time, but In recent years, new data on the occasion of secrecy.

They saw it

Rendlskhem — pine forest, spread out on the plains of Suffolk County town of Ipswich to Cape Orford Ness, on which stands the lighthouse tower. In the area of forest Rendlskhem in the night from 25 to 26

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British Signals intelligence — Uncensored

Richard Aldrich (Richard Aldrich) — one of the largest security services professionals in academic circles in Britain, creator of several books, including «The Hidden Hand. Britain, America and Cold War Secret Intelligence »to combat intelligence during the war Cool. Eldritch has just published a book about the history of Russian electronic intelligence «GCHQ. The uncensored story of Britain’s Most Secret Intelligence Agency »(GCHQ. uncensored history of the most covert intelligence England). Dr. Eldritch spoke with Andrei Soldatov about his own recent book: — How much time you wrote this book? — Research and actually writing the book took me

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Russian Black Sea Fleet will cooperate with NATO?

Speaking in Sevastopol other day celebration days of the Navy RF, Rear Admiral Alexander Fedotenkov said that "this year, the highest skill shown by Prof. Black Sea sailors who took role in a number of international exercises, which we partake of intense and will join in the future. "

Not a word, and deed

As an example of active international naval cooperation Russian commander led, in his view, a successful debut squadron Black Sea Fleet in NATO exercise Bold Monarch-2011, held in June near the submarine base of NATO, located in the Spanish Cartagena.

For the first time in

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Air Desert Eagle from Umarex

Certainly, there is no more famous and want gun tradesman, if Desert Eagle. Through his constant appearance on television really unique automation system for short-guns, this gun is overgrown and more new legends, most of which, naturally, does not correspond to reality. First is immediately say that this gun is not the most «powerful» of all varieties snub firearms. First, at least as part of the propellant gases it is spent on work automation, though their number is small, but also affects the speed of a bullet, which differs in the smallest side of the models with the same

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To survive, Putin should be Stalin

Before Putin is the same task that faced Stalin initially 1930s. Only it is not an obstacle bourgeoisified "old Bolsheviks", and turned into mafia "Petrograd Cheka" (apparently this is a collective image), which was dissolved by Vladimir Putin in power, like sugar in a glass of water.

The political atmosphere is heating up in Russia. The air smelled gray. New criminal case popping out of a TV set, as features of the woodwork. Pop up on the screen and the new faces that are in the not to distant examination of old times are even uglier. Power slowly, with

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What to consider when buying a scooter?

In the global network, you can find a lot of materials and descriptions that are devoted to the choice of a scooter. In this article voedinyzhdy information connected with the huge amount of resources allocated component selection and tips for the upcoming operation of vehicle. How to choose scooter, that best corresponds to your driving style and liking? At the same time, it should be noted that houses for sale in Kemerovo going faster than you do choice scooter. After all, in the 2nd case, first, you have to determine what specific purpose it is necessary for you: in

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The civilization of Malta

The civilization of Malta has 7,000 years. But the main focus of tourist and historical heritage of the island is on the Middle Ages, when the islands for centuries ruled by the Knights of Malta.

Spirit of the Knights, and all that is connected with them, to see the white cross on a red background to swords, armor and other attributes in museums and antique shops, is felt everywhere. Even the narrow streets of the Maltese towns returned with the imagination of the traveler at the time of Ivanhoe (Sir

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