What is success in Afghanistan?

Which option is applicable to the United States?Since 2001, the West is trying to build in Afghanistan, centralized management system. But this approach does not correspond to the historical traditions, or the political culture of the country. Closer to reality and the applicable nominee are decentralized democracy and a system of mixed sovereignty.


The period from the end of the second Anglo-Afghan war in 1880 to coup of Mohammed Daoud Khan in 1973, has been in Afghanistan a measured time relative to the municipal building. Although prior to 1964 was an absolute

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What will become of the Arab rulers

As history indicates, no newcomer revolution never left alone former associates of the regime, as unremedied rulers may undermine the credibility of the latest power. The position of the favorites of old times Near East very ordinariness — to keep his place in the sun at any cost, because on another merciless execution will not only above them, and above all their diaspora. So, for his or stupidity or naivety paid last Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, which voluntarily resigned as head of the country, leaving the management of the state for the generals. They, in turn, were the people for

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Breast Augmentation

Return the breasts look beautiful by using replacement (breast augmentation plastic). Calibration is done for aesthetic (cosmetic) reasons and in addition to increasing the amount eliminates also expressed mild "sag".

Shape of the implant

The specialist will determine exactly what kind of implant is needed for you: round or anatomical shape. If the implant is round, it is not necessary to be spherical breasts. Round it only when viewed from above, and in general the implant is quite flat. In contrast, the anatomical shape (or teardrop) has a flat top edge and a convex bottom.

But, in

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UFO in 2013. USA. Alien invasion in Los Angeles

A lot of video now runs on a network, in which the authors are trying to finish a UFO and it turns out they have not only is bad, so also are not interested. I present to you a video that recreates the attack on the Los Angeles aliens. Unfazed video you will not leave.

UFO in 2013. USA. Alien invasion in Los Angeles


Snow Leopard Afghanistan watch online

Society for the Conservation of Nature Unleashed with National Geographic joined voedinyzhdy in order to do what no one previously could not: with special collars and accessories explore life elusive and breathtakingly beautiful animal — Snow Leopard Afghanistan. Mountain Expedition Society for the Protection of Nature Unleashed in the war zone — it's a real challenge to common sense. In addition, the region in which they oppress a snow leopard is an avalanche region with the probability of sudden snowstorms and sudden changes in temperature. The team traveling from Kabul to house Snow Leopard in the mountains in the

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Acne (acne)

Acne (acne, acne) — a chronic inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands, resulting from their blockage and increased production of sebum.

The sebaceous glands are only in the skin of mammals to which we are with you and treat. These glands produce a special secret (sebum) — a mixture of fats that prevent overdrying of the skin, making it supple and protect the body against various bacteria and infections, as well as participate in a complex system of thermoregulation of the skin.

Sebaceous secretion may be increased by raising the level of male sex hormones (androgens) and fall

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What does it mean for Washington Putins return

The main Russian interlocutor in Washington for 4 years was a young and malleable Dmitry Medvedev. But last week's elections proved that the South American diplomats will soon again have to deal directly with Vladimir Putin. What does the return of Putin for Russian foreign policy and how to change their own approach to Washington now that the negotiations on the contrary will not sit Medvedev and Putin?

Despite the scathing anti-American rhetoric of Putin's election campaign and the friction that arose in US-Russian relations at the end of the preceding period of stay Fishing season in the

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The Science of Evil / Science of Evil watch online

Evil. This is a manifestation of higher powers, silly superstition, or whether it is in the depths of our consciousness? In the movie you were leaked into the soul of a serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, along with the priest, which baptized him. Take a trip to the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo, together with a representative of the United Nations, entrusted rassredotachivanie food and medical care. And join scientists who, using advanced methods of magnetic resonance imaging of the brain, try to find out the mechanism of human morality.

Man and its features

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What lies behind the actions of Ankara?

Actions occurring in recent years in the Middle East, North Africa, caused tectonic shifts in the geopolitics of the region's tremendous. In a number of Arab states — Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Algeria — to power rush constructive representatives of Islam. And many analysts do not hesitate — at some point, the Islamic radicals will establish, at least in part of the country, their rules. In particular, the huge fear is the situation in Egypt.

In recent years, much has changed and the situation in Turkey. Ankara began to fold with secular development, which has led in the

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U.S.: see — then heal

The ancients said: "Forewarned — forearmed" and "I came, I saw, I conquered." These, as is fashionable to say, slogans can be designated role ultrasound (U.S.) in modern diagnosis and treatment. The possibilities are constantly expanding ultrasound, without practically impossible today to do any one of the fields of medicine — gynecology, obstetrics, surgery, cardiology, internal medicine, pediatrics.

More details about this method tells founder of ultrasound and prenatal diagnosis in our country, the head of department and functional ultrasound Scientific Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology, consultant medical center "VITAMED", MD, professor V. DemidovH.

— Vladimir, what

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