The best attack helicopter in the world

Thanks to unprecedented in its scale state armaments program until 2020 already the third year in a row Russian defense industry takes first place in the world in terms of growth in the industry and the second largest exporter of weapons and military equipment. Not so long ago placed a huge rating gun manufacturers Stockholm Institute for Peace Research problems (SIPRI) includes six Russian companies, five of which (except UAC) significantly improved its performance in comparison with the previous study. First place in terms of export earnings took Concern «Almaz-Antey» (5.51 billion dollars), has risen in the ranking SIPRI

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As we prepare the next day

Aircraft manufacturers are not perplexed fickle world economy and continue to implement the promising development. Yes it is true! After all, the future is always for those who bustles about it in advance.

The hanging of the world economy, one way or another, reflected on the entire non-linear aircraft. Even before nedavneshnego closing time or the beginning of a promising programs from reflecting the characteristics of more than the total number of orders and sales statistics, that from the time that there was a global monetary crisis, most of the producers working on their new developments, right now realizing

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French FR F1 sniper rifles and FR F2

Of the preceding article about sniper rifle MAS-49 and its next upgrade, it became clear that the army of France far do not always have the best sniper weapon level of armaments of other states. Despite the fact that most of the problems could make an instrument completely ego lowest effective range of fire, as well as not the best accuracy with a stretch allowed to call the sniper rifle. Naturally, it was necessary to correct the situation, but rearmament new prototype guns, even taking into account what is usually a huge number of sniper rifles is not required, it

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What awaits the Belarusian Internet after July 1?

Society Members: Site Coordinator «Generation by» Yuri Sidun and an expert in the field of ITAlexei Tchernyaev.

What kind of people are expecting?

Valery Karbalevich"Since the Presidential Decree number 60" On measures to improve the use of the national segment of the Internet "was a lot of thinking about what consequences this may have. Appeared after the relevant government regulations. And on July 1, the decree and regulations to take effect. Yakiya inconvenience waiting for ordinary users? Yakiya danger to them are now? "

Yuri Sidun"For the average user this decree was unobtrusive yet. Noticed only by those who have

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New missile defense system: you just need to wait

Just a few days back the clock, it became clear that the military and political control of the country is considering issues related to the creation of new missile defense systems. Almost immediately with an appropriate message to the press service of the presidential administration appeared brand new information, allegedly pertaining to the details of new projects. If placed in the media disk imaging information are true, then in the next few years Russian strategic missile defense significantly increment their abilities. First reports of some studies to improve the Russian missile defense appeared in the 20 days of April-month.

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Force majeure situation in the Ministry of Defence

In the Russian media disk imaging repeatedly topic was rising overdue resignation of Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. With all this the forecasts given not only journalists, political scientists, but also retired and active military personnel, and of many other citizens who are seriously concerned about neuvvyazkami Russian army. Even when he was Minister of Defense Serdyukov mentioned the names of people who could change the unpopular head of the defense department. In the middle of these "candidates" were: Nikolai Makarov, Dmitry Rogozin, Vladimir Shamanov and a number of other deserving individuals. But ultimately, Nikolai Makarov, is still the chief

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On Independence Day in Minsk hospitals reserved 530 beds

Society Belarus began events to mark the Independence Day on July 3. Today — burial ceremony in the crypt of the Unknown Soldiers Memorial Church of All Saints with the participation of heads of state, on Saturday — a procession of veterans, mass celebrations and traditional big concert at the stela "Minsk — Hero City". Police translated into enhanced version of service, the Interior Ministry set up an operational headquarters situationally.

Protection order in the festivities will provide more than 14,000 police officers. Contingency reserves are formed. The area where you plan to hold functions, vegetable gardens mobile turnstiles,

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Chile joins the creation of the Brazilian programmke transporter

The Chilean government has started negotiations with Brazil to join the program there promising the creation of a military transport aircraft KC-390, reports Flightglobal. Memorandum of Understanding between the defense ministries of 2-states was signed on 24 August 2010. Earlier it was reported that Chile wants to buy 6 Brazilian transport.

As part of the agreement with Chile will be created the conditions the country's role in the program development. As expected, the recent negotiations begin between the Brazilian company Embraer, creating the KC-390, and the Chilean Enaer, which will be involved in the program development. It is expected

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Chile under protest sauce

Postpinochetovskaya system is affected upheaval, but resisted the reformers.

Republic Chile has become a veritable social arena fights. Hundreds of thousands of Chileans who are protesting and marching, require structural configurations in their own country. They want greater social equality and growth of the country's role in the legacy of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet after the economic structure.

In August, the Chilean students were joined by union members, then got hold of widespread demonstrations. Government workers put forward a number of requirements. Among other, they reach the tax cuts, pension reform, and the configuration of the Labour Code

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Czechoslovak relative Kalashnikov — CZ-2000

The abundance of different versions of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, which was manufactured and produced in different countries, is striking, so that's where the really "popular" weapon. No exception, and many famous weapons companies that make a variety of models on the basis of the AK guns, including for civilian market. But in this article we will not "go" far abroad, and make out that it was created not so far away from us, and specifically in Czechoslovakia (at the time of the initial design tools). Thus, we add to the series of articles about relatives Kalashnikov another, now concerning

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