Случается порой такой казус — вроде бы музыканты все как на подбор, звук изумительный, имидж оригинальный, лирика отменная, а группа годами не может прорваться наверх. Нью-Йоркская молодая команда под названием White Zombie прекрасный пример подобной жизненной несправедливости. К счастью, ситуация изменилась и есть надежда, что White Zombie станут всеобщим достоянием.

Критики назвали их стиль как “психо-дет-металл с пост-апокалиптическим и киберпанковским ужасающим видением Ада». Большинство своих замороченных идей вокалист и главный сочинитель песен Rob Zombie почерпнул из фильмов ужасов. Да и само название группы было взято из одноименной картины 1932 года о женщине, которая проводила свой медовый месяц ка Гаити и

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White shades

Deborah Walker has used a subtle palette of off-white tones to create a serene Victorian home

If the word finesse can be defined as bringing a delicate and skilful approach to a troublesome situation, then there’s surely no better word to sum up the manner in which Deborah Walker has renovated and refurbished the once worn-down and neglected, four-storey, Victorian terrace home she shares with her partner Peter. Situated in a quaint seaside town on the East Sussex coast – the house has magnificent sea views from its south-facing rear windows – it was a wonderful find and the couple

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WHITE Magic!


This streamlined kitchen is awash with natural light. The white and walnut cabinets create a contemporary backdrop and the wooden floors ground the space. The white stools surround the lacquered counter which can be used as a breakfast area. «Generally going all white’ is a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. It is classy and elegant.


An all-white kitchen is a chic retreat. The white cabinetry, matching cook top, and grey work surface establish the kitchen area in this open-plan home. The granite flooring breaks the monotony and adds life to the space.

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White Light



Road manager Rey Lañada’s pad is the corner unit in the uppermost floor of his condo, which conveniently affords him a generous helping of ambient light. Not only does Rey’s unit appear very airy, but he is also able to save on electricity bills because he doesn’t need to turn on electric lights that often.

The beige sofa from Dimensione is his two dogs’ favorite hangout. Rey says that he rarely receives visitors. The gnarled milktree plant, the bold-red accent chair, feathered lamp

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Turn photos to sketches

Go a step further than basic filters to achieve an impressive sketch effect and learn effective editing skills on the way.

Using sketch filters is a good place to start when trying to re-create a hand-drawn look in portraits, but with a few extra layers and a little bit of time you can create a really vivid and professional result. The style reflects a thick sketch, emphasising the hand-drawn, rough nature of a graphite pencil — a realism that will leave your friends wondering if you did actually draw it!

Instead of spending years honing your drawing skills, getting high-quality

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Ladies look good in ties, too. Menswear made a statement in spring collections from J.Crew, Armani, and Calvin Klein. Make your tabletop more man-friendly by incorporating stripes, pewter, and shades of blue. The plates, mug, napkin, and navy placement . Jonathan Adler’s mustache-adorned teapot and Ted Baker’s bow-tie-turned

Today’s traditional is all about bespoke design — bravely layering history’s aesthetic high notes to our individual ends.”


-napkin-ring steal the show.

Turning tables

We’re giving credit where credit is due: To our favorite Pinterest boards that inspired this light and colorful table

62 ho would think that a color

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The Leica M Monochrom is a unique camera made exclusively for black & white photographers. It’s smart, unobtrusive and captures subjects in fine detail. Andy Luck puts it to the test.


In an age of increasing automation in the world of photography, it is rare to come across a camera that provides quite such an immersive experience as the Leica M Monochrom.

Here is a camera that stands completely apart. It has a clear, almost uncompromising, function indicated by the Monochrom label: to provide digital black & white images only.

This unique and purposeful nature is encapsulated

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Just ask JJ

Horticulturist JJ van Rensburg of Garden World answers your gardening questions.

A time and place

Penny Schneigansz writes: When I recently relocated from KZN to the Free State, I brought with me some of my Amaryllis and arum lilies (white and coloured); where and when must they be planted? JJ replies: The best lime to plant Amaryllis and white arums is the middle of July, white the middle of August is ideal for coloured arums. Amaryllis likes shade, with a bit of morning sun, while arums like full sun.

Turning a new leaf

Gert van Wyk of Groenkloofin Pretoria writes:

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In Black & White

An artist-couple’s abode gets a dose of black here, a dash of white there, and lots of open spaces for the kids to run around in.

Homeowner Tanya Escaler-Rivierre loves layering black on black and white on white. In the lanai’s living area, texture, form, and patterns— as seen in the sofas, area rug, throw pillows, and side tables—help distinguish each piece from each other despite the singular tone. “This is my favorite room in the house,” she says. “It has the most pieces, and it’s also where most of our art is, and shows it has a lot of

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Plants in the garden

Derain WHITE

Derain — is one of the gardener’s favorite plants. That it may be a permanent backdrop of the garden, thanks to stable decorative, perform a leading role at a time when there is a pause of flowering and decorative neighboring counterparts. No other shrub not combine so many positive qualities!

Derain is beautiful in the summer, due to the decorative foliage and abundant flowering in winter, because he shoots and bright berries, which lies snugly snow. In the summer, even in the gloomy weather, variegated dogwood bushes, as if by magic, converted the most different corners of

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