Against the right-1

«I listened to my mother!»


Future Inessa was known in advance: «I was born in a wealthy family. My mother held high positions at City Hall. Since I can remember, my mother has always built my career and wanted the same fate. She decided for me, even buying clothes! Arguing with her was useless. » My mother chose a school in which Inessa had to learn. She gave it to French lessons, though she wanted to deal with the choreography. Inessa favorite hobby could only spend time on vacation, because in the course of the year an additional

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Kids in a Cage — all of the arenas

"Before you grab the baby from the hospital, buy a large arena with a strong grid. The strength of your purchase, you can try, climbing into the arena right in the store. At the surprised looks saleswoman answer proud silence and contemptuous stare. She probably do not know that riding is not the baby will need, and you yourself, so, hiding behind his reliable wall, you could safely drink a cup of coffee or a newspaper to read up without the risk that your young son gets to you. "

This humorous advice famous astrologer Linda Goodman, I remember

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Alcoholism can not be cured, but it can be managed

Alcoholism … Perhaps no single word is not related so much variety of problems as this. And what about rare disease occurs as myths, stereotypes, rumors, how about the addiction to alcohol. What is the nature of alcohol dependence, the person gets to the networks, can he get out of yourself and how you can help him? Is it possible to cure for alcoholism? On this and many other things we are talking with the General Director of the Clinic "AlkoMed" narcologists Maxim Borovkov Alexandrovich.

— What's the biggest misconception about alcoholism?

Rather, the attitude towards him as a

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Varices and beauty

With the state of our vessels connected many aesthetic problems: clearly acting under the skin of purple gossamer thin, sinuous snake blood vessels, veins bulging knotty, swelling does not improve the appearance of their feet.

But that's not all. Few people think that cellulite, which has recently become more and more women worry is closely linked to vascular pathologies. Arising from chronic venous insufficiency edema causes a disturbance of microcirculation, then start the process of formation of fibrotic conglomerates, which leads to cellulite. Between these diseases are not only a direct relationship, but also a vicious circle: the

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Congressmen removed from the road «Rosoboronexport»

«We can not even indirectly subsidize mass killings of civilian persons in Syria.» Specifically, the words Republican John Cornyn, full of universal humanism and real democratic notes of almost all U.S. senators urged to press the button «AGAINST» — are opposed to the Pentagon collaborated with the «Rosoboronexport». Senator Cornyn, who is so concerned about the safety of the Syrian extremists became the main initiator of the ban to head the U.S. military in terms of cooperation with the department itself above Russian company. Recall that in the summer of 2012 leaving such an initiative supported South American House

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Scientists have begun to establish Petersburg cap of darkness

Wonder cap will create a group of young scientists in the new lab "Metamaterials". Even though it does not cap, and the man, in fact, should not disappear from view.

— Invisible in the optical sense of a person or thing done by us can not be, — regretfully admitted Pavel Belov, who is the head of the laboratory, the owner of the Presidential Award in 2009 in the field of science and innovation among young scientists. — But in the microwave spectrum — can well. For example, a person

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Operation again virgin

Wits say mythical dragons eat virgins and progressive decline of morals at some point in unison died from malnutrition. Joking aside, in our Palestine, perhaps, a million in a lottery to win easier than finding a girl who before the wedding, no, no.

However, there are times when this is the long-lost innocence (or rather its physical evidence in the form of screams and blood-stained sheet) someone needs desperately. To help in this case, for a fee, are taken doctors who conduct simple operation called "hymen reconstruction surgery." About her popularity among female students pyatikursnitsa with exotic names

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DARPA wants to build a weapon disappearing electronics

  Many probably beheld, like in the movies about spies and video messages self-destruct after playing. The latest James Bond movie film iconic character, thanks to the efforts of engineers, got a gun that fires only when it holds a particular winner ultramodern weapons. Something similar wish to get in their use of South American military, who believe that the gun left on the battlefield, under no circumstances should benefit the enemy. Problem developers who want to take part in the latest programmke Vanishing Programmable Resources (VAPR), make electrical stuffing that would self-destruct in 6 seconds. Oh, so explain in

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The baby is not sleeping

As the results of scientific research, the baby almost constantly dreaming in the womb with25-30 week of pregnancy. It is still not clear why there are these dreams and what is their role in the development of the child.

According to one theory, the dreams of children — it is their genetic memory, which is viewed as in a movie theater and can keep your brain the necessary information, as well as develops feelings and thinking. Poor sleep can impair physical and mental development of the child.

Typically, children are not born with adjusted circadian rhythms. First

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How to protect yourself from witches gifts

Objects with which bedevil witch (egg, land, wheat, etc.) can be a pretty long time to keep the field of negative energy. While the gift of black witch is under the pillow, it can ruin lives each day to the person who possesses it.

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The fact that the spiked on the threshold, giving his negative energy of the victim after the victim comes to it. Planted materials may

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