Whose opinion won

Sure, he wants to participate in the contest, and all the regular readers of «Soviet screen» tenth number is always waiting with a special look — a number that summarizes the survey. Learn about them, some are disappointed — were in the minority, while others are happy — their opinion «victory», that is coincided with the opinion of the majority.

This time the first two places in the list of winning films took pictures around which raged the greatest passion in their display screens, faced the most polar opinions. The dispute was on the pages of newspapers and magazines, on

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What do Alexander the Great, Napoleon and Peter the Great?

MODERN neuropsychiatrist would do anything to get rid of these great people from diseases that helped them go down in history

Disease prophets

Three great conqueror, by which (at least partly) developed by Time-Western culture and modern borders of Europe, had something in common. All three nature endowed disease, which in ancient times was considered sacred — epilepsy. «The Alexander the Great had epileptic seizures, likely as a result of injuries received in battle — says neurologist Alexander Himochko. — Uncontrollable rage into which he fell from time to time, apparently, was a consequence of the disease. In epilepsy sometimes

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Filisof Vincent Cespedes.

What problem are you trying to decide when he wrote his book?

I have many friends who are dear to me. They constantly come to me with complaints of men, their ill-treatment — or the fact that they can not find love.

With some of them I had a sensual relationship, and we have had problems because of what they wanted in whatever was to create a couple, and I told them that I could not live as a couple. The suffering of women around me — a problem for me, because it’s the people I love. And I said

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Disappointment … That is the bitter feeling when you realize that the old idols do not correspond to your idea of ​​them (and perhaps never matched), when you suddenly hear music in their performance, which is completely contrary to what they were doing before, or simply do not express themselves without touching your soul absolutely no strings. In the life of music lovers to experience such frustration can occur quite frequently. But what is the background of profound changes taking place with musical groups? Why people are executed once profound, complex, interesting music, suddenly begin to play once outspoken pop

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Max Payne

Everything you wanted to know about Max Payne, but were afraid to ask.

Today the exhibition is especially animated. Happy, but tired, visitors learn almost everything you dreamed of, but the soul still requires, and the legs themselves are in another booth — take a look at the new items and pull the nerves developers. Although some benefits of gab.

One group stands out crowds dancing to something dynamic girls in bright dresses. They advertise prefixed (so — bogomerzky, but somehow this cute heart) Space Channel 5. On the other crowd a mile away bears, sorry, silicone implants


Strategy. Verdict: Commando, Amigos!

Commandos: beyond of Call of Duty.

This addon has undergone the most violent advertising and promotion’u that we had ever seen. Launched in February, a demo version of the addon was all, uh, a new word in the industry. Now that we got at the mercy of the final release, we were clear reasons for this promotion …

This is the least similar to the set of additional missions in our usual view. These levels are not narisuesh left back for half an hour at lunchtime. They are, as one would expect — miniature works of art, pieces of eight.

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Solomin two faces of a single soul

Beginners and very purposeful singer Svetlana Solomin, she — SOLOMINA, decided to conquer the listener with the Internet. On request «Solomin,» produces countless search results — links to the tracks, interviews, sots.seti … Today soulful songs Solomina gaining popularity outside of the World Wide Web. Its very fresh track «nice» sounds on several radio stations, and the song «chestnuts» — in Ukrainian-rotation radio in Chicago. Open and cheerful Svetlana on the example proves that nothing is impossible for even the most daring dreams.

You call your Internet producer. As he helped you in becoming a musical career? You posted the

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Strength mysli.Stiven Hawking.

At twenty-one he was diagnosed, that sounded like a death sentence. Doctors gave the talented graduate student at Cambridge no more than two or three years of life.

Since then, half a century has passed, and Stephen Hawking not only continues to struggle with a terrible disease, but also became one of the most famous scientists of our time. His contributions to theoretical physics is hard to overestimate, and way of life Hawking and the power of his spirit can cause extremely admirable.

HOSTAGE own body

Steven was born on January 8, 1942, becoming the first child of Frank and

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Season of Wonders

Scriptwriter — Sergey Abramov director — George Yungvald-Khil’kevich operator — Gennady Karyuk artist — composer Igor Bryl — Yuri Chernavskaya Lyrics — Leonid Derbeneva soundman — Konstantin Kupriyanov

Roles performed:

Vadim — Arunas Storpirstis

Taya — LARISSA Shakhvorostova

Oleg — Boris Shuvalov


Zinka — Olya GORSHKOVA mother — VALENTINE Ivasheva

Tanya — Natalya Martinson

Vic — P. Lopukhovsky

Kolyunya — G. TOROPOV

Dimka — Mr. Sosnowski

Constantine — D. Kalashnikov twins Albert — Alexander A. Caten — M. Caten guests Vadim — Dmitriev, Oh, Belov, Yu DUBROVIN, I. TRETYAKOV

Victor — Yu Rudchenko in the film:

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Sacred Relic

Sword of Godfrey of Bouillon is stored in the temple of the Holy Sepulchre, in its Catholic chapel is most holy.

They say it is an unusual weapon. According to legend, in the handle of the sword hidden relics of the saints, and therefore it is endowed with extraordinary power.

Forged from Damascus steel hands of an unknown artist, he still shines cold brilliance. Maybe because it was hardened by a special medieval recipes — in the blood of virgins. There was at that time in Europe, like, very wild way to manufacture cold steel blacksmith handed red-hot sword to

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