Ever decreasing circles -getting close to wildlife

Wildlife photography is often considered the domain of extreme long lenses. These great bazooka-like lumps of glass, metal and engineering plastic that cost a fortune and weigh a proverbial ton are seen as an easy solution when your subjects are shy, skittish and difficult or dangerous to approach.

While there are times long lenses are unavoidable, anyone who has ever worked with super telephotos will tell you that far from being an easy solution they are especially challenging to use well. The high levels of magnification they achieve means that every tiny movement

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Through the Lens of A Wild Child

What got you interested in photography initially, and how did you decide to make it your career?

I am basically a software engineer-turned-entrepreneur now looking after my family business of Shipping & Logistics. But for me, wildlife photography, and capturing God’s beautiful creations through my camera, is a serious Passion that keeps me alive in the true sense of the word. Since my childhood, I had always been interested in pets/animals, and about a decade ago, I started rescuing snakes in my locality. I eventually started photographing them, and slowly the inclination to capture images spread to all other flora

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By Lindsey Bucknor

Camera: Sony Alpha 700

Lens: Tamron SPAF 200-500mm f/5-6.3 Di

Exposure: l/500sec at f/6.3 (ISO 800)

Lindsey says: «This leopard cub was six metres off the ground and I had to compose the shot from a vehicle. As the cub was in shade, I boosted the ISO to 800 to ensure a fast shutter speed and waited for a hint of eye contact before firing off a series of images. This was my favourite.»

LEE FROST: Having tried my hand at a little wildlife photography from a vehicle while in Namibia last year, I know only too

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Wildlife survive a nuclear accident

Wildlife survive a nuclear accident Facts

British researchers say that radiation following the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl and Fukushima is not so dangerous to wildlife, as previously thought.

Studies of the effects of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster on birds challenged by the English universities of Portsmouth. Jim Smith, a scientist with the University and colleagues from the West of England believe that their discovery applies to wildlife in the region of Fukushima. Despite the huge amount of research carried out earlier, Smith always skeptical of claims about radiation destruction of wildlife, since the damage was barely noticeable. Smith said that

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The secrets of nature. Architects wildlife / Secret Nature. Animal Engineers watch online

Houses are built not just people. Animals also perfectly able to build a safe haven, fatally unsafe trap nests, where their kids grow up. Animals have a building instinct, their services are not inferior to ours. Next to us there are architects wildlife.


Animal fear. Frog watch online

Are you afraid of animals? No, it's not about shaggy kittens and puppies. Rats, spiders, bats, sharks — animal the world is full of terrible creatures. To avoid fatal situations, nature has given man a sense of horror. But it is often converted into a horror annoying phobia. And together with our imagination and legends about the different members of the animal world the horrors of the subconscious can reincarnate into a real life horror. Where is the narrow edge separating the sense of horror from a phobia. Where did the negative perception of animals. How to learn to

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Snow Leopard Afghanistan watch online

Society for the Conservation of Nature Unleashed with National Geographic joined voedinyzhdy in order to do what no one previously could not: with special collars and accessories explore life elusive and breathtakingly beautiful animal — Snow Leopard Afghanistan. Mountain Expedition Society for the Protection of Nature Unleashed in the war zone — it's a real challenge to common sense. In addition, the region in which they oppress a snow leopard is an avalanche region with the probability of sudden snowstorms and sudden changes in temperature. The team traveling from Kabul to house Snow Leopard in the mountains in the

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The Indian invasion Shimla monkeys

NEW DELHI, Sept 30 — RIA Novosti, Evgeny Pakhomov. The famous Indian resort town Shimla, located in the foothills of the Himalayas, is suffering from an invasion of monkeys reported Friday news agency IANS.

Monkeys get into the house, take everything that is in the refrigerator, steal food, ruin gardens, even attack people on the streets and bite them, says media.

"Six or seven years ago, the monkeys are caught and transported to the forest, but now, after their population grew in the woods, they came back," — said the agency representative of the Department of Wildlife Gulati.

Residents of

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Venice may submerge

According to the World Wildlife Fund, Italy could lose its beaches, and with them not only the resort, but also a unique coastal flora and fauna.

According to the environmental organization, about 60 percent of residents living along the coast. Coastal erosion has led to the disappearance of 42 percent of the beaches, and only 30 percent of the coastal areas are left untouched by civilization.

Experts from the World Wildlife Fund's several reasons for what is happening, including the withholding under the rubble of the building needs of the estuary, increasing the number of infrastructure facilities on the

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Our Planet: Arctic Tale / Climate Change: Our Planet — The Arctic Story watch online

To the north, in the late autumn, the time of year when everyone should be covered with ice, the sea along the coast Greenland remain unfrozen. Melting glaciers necessarily entails chipping bolshennyh pieces of ice that spread over the surface of the ocean. Animal world, inhabiting these terrible place to be in danger due to continuous increase in temperature. Climate change has a significant impact on the environment and animal world Greenland, and all will affect your current lifestyle of the indigenous population.

Nature (rivers, mountains, landscapes, etc.)

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