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Pardon — the political will Lukashenko

This was told the news agency BelaPAN."The decision to pardon — it is only the political will Lukashenko," commented on this post last lawyer Kozulin Igor Rynkevich. By him, "Requirement Kozulin recognition of guilt can not be imposed as a condition of mandatory pardon." With all this, he stressed that the position Kozulin remains constant — as before he considers himself innocent.Gallery — Alexander Kozulin Tags: Kozulin, Lukashenko, Rinkevich, pardon

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If the soul is God Belarusian, there will not be Lukashenko

Seviarynets: "In my heart Belarusian dictatorship has very strong support. This support — godlessness. Unless a man is on his knees before God, he’ll choose for yourself an idol or a leader who is ready to serve directly to slavery or worship. Unfortunately, this state specifically current Belarusian soul and uses dictatorship.Belarusian regime on its own essence is anti-Christian. If you look at the current situation in the sphere of religion, the Christians are persecuted, and the screens is a serious advertising fortune-tellers, psychics, magic. After the dictatorship understands that you can not let the soul Belarusian God. After all,

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