The hand of fate and the hand of free will

Fate and free will, external and hidden, the dignity of man and his weaknesses-all is «written» on his hands.

Most of the works devoted to palmistry, offer the reader to study the line of his hand. But what kind of arm in question — right or left? Which hand should pay attention, if the lines displayed on the surfaces of the right and left hands, as a rule, they are very similar to each other?

Cards of Destiny and free will

This is not an idle question. After all, despite the fact that on both hands, we see the same

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People will have to pay 25 million rubles Proleskovsky

October 1 issued a verdict referee Leninsky district Tatiana Zhulkovskaya. In Last year it condemned the human rights activist Catherine Sadouskaya on two years bullpen.Oleg Proleskovsky filed a tribunal claim for defamation, the pros and goodwill after August 2 publication in "Narodnaya Volya" "Vladimir cold as before is on the loose."They reported on the former first deputy Vladimir Proleskovsky cold, which was accused of corruption. On the control of the ideological control in the article was only a few lines, including "But Proleskovsky at liberty."Chief Editor of "Narodnaya Volya" Joseph Syaredzich not advertise litigation and journalists invited to the process.As

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Stepan Sukharenko holiday, reports People’s Will

Upcoming information — tomorrow on our website and in the air. Stepan Sukharenka Told "Narodnaya Volya" how to tie his resignation from the Chairman of the State Control beating Zenon Lomat, "Narodnaya Volya"23.07.2007

Joseph Syaredzich: Any line in the Narodnaya Volya given blood

"Narodnaya Volya" continues to subscribe to the second half. As amended by many people of the regions."People’s Will" from the first reading roomsSubscriber from Asipovichy Dubko Victor says:"People’s Will" from the first reading rooms. Experiencing due to today’s problems — you have to come here and sign all. Always forward with great enthusiasm. Thrilled when our newspaper comes not fit. " N.Bazyleva: "Y" People’s Will "- an aura of respect to each other"Narodnaya Volya" doing at the moment in Minsk seventeen journalists and technical staff. Veteran creative team — corrector Nina Bazyleva:"We have a good and strong team. Preserved aura

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Quote a day or — July 4

"Fate and Freedom — inseparable. They are inseparable, as the road. If you go by it, you’re acting this way. But if you already passed a piece of the road, you can not break it. You should pull it. You can turn a little to the left, to the right a bit, but all the same your road will go from beginning to end. And the greatest sense and the greatest job, the greatest vocation and the will of man — that this way is not going down somewhere, in a slump, and towered. So makarom, destiny — it is

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Polotsk instead of bacon and glasses — press and coffee

There are two comfortable rooms, where they sell newspapers and coffee respectively. Guests enter the room first, laden with dozens of different newspapers and magazines. Press constantly updated: over how acquire publications stare. From the very beginning the cafe behind the counter then 32-year-old Svetlana. She moved to Belarus 5 years ago from Latvia. And now, as usual, got to work in half the fifth.

"Opposition edition? Not that would not take — do not give! .."

I asked: "And you’re an early bird itself?""No, — Svetlana smiling. — I like to take a nap, but I like the

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Tomorrow unleash arrested circulation People’s Will?

Because of the arrest "Narodnaya Volya"Smalyavichy in almost 11 thousand subscribers and readers do not receive four issues of his own newspaper.Now I watched as once again editor Joseph Syaredzich attains liberation newspaper.He debated with Deputy Smolevichsky rayotdela Alexander Garalevicham. Last alluded to problems in documents carriers. On request our radio clarify certain prerequisites, the policeman said:"I’m not going to comment on the newspaper. Until last check. When the scan is complete, the parties will have intrigued written communications."A day or two reverse Smolevichsky police district department said that from Smolensk to Minsk drove more "Narodnaya Volya"Than booked circulation.Joseph Syaredzich

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Joseph Syaredzich going to release copies of Narodnaya Volya

"There’s police detain circulation last numbers of non-state political newspapers" Narodnaya Volya "And" Comrade "- said in an interview Syaredzich Radio Liberty.According to the head editor, the police stopped the car, which was carrying printed in Smolensk newspaper circulation, the terrain Smolevichsky district, not far from Mount of Glory. Frame to test drove the car to the office Interior Smolevichsky police department. From managing publications claimed the list of documents: contract with the printing and the carrier, the certificate of registration of the publication and other papers.Correspondent our radio also goes to the place of detention newspapers. Details — later

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More materials are popular week on our website

According to statistics, more readable page of our Web site for last week were the following:Freedom day 2007. Photo reportsZenon Pozniak: "On that night led ‘operation’ LukashenkoLukashenko: My scion Victor will not be succeeded as presidentEaster in BelarusMatskevich: "Unexpected output Lukashenko questions of balance"Alexander Lukashenko held a press conferenceA. Lukashenka dismissed I. AbelskayaGeneral celebration Will a day orEditors independent media press conference on Lukashenko"Third way" blocked the website of Alexander Kozulin

On Glubochchina arrived pelikany

Minsk is expected over the political process, "Malady". And, as reported by now "Narodnaya Volya" criminal case takes 7 volumes. Interviewed 100 witnesses. What blame patriotic youth knows edition Haretski. "Narodnaya Volya" now recalls that two years reversed dramatically in Tanzania killed seven Belarusian pilots. Not so long ago in the Eastern Cemetery near buried eight more pilots. Then, many have seen that in the early graves no monuments. Clarifies the situation spouse Lyudmila crew commander symbol.As feels at the moment the famous Basil Starovoytov? To answer the question of its own readers, journalists "Narodnaya Volya"Been 82-year veteran. His words

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