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The physicist-turned-parapsychologist


Once there was a light at the English chemist and physicist who has not only seen a ghost — he studied them. William Crookes made many scientific discoveries. In his later years he became interested in spiritualism, joined the Theosophical Society, and called himself a parapsychologist. Scientist engaged mysticism, excluding any mysticism, and this confirmed the existence of the afterlife.

William Crookes (William Crookes) was the eldest son of a wealthy tailor Joseph Crookes and his second wife, Mary Scott (Mary Scott). William Crookes was born in London on 17 June 1832. In

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Memoirs of a hanged man

Wilhelm Keitel was born on September 22, 1882 to a family of landowners Karl August Wilhelm Keitel and Louis Apollonia Keitel-Vissering. The childhood of the future field marshal was held in a 650-acre family estate Helmsherode, located in the western part of the Duchy of Brunswick. The family was very shy, barely paying for the estate purchased in 1871 by his grandfather Wilhelm Carl Keitel. William was the first child in the family. When he was 6 years old, his brother was born Bodevin Keitel also recognized leader. During the birth, the mother — Apollonia Keitel — died of infection

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Party «Will» will protect Russians from reptiles from the planet Nibiru

After a four-year review of the Ministry of Justice finally registered party "Will" under the direction of Samara healer, Ph.D. William Shakespeare.

Under the program, the party will fight against the corrupting influence of the West on Russia, for the recovery of agriculture, increased child benefits and other measures against the "degeneration of the Russian people." After "Will"able to officially register, the total number of parties in Russia today was equal forty-two.

Party leader William Shakespeare calls himself a healer. She has written several books on the "drug-free recovery." According to its prediction, in 2012 at the

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About the most important in life (William Pierce)

The video has the material of Dr. William Pierce's "The Big Picture: Our plight in several common strokes» (The Big Picture: A Bare-Bones Outline of Our Present Predicament) April 15, 1996.

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