Japan will finally wind farm

After the nuclear accident at Fukushima and several protests targeting NATO to senior officials took steps to gradually bring this potentially dangerous source of energy of the country, the Japanese government finally agreed to start investing in the development of the power industry, engaged in production of renewable energy.

By July 2013 the final version of the project will be the world's largest wind farm. Ironically, this same farm will be located about 16 km from the coast, which is Fukushima. The structure of the farm will include 143 turbines that will generate 1 gigawatt of power. All

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Alignment of Chinese Professionals (Huantsyu Shibao, China)

Immediately to the way America brazenly flaunting its military forces on the Korean peninsula, sending soldiers and officers in the western part of the Pacific, She also took a tactical reconfiguration of troops in the area of "strategic islands", which include Hawaii, Guam and Okinawa islands and began to build its aircraft carrier strike groups (CSGs), these "floating staging areas away from home" in a frightening new battle formations. This brand new deployment of U.S. combat troops already in the past to change the present balance of military forces in the western Pacific Ocean, which severely damaged the military situation

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Hurricane Jovi in the Pacific increased to the second category of risk

Hurricane "Jovi", formed in the eastern Pacific Ocean last week, increased to the second category on the Saffir-Simpson scale, reported Monday by the Associated Press referring to the National Center for Prevention of storms USA (National Hurricane Center, NHC). Gust speed accompanying the hurricane reaches 165 kilometers per hour. Currently hurricane is 420 miles from the Mexican port city of Manzanillo (Colima state). He continues to move in an easterly direction at a speed of 11 kilometers per hour. According to forecasts, in the next few days the hurricane could reach the southwest coast of Mexico. Tropical storms are named

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For offshore wind farms proposed a new installation technology

This technology is secure wind turbines on the sea floor will significantly reduce the cost of the mount and greatly increase the profitability of the construction of wind farms and, therefore, increase their number and increase the flow of renewable energy.

The authors of the new technology the company is fixing windmills Universal Foundation. The first tests will be held in the North Sea, where the way to test the 120-meter meteorological mast. First, their sensors appreciate the quality wind resources in the places where you plan to install wind turbines. The meaning of innovation is that the base

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In orbit — the prophet Baruch

In these events was also involved and another priest of Jerusalem, Baruch. He, like Ezekiel, was deported from Jerusalem to Babylon. Around 591 BC they had written a book that is included later in the canonical text of the Bible. But found a different text, compiled by this author "Apocalypse of Baruch ', considered apocryphal.

If you are looking for unusual and unique statuses for ICQ about love and life, you will be able to download to their online www.statusbuzz.ru

In this work there are very

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New Tropical Storm Philippe

New Tropical Storm Philippe formed We are looking for great weather to spend some time on the street is the first Sunday in the fall, although it will be a little warm. There's a new tropical storm in the Atlantic, but it does not need to worry. Philip is expected to become a hurricane in the next couple of days, but this weather to the north in open ocean waters. Details can be found in the graphic at the bottom of the page. Here is your official North Escambia area forecast: Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 89.

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What we write from Space




The correspondent of "Hour" has visited the area Mālpils and flew in a plane over the very spot where two weeks ago a local resident discovered the amazing picture suggestive of been here an unidentified flying object. We took pictures with the height from which is particularly visible

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Weather in Kiev, Ukraine on New Years Eve: 1, 2 and 3 December

January 1 in Ukraine, except for the southern part of the territory of the 2nd only in the western and northern regions of places will be little snow, the third snow, sometimes heavy, in the south with rain expected in the northern, central and southern areas, ice, wet adhesion snow.

As the service METEOPROG, roads icy. Temperature will stand at 9.2 degrees Celsius, sometimes to 14-18 below zero, cold day 0-6, in the south and east of the night 0-7 frost, day two frost-5 heat, heat in the Crimea 9.1. Wind northwest, southwest, northeast, southeast, 5-12 m / s.


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New insulation material for ventilated facades IZOVAT FG

IZOVAT company introduced a product line of materials for ventilated facades — slabs of basalt fiber matting with glass tissue as windbreaksIZOVAT FG


To date Ventfasad — one of the most effective methods of facades of buildings. Natural air flow in the air gap between the insulation and facade panels provide ventilation, which brings moisture from the insulation and walls, thereby preventing the reduction of heat-shielding properties of insulation and ensuring conservation of the design temperature indoors irrespective of any weather conditions.

IZOVAT FGwas designed for high-rise buildings where there strong air

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Nikitchenko: Radiation from forest fires — a drop in the sea of radioactive

Society Since the beginning of the summer fire ecologists have registered on the territory of the Russian Federation 'contaminated'. This is primarily Bryansk, Kaluga, Orel and other areas. Until now, the Russian authorities have denied warning of radiation danger, but today confirmed: indeed occurred in Bryansk fires in forests contaminated by radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Does it pull the consequences for Belarus, which is adjacent to the Russian regions?

Russian environmentalists are sounding the alarm: Depending on weather conditions, separation of radionuclides downwind from the fires could exceed several hundred kilometers. However, specialists in Belarus deep

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