In England, UFO broke wind turbine


The British believe they saw a UFO. Photo:


Several dozen people in central England began on Wednesday witnessed the strange phenomenon, in which was heavily damaged by a powerful wind turbine. One of its 12-meter blades — was severed, the other — strongly bent. The London papers have suggested that it could be one of the most "significant occurrences of UFOs" in the skies over Britain.

The witnesses who were in

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Hurricane in the Donbass

In Donetsk, declared a storm warning.

"In Donetsk, the north-east wind reaches a speed of 15-20 meters per second. This may have something to wind damage, "- said the head of Donetsk Centre for Hydrometeorology Lyudmila Radionova.

According to her, the hurricane is called the collision of the two cyclones. One coming from the south of the city, the second — moving from Kiev.

Besides Donetsk hurricane is expected in Mariupol. There all city services are in full readiness. According to weather forecasts, wind power is to reach 25-30 meters per second.

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Climatologists want to introduce to hurricanes sixth category

Atmospheric researchers tend to agree that in this century the power of tropical cyclones is extremely high, but the strange thing is that to date there is no consensus on the definition of a five-point scale used to classify the strength of storms. Now there is talk of adding a level 6 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, with Category 5 intensity means a sustained wind speed greater than 155 miles (250 kilometers) per hour for at least 1 minute.

The absence of an upper limit on the scale results in a stall in a bunch of most powerful tropical cyclones,

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Hurricane in Kakheti, Georgia


The hurricane caused extensive damage Gurjaani district in eastern Georgia. Several homes were left without roofs, toppled dozens of trees and damaged power lines. In addition to the hurricane in the area for several days, do not stop torrential rains.

Damaged roads in some areas stopped the movement of vehicles.

Special Commission calculates damage.

Source: Channel Peak

Kakheti areas hit by strong wind and rain

Strong wind and rain caused damage Gurjaani region Kakheti (Eastern Georgia), leaving it without power on Saturday, according to the TV company "Imedi" on Sunday, June 12.


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In Samara, have created a mobile wind tunnel

Some time ago, the engineers design office "Aerosamara" set out to create a vertical wind tunnel. At first glance, the problem is not new. Such plants that mimic the free fall, often built for athletes and fans of parachutists fly on an updraft of air. However, this project beyond the standard mobile withdrew block design.

 Composed of individual elements of the pipe can quickly assemble, disassemble, transport and install a new place. At the same time as the units using conventional, albeit modified, transport containers. PSM engineers tasked to implement the original energy of the air

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Dust storms, wind and hail expected in Tuva

Dust storms, thunderstorms and hail forecasted in Tuva on Friday night and Saturday night, according to the Republican government.

Projected squally wind gusts can reach 20 meters per second.

Due to bad weather in the region is more likely related emergencies, in particular, with damage to power and communication lines.

Tropical Storm Kristy threatens four states in Mexico

Tropical Storm Kristy, formed the Mexican coast in the Pacific Ocean, threatening once to four states in Mexico — Baja California, Michoacan, Colima and Jalisco, said on Wednesday the national civil protection system, a Latin American country.

With the threat of floods in the islands of Socorro and San Benedicto in the Pacific declared a green alert level, and four Mexican states it upgraded to blue.

Kristy is now 275 miles from the coast of the state of Jalisco and is moving at a speed of 17 kilometers per hour in the west and north-west. The wind speed is 75

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Forecasters predict in Krasnoyarsk sleet and ice

Forecasters predict a sharp deterioration in the weather in the Evenki the northern Krasnoyarsk Territory, as well as an increase in wind up to 23 meters per second and heavy precipitation in the central and southern parts of the region, told RIA Novosti spokesman GUMCHS on edge.

"On Tuesday, in the south of Evenkia places heavy snow expected in central and southern areas of the province forecasters predict a strong and very heavy rainfall with the deposition of wet snow on the wires. Possible breaks lines. Expected wind gusts up to 23 meters per second. On roads severe sleet. possible

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MES in the North Ossetian descent predicts floods and rising rivers

MES North Ossetia on Monday issued a warning that the next day in the country because of continued heavy rains in the mountains gathering expected floods and river levels may rise "to the negative marks."

Heavy rain, wind and hail, which last month hit by a few times on the republic, have caused a number of emergency situations.

So earlier in the Suburb of North Ossetia on Saturday struck a tree in the wind caused the death of four boys and nine girls hospitalized. On the same day in Mozdok district of the republic more than 30 settlements were

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Prediction of dangerous and adverse events in the Far East

VLADIVOSTOK, September 5, PrimaMedia. Typhoon TALAS, slightly weakened and turned into a tropical cyclone, we still note by heavy rain in the eastern regions of the Far East. Hydrometeorological Center of Russia published forecast of dangerous and adverse events in the coming days, according to RIA PrimaMedia.

Precipitation will be September 5 at most of the Khabarovsk Territory, September 6 — in the east, and September 7 very heavy rain, accompanied by winds of 15-20 m / s are expected in the northern areas of the province.

Heavy rain held September 5-7 in Sakhalin, and September 6-7, its intensity increases.

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