Windows Backup

Встроенная в ОС Windows технология Windows Backup предоставляет широкие возможности для создания резервных копий ОС и файлов, но ограничения, накладываемые пользовательским интерфейсом, не дают возможности реализовать их полностью. Так, ни одна из редакций Windows Backup не позволяет сохранять несколько версий резервных копий при работе с сетевым каталогом, а инструменты для управления политикой хранения локальных копий появились лишь в Windows Server 2012. До этого системные администраторы должны были полагаться на механизм автоматического удаления, который не всегда работал корректно .

Зная внутреннее устройство подсистемы резервного копирования, можно обойти эти ограничения, используя командлеты PowerShell для работы с Windows Backup и системные утилиты для

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Window of opportunity

Building a luxury home may seem counterproductive to the concept of sustainability. The current popularity of the “not so big” house (a term you may have heard from Susan Susanna’s series of books by the same name) and the even smaller subculture of the “tiny house” undoubtedly illustrate a greener way to build, with less material needed and smaller spaces to heat and cool. But these homes are often impractical for a family of more than…one. You can rid yourself of half your possessions, but it’s likely you’ll still want a room of your own, a bit of space to

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A c h i l l e C a s t i g l i o n i brought post¬war Italian design into the future, but he never left his sense of humor behind. The architect and industrial designer (1918-2002) created dozens of products and was so influential that New York’s Museum of Modern Art granted him a full-scale retrospective in 1997. His studio in Milan draws thousands of acolytes each year. And his many iconic designs— including the 1962 A r c o lamp with its marble base and great curve of steel, his M e

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Product trends. Ready for Impact.

Impact-resistant windows offer 24/7 hurricane protection for coastal residents and added benefits for those in any region.

Windows provide numerous benefits for homeowners, but when faced with severe weather, nothing is more important than impact resistance.

Along coastal regions where hurricanes are strong possibilities, windows must be able to withstand high wind speeds as well as flying debris.

One hot spot for inclement weather is Miami-Dade County, Fla., where many of the building codes for hurricane-protection windows originated. Now, however, these codes are expanding.

«Some of the codes are migrating a little bit inland, so where it used to be

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Rulers of windows:

Bins are inexhaustible

Alex Fedorchuk continues to extract objects from the bins of history window managers, in support of the theme rooms.

The second half of the 90s — a period of rapid development of window managers: all the existing group of them (with one exception, which I will mention at the end of the article) emerged at this time. Including the most vivid, in my opinion, members of the family.

In the footsteps of legends

Who does not remember the old man Krupsk? Sorry, old man NeXT’a? But … come burn the NEP, and the names of the heroes

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Hot Stuff


Если хочешь быть лучше, быть победителем, то целеустремленность-вот что тебе нужно. Сосредоточенность Nokia на технологии мобильных камер приносит плоды, превращая приличную, но ничем особо не выдающуюся Windows Phone 8 в мобильную платформу, которая одним щелчком раскидывает всех конкурентов. А потом делает великолепный снимок их побитых физиономий. Что у него внутри? Объектив Carl Zeiss f 2.2 с оптической стабилизацией изображения сочетается с матрицей 41 Мпикс и технологией PureView. Все это позволяет получать гигантские изображения, которые можно без ущерба обрезать, и это будет выглядеть, как зум-картинки с телеобъектива.

С помощью экранных «колес» задаются

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Raises storage service

And synchronization


Today, the possibility of NFS, SMB / CIFS, FTP does not satisfy the requirements of this increasingly popular new services like Dropbox. They have a simple interface and easy to use, does not guarantee privacy to be placed to ensure maximum data security, we recommend your own cloud server.

Adds a second level of encryption

All public cloud storage encrypt information, but, for example, in the case of Dropbox or SkyDrive, administrators can view it. So if we want to preserve the confidentiality of the data, the best way would be to their pre-encryption before

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Future research and development of air transport

Based on current trends in the aviation industry, today identified three priority areas for scientific and technical activities CVTs «Technology» in terms of development and production of glassy materials. The first direction is the development of advanced organic-organic and organic-silicate (heterogeneous) ptitsestoykih, lightweight compositions for aircraft glazing.

The effectiveness of the functioning and performance characteristics of modern aircraft and helicopters are largely dependent on the applied glazing them, the technical level is in Russia today does not allow us to solve a number of existing problems: the impact of solar radiation on the crew and electromagnetic radiation; ghosting, hindering

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Located up high, clerestory windows are typically a band of narrow windows that allow light into a house without compromising on the privacy of those inside. They also maximise airflow, which is important, especially in warm climates. At the same time, they add an element of architectural interest to a space


Located in Sydney’s beachside haven of Manly, this renovated home by James Cooper of Sanctum Design uses clerestory windows to bring in the beach vibe and capitalise on the indoor/outdoor lifestyle. With tall apartments next door, the home had to respond to overshadowing and capture as


Meet the HYPER-V in Windows Server 2012

Exit Windows Server 2012 significantly transform the world of virtualization. In particular, a significant change in Hyper-V hypervisor make noteworthy large-scale enterprises, which previously did not consider it.

In Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 is very laid scalability, virtual machines can have up to 64 virtual CPUs (vCPU) and up to 1TB of RAM. Due to a new format VHDX now possible to create virtual hard drives (VHD) of up to 64 terabytes, which eliminates the need to use a transit warehouse. Thus, we can accept the fact that virtually any application can be virtualized using Hyper-V. Of course, scalability

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