Winter House Interiors

Winter House transforms interior landscapes and exterior living spaces into warm, beautiful and inviting areas — havens that are timeless and elegant — by designing for individual clients’ lifestyles and helping to bring their visualizations to life. For expert assistance in designing and furnishing a personally perfect indoor and outdoor home environment, step into a world of endless possibilities.

Whatever components best suit the customer’s purpose and taste, whether that be furniture or flooring, comfortable patio seating or custom bedding and draperies or accessories and gifts, are harmoniously united with an eye for detail and a personalized vision. Besides its

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«Coupling» for the queen.

The October nights freezing winter is sending signals about his imminent arrival. It’s time to take care of pearls flower garden, protecting roses from future frosts.

Cut, Jale

Do not rush with pruning, because the flowers, about stimulated the removal of «fruit», at zero temperature confuse the seasons, every effort be directed at growth rather than hardening and probably die with minimal red on a thermometer.

To begin the removal nevyzrevshie shoots wen (thick «false shoots), and all the leaves (if you plan to cover roses) is necessary when the frost at night will be 5-7 ° C and» grab

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Catwalk to curvy

Laura Puddy has the new-season trends all sewn up

When London Fashion Week rolls around, I always watch the shows envisaging how I’d wear whatever’s coming down the catwalk. Some styles I know won’t be great for my figure, but other ensembles catch my eye and I start styling in my head.

So, with the new season almost upon us, it’s time to think about getting sorted with some hot wardrobe updaters. From belted coats and head-to-toe leather, to chic tailoring, winter florals, tartans, checks and scarlet red, the scope is amazing and all can look great on curvy girls.

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Prepare to winter

With the approach of autumn beekeeper must use all his experience and knowledge to wintering bees was successful.

Spending poslevzyatochnuyu audit.

After removing the extensions necessary to find out the condition of families and try to create the conditions for building the bees going into winter. Such work in any case can not be postponed, because bribes can completely stop and come bees theft, resulting in a detailed examination of the families will be reduced to zero.

During the examination, the family need to determine its strength (number of frames occupied) and the quality of brood (seeding density), food

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To realise that the chilly season isn’t so bad after all, singing the praises of hibernation — for plants, animals and humans, too — and the importance of desserts.

THE NIGHTS ARE CLOSING IN and the mercury is falling. It won’t be long before the whipping wind is rattling the windows and Jack Frost is nipping at our toes. (Unless you’re north of Townsville, in which case stop looking so smug — it rains in your summer and you have box jellyfish!) Let’s face it, for most of us this is a depressing time, but follow my rules and you’ll


Reporter Iranian our radio service could leave Iran

In United States her family» I met the president and our radio Jeffrey Gedmin. Parnaz Asimov — a citizen of the United States and Iran, first, she went to Iran to visit ailing mother. January 25, Iranian authorities confiscated her passport. She returned the passport only on September 4. Meetings, Jeffrey Gedmin said:"I and all the staff of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty express our deep gratitude to all who strove for in Parnaz throughout this long tests. Many people in government and outside it, the Yankees, Iranians, Europeans also worked for her release. We attach your own voice

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Belarusian athletes are counting on the success of the Olympic Games in Sochi

This is the first Winter Olympics to be held in Russia. In the 1980 Summer Olympic Games, boycotted by a number of Western countries to take Moscow.Belarus to the choice of the IOC reacted benevolence. Sports bureaucrats believe that come to compete in good shape will help Center winter training, outdoor Aleksandr Lukashenko This year in the Red Polyana near Sochi.Selecting capital "snow-white" 2014 Olympics took place without the participation of the Belarusians. As said, the press attache of the State Olympic Committee Peter Riabukhin none Belarusian sports bureaucrat is a member of the IOC and therefore can not vote

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Or swap utility rates after the heating season?

Gennady Lyapunov recalled that on January 1 increased rate of pay and electronic thermal energy — by 12 and 20%, respectively. Total increase in tariffs came into the borders of five bucks. Asked by reporters whether in This year still rising utility rates, Lyapunov emperor said: "We’ll see at the end of the heating season." He said that according to the calculations of the Ministry, in the winter season for the above average one-bedroom apartment in which they live two people, the fee will be 81 415 rubles, in the summer — 49 771 rubles. For one bedroom with 3

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Barriers are set on the Penza production facilities in Sochi

The concept of security of the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games of 2014 in Sochi includes measures aimed at neutralizing threats primarily from international terrorist and extremist organizations. According to this concept, the zone traffic thoroughfares Olympic facilities planned to equip protivotarannymi devices.

Today travel to the territory of the organizing committee of the White Olympiad regulated protivotarannymi Barrier devices such as PTU-L "Weenie" production CJSC "Cesis NIKIRET". This model has been specifically designed for use in urban infrastructure, especially for work in heavy traffic in urban environments. The new barrier can

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Copied German harvester — went Belarus

Fields economy "East" of the Gomel region sufficiently often used "Gomselmash" test harvesters. Besides the local machine-working on this technique and know it, as statedsmiling, not hearsay."At 50 percent, it is not shelf, I think so", — says Nikolay Sovkhoznyi mechanic.Sergei combiner also knows Selmashevsky technique. He witnessed the tests combine "Polessye-14":

Is it possible for the German winter grain processed at "Polessye-14"? ..

"I also worked on the combine. German harvester only" rap "- and left. Here on the second season comes" Polessye-14 ", made on the basis of the German" Klaas’a ". Arrived with him all these ispyt

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