The witch-hunt in Britain

"Every kid is calling me a witch, but is my fault scratching your ass?" Goodridge case of Alice, England, 1596

Envy! Envy and greed — are the main driving forces of the Middle Ages Witching processes. Husband took her opponent — because the witch, her neighbor yield better — because a witch, a competitor product selling out faster — by a fire devil's accomplice!

Hysteria called "witch-hunt" has swept the whole of Europe, not having avoided a single corner of it. A few centuries at the stake and the gallows found their death those who was luckier, more beautiful,

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More than 20 parents of children thrown out into the street on suspicion of witchcraft




In Angola, the parents of 23 boys thrown into the street on suspicion of witchcraft. Currently, they are in a Catholic orphanage.

In Angola and other African countries widespread witchcraft and black magic. Sudden death of a relative of superstitious Africans account for the evil eye or

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The City of Witches lives up to its reputation




February 29, 1692 in the town of Salem, sixty years after the founding of the first here in the Massachusetts colony, began a witch hunt, which ended the trial, in which the prosecutor acted pastor Samuel Parris. As a result of accusations of witchcraft in the year

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The mighty power of witchcraft

The man with the old, drags and attracts all the secret and unknown. All that is difficult to explain and prove that telekinesis, spirituality and parapsychology. And the most mysterious and enigmatic A man is magic.

Decided to organize a taxi service, but where to start and what do you know? Then, learn how to organize a taxi and what will it take you to the site

How to understand what witchcraft what people mean by that word? Witchcraft is designed to extract personal benefit and

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Miraculous powers of mankind

Do you believe in the supernatural? There are different kinds of phenomena, such as such as telepathy, witchcraft, telekinesis, psychic abilities and many others.

You do not have superpowers, but it took an executive position and you want to get trained senior managers to gain a foothold on the career ladder? In such a case, to find useful business training, games and learning materials for managers, you can online

Telepathy — is a person's ability to transmit information to another person and mentally with all this without making

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Modern Inquisition — in Saudi woman executed for witchcraft

In Saudi province of al-Jawf beheaded woman found guilty of witchcraft practices. Human rights organization "Amnesty International" has condemned the actions of the Saudi authorities, saying that recently the number of death sentences in the country of concern.

As informs "Interfax" referring to the Ministry of Interior province penalty Nationals Saudi Arabia Amina bint Abdul Halim was enforced on Monday morning, December 12. In 2010, Saudi Arabia had been executed 27 people.

The Hammer of Witches — began as a witch-hunt

January 7, 2012 6:45

The Hammer of Witches — is the authoritative text, which people used to understand what the magic and understand this phenomenon. In the 16th and 17th centuries at about 30,000 copies of "The Hammer of Witches" is distributed in Europe like the plague. Over time, the idea of the book and reach up to the New World. By the end of the epidemic witch hunt thanks to this book about 60 000 victims were sent to the stake.

But as the hammer of witches could gain such a bad name and be so dangerous? This

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The charm of witchcraft

November 7, 2011 18:17

There was no doubt — in a former life, Patricia was a witch

The fact that Harry Potter is a native of England, is not accidental. Mystical belief in witches, sorcerers and evil spirits have always been horror as strong in this country. And despite the fact that for a long time considered witchcraft classes there offense. However, any action, as we know, is a reaction, and witches in Foggy Albion regularly fruitful, despite the ban. One of the most striking — Patricia Crowther.

Future representative of the mysterious craft was born in

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Beware of scammers! Magicians and sorcerers watch online

Appeals for help to magic and witchcraft soon began to threaten the safety of people. Someone came to conquer Moscow, trying to arrange a personal life and get rich by komplotov, and they were later found dead. Someone in despair, unable to believe the official medicine for healing refers to the "sorcerers" who speak with their unhealthy bodies, gets psychologically addicted to the miracle healers. How do I stop this voodoo lawlessness?

Mysticism, chernoknizhnichenstvo, hypnosis, psychics

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Witches. Who are they?

In the mythology of medieval Western Europe holders of magical knowledge, witch.

Endowed with the ability to influence the nature and humans (witchcraft) and perform miraculous deeds — to become a werewolf, to pass through locked doors, fly through the air, steal the heart of people, cause diseases, bedevil on livestock and crops. They are credited with the ability to form an alliance with the devil and serve him, to join with him in sexual intercourse and seduce believers, ruining their souls.

Before the era of the development of medieval ideas about witches magical abilities were mainly at the

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