Who are the witches and where to find them




The classic image of a fairy Baba Yaga absorbed the entire set of perceptions and prejudices about witches. Old, ugly and insidious with maniacal passion for killing and muck smaller.

Few people know that the word "witch" is derived from the ancient "because" — knowledge. All cultures were

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Whether all women are witches?


Very often we hear unpleasant to the ear the word "witch", and for some reason most often it involves in everyday conversations nasty nasty word, sometimes even insulting. You can often hear stories of angry men who only talk about their wives' witch 'or' Witch's Curse ", etc.

But if we look at the origins of parapsychology, it is seen that the word "witch" conceals its meaning rather contradictory concepts.

In the sixteenth century English jurist William West formulated a definition in which he said that witches are usually the most ordinary

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In Bamberg erect a memorial to witches — victims of the Inquisition

October 23, 2012 21:01

In the German town of Bamberg are planning to build a memorial to witches, victims of the Inquisition.

Citizens United and the City wants to remind the way "of the thousands of innocent victims who were killed in the period from 1612 th to 1631, during the largest witch-hunt."

As the chairman of association of citizens Bamberg Mitte Sabine Sauer, conceived at the same time will become a monument to caution against bigotry and discrimination, according to the information site Katholisch.de.

Memorial put in the historical part of the city, behind the castle Gayersvert, which

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All women — witches, but some of the witches




Shortly before the night of Ivan Kupala (on July 7), it is worth wondering what threatens peace to men women's evil power

Kreks, pacemakers, FEKS — and all of my men!

Call dearest wife, or at least the wife's mother a witch — a favorite pastime of

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BELGORODCHINE — a haven of witches?




Heard the legend that in our area there were many witches, sorcerers, fortune-tellers, because they were exiled here from all over Russia. This is what we have here the magical land? And where then these magicians go?

Voronov, Shebekino.

The legend may have real grounds, said a

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African scientists to explore witches circles

October 26, 2012 17:45

American biologist Walter Tschinkel closer to unraveling the phenomenon of famous African witches' circles that the natives called "Fingerprints of the Gods."

Inside, they have no grass, the strange bald education can reach a diameter of 12 meters. Their causes while science is unclear, but there are different hypotheses, for example, that the circles formed a type of insect. When an American biologist first saw this phenomenon in the reserve in South-East Africa, he decided to blame termites that eat the roots of grass. However, further studies are no traces of termites were found. When

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The Hammer of Witches — began as a witch-hunt

January 7, 2012 6:45

The Hammer of Witches — is the authoritative text, which people used to understand what the magic and understand this phenomenon. In the 16th and 17th centuries at about 30,000 copies of "The Hammer of Witches" is distributed in Europe like the plague. Over time, the idea of the book and reach up to the New World. By the end of the epidemic witch hunt thanks to this book about 60 000 victims were sent to the stake.

But as the hammer of witches could gain such a bad name and be so dangerous? This

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The charm of witchcraft

November 7, 2011 18:17

There was no doubt — in a former life, Patricia was a witch

The fact that Harry Potter is a native of England, is not accidental. Mystical belief in witches, sorcerers and evil spirits have always been horror as strong in this country. And despite the fact that for a long time considered witchcraft classes there offense. However, any action, as we know, is a reaction, and witches in Foggy Albion regularly fruitful, despite the ban. One of the most striking — Patricia Crowther.

Future representative of the mysterious craft was born in

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Cat in the world of witchcraft

November 7, 2011 1:32

B different cultures cats are associated with the idea of the supernatural, of luck or misfortune, with healing or causing vreda. In folklore, a cat — one of the favorite animals that accompany the witches, wizards and soothsayers fate. With cats involves a lot of superstitions.

Ancient Egyptians believed the cat sacred animal and tied it to the moon and the goddess Bast — patroness of marriage. Also the cat immediately to the Mother Goddess, Isis. In the Egyptian sun god Ra art depicted as a cat, kill the snake Darkness. Black cats were associated

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In Belgium rehabilitated witches executed in XVII century

July 1, 2012 10:22

© Photo: en.wikipedia.org

Authorities Newport resort town on the Belgian North Sea coast, rehabilitated 17 local residents, who in the XVII century were sentenced to be burned at the stake, local media reported.

"On behalf of the municipal council and the people of Newport, we ask for forgiveness," — said the city mayor Roland Crabbe at a special ceremony.

In the period between 1602 and 1652 years in Nporte were burnt alive 15 "witches" and two "sorcerer." In memory of the victims of the "historical mistake" of power established in the Newport City Hall stele,

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