We all strive to find that elusive balance between a fulfilling career, a happy home life and the demands of keeping it all straight. Finding the tools to help create and manage that balance is key to a smarter, simpler life.

For the working woman, it’s all about juggling. School run versus early morning strategy sessions versus guests for dinner, homework and housework, school and career. It’s a lot to manage, which is why it’s so important to have the right tools for the job, to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that the diverse elements of life converge


Soul to SOLE

Bella Pollen recounts how an extraordinary collection of shoes took her on an equally unusual journey, from Monaco to Kabul

Imagine you were the kind of woman in whose wardrobe hung only couture; suits by Schiaparelli and Molyneux, swing coats by Dior, a rack of slithering bias-cut gowns stitched by Vionnet’s tireless seamstresses. Imagine, too, that you were in possession of a pair of shoes to match every one of these outfits — and by match I’m not suggesting “go reasonably well with”, I mean match: the same colour, cut from the same bolt of material. And lastly, imagine those

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«I was kicking the verse along with him, «Shelowitz said the other day», and he calls out his comer: On 1-3-9 and Lenox Ave. there’s a big park. «I just thought, I want to mark that somehow, his words in that physical place». The following weekend, he rented a car and installed the sign, and twenty-six others, on posts in four boroughs and a few Westchester suburbs. «At first, I felt a little uncomfortable, especially with some of the more gruesome lyrics», Shelowitz said. «I’m this schmuck artist sneaking into these neighborhoods, and I just imagined people being, like, We

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Filisof Vincent Cespedes.

What problem are you trying to decide when he wrote his book?

I have many friends who are dear to me. They constantly come to me with complaints of men, their ill-treatment — or the fact that they can not find love.

With some of them I had a sensual relationship, and we have had problems because of what they wanted in whatever was to create a couple, and I told them that I could not live as a couple. The suffering of women around me — a problem for me, because it’s the people I love. And I said

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River named Helen

IN RUSSIA finally got SERIOUS CASH FILM. Instead it SUPERSTAR — 32-year-old actress Elena Liadov.

You know, where is Birchwood? No? Then I’ll meet you at the metro station «Polezhaevskaya!» -and Now we wandered park paths. Big sunglasses, shorts, T-shirt, sandals: now in this adolescent women would not recognize the divine. Or «mysterious Russian actress», which in a long pearl gown posed for photographers on the red carpet before the screening of the film Andrei Zvyagintsev’s «Elena» is so easy, if it was at least the tenth world premiere of her career. Italian reporter, who was standing nearby, shouted like

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To get in the top ten

Monika, Angelina, Kira … It should be called any of these names — and in my head pops up a familiar image. Let’s see how to change the brightest beauties of our time, and what they have achieved over the last ten years.

1. Monica Bellucci, 48 years old

In the movie «Malena» Giuseppe Tornatore Monica played the first beauty of the provincial town — the object of envy and lust. In fact it is an autobiographical story: from his native town of the young Monica went from too outspoken views and too small prospects. At age 13 she

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Memo for every woman

Women are advised to undergo an annual examination by a gynecologist and mammalogy

(those who are at risk -as prescribed by a doctor). Up to 40 years to do breast ultrasound, and after 40 — annual mammogram. 2 is no less important ritual — breast self-examination monthly. Once you are able to react sensitively to the slightest changes that may be signs of disease: pain, discharge from the nipple, seal.

3 Beware of direct sunlight. Sunbathing topless — a very dangerous fashion. Gentle breast skin can repel attacks sunlight and harmful ultraviolet filtering materials easily gets into the mammary gland.

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On this happy note

In the world there are at least two good things: music and girls. And today we have a holiday at all: we have united with one another in our traditional rubric «Woman and the world.»

Vibrators help women take the high notes. This knowledge enjoys sharing Canadian singing teacher David Lei, who once casually discovered that produced sex toys vibration great relieve tension in the larynx, so that the range of his students seriously expanded. If you want to take advantage of this advice, consider that Lei massages charges are not inside, but outside.

Sex-coach and relationship expert Megan

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Eileen Collins: Rocket Woman

Interviewed by Jonathan O’Callaghan

Having served as both the first female pilot and first female commander of NASA’s Space Shuttle, Eileen Collins boosted the involvement of women in space exploration to a whole new level.

Interview Bio

Eileen Collins

Age: 56

First mission: STS-63

No. of missions: 4

Time in space: over 872 hours

Born on 19 November 1956, Eileen Marie Collins served as a pilot in the United States Air Force before becoming one of the most decorated astronauts in NASA’s history after her selection in 1990. She served on four separate Space Shuttle missions, including the first American

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Zenofiliya or Zenofobiya

Are there many stars in the sky lit up series in the truest sense of the word? In 2005, a team of astronomers discovered dwarf planet and the moon revolving around it. Two beautiful celestial body were named Ze-term and Gabriel in honor of the Queen’s soldiers and her faithful companion.

Her name XENA

Any fan of the series to go to remember a dozen shows, named after the protagonist male — here you are «good» Dr. House, and the murderer of murderers Dexter, and a crowd of police inspectors or superheroes. The women on this list is much

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