WOOD Stocked!

Remember those days when your TV unit had to match the bookshelf that ought to match your flooring which was the same colour as the dining table? Those dreaded days of matching every wood finish in your home have, thankfully, long gone! That however creates another sizeable problem — how does one mix these complex wood finishes without making a decor faux pas? We tell you how to have fun while decorating with m wood grains…


One of the best ways to go about mixing wood tones is by choosing a dominating one. Don t want to

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Tropical retreat

When it comes to design your dream home, there’s simply no room for compromise

TROPICAL DESIGN is a style that seamlessly incorporates the elements of nature into interiors and exteriors by means or passive cooling, cross ventilation, protection from harsh sun and rain typical to a tropical climate, and by using natural materials and colors. Plants also play an integral part in tropical design. Furniture pieces in rattan, wicker, wood, and bamboo are commonly used, as well as natural fabrics for soft furnishings like linen, cotton, ramie, and silk, all of which are airy, light, and appropriate for hot and

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Stylised owl

This simple little project of a stylised owl is a gentle introduction to the art of woodcarving aimed at the beginner, with minimum outlay on tools as it only requires the use of two gouges. It is also a very good initial exercise in gaining practical experience of how to approach the different grain directions — as marked with the red arrows.

The scale designs supplied can easily be altered or adapted to incorporate your own ideas if you wish to, which is very much encouraged.

The wood used in the example is a piece of American black walnut which

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Chines Workshop blends a minimalist Zen look with gorgeously tactile surfaces for a home that’s at once clean, warm and inviting.

Designing a Zen-inspired home is a bit like training for a ballet performance: all the blood, sweat and tears go into making the whole thing seem entirely effortless. As any dancer or designer will tell you, however, the easier it looks, the more work would have been required to achieve that effect. Chine’s Workshop takes us backstage to find out exactly what it takes to design a beautifully minimalist home.

“The clients wanted their home to be very simple,”

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Ribbon and bow

This bow and ribbon is an example of what is known as applique work — a posh way of saying ‘stuck on’. The carving can be glued to a fire surround, mirror frame or box, for example, pinned discretely in place through the central knot and the deep junctions.

This is a simple design, especially in its surface treatment. However, it’s worth exploring the many other ways of carving and decorating ribbons and bows; you’ll find them joined together or with complicated rucks and folds in their surfaces.

Orientate the grain across the design; this will give the most strength.

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Rebecca Wood

Outdoor Women Unlimited

In the eight years since she founded Outdoor Women Unlimited (OWU), Rebecca Wood has watched her organization grow from a single outdoor skills class, held in central Alabama in 2005, to a group 5,000 women strong and stretching over 38 states. OWU teaches women many outdoors skills— archery, camp cooking and kayaking to name but a few—but the shooting sports have become, in many ways, the center of the group’s activities. Wood, 58, is a mother of two adult children, a high school biology teacher and an avid shooter and hunter herself. Last season, she took her

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Peel yourself a settle

Twig furniture is experiencing a comeback in popularity. The first chair I found of this type had been exposed to the weather for many years on an open porch in the woods of central Maine. It was grey and weathered, but still comfortable and sturdy. The iron nails pinning the parts together had rusted and stained the wood, but held with firm tenacity. It was there, ready for rest, at the end of each hike.

This was the first chair I had seen like this and I assumed it had been made there. Since then. I’ve found two others so

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Although traditionally trained, Auguste Rodin managed to upset the establishment of his day with lifelike clay maquettes and models, which didn’t conform to the more traditional methods used at the time. By 1904 though, having just enlarged ‘The Thinker’, one of his most popular pieces, he had become world-renowned as a major force in sculpture. He would quickly capture the essence of a sculpture in lively clay maquettes, which would then be worked on and improved or altered before being cast into bronze or carved in stone. Rodin had an assistant called Henri Lebosse who under supervision would carry out

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Heroes, Mailbag, Cabin dreams.

Heroes. Presidential Red.

George Washington was the first U.S. president not to be born in a log cabin, but he liked wood. Instead of using stone for his Mount Vernon home, he clad it with wood cut to simulate stone and topped it with cypress shingles. He painted the walls white and the roof red. When the Mount Vemon Ladies Association took over Washington’s estate, they vowed to maintain the wood and the paint just as Washington had. That promise became exceedingly difficult after the government outlawed lead paint in 1978.

Paint had effectively protected the old- growth cypress shingles

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Groupe Scolaire Pasteur

R2K Architects’ competition-winning design for Groupe Scolaire Pasteur, an educational institute in the small town of Limeil-Brevannes just outside Paris, comprises five schools — three preschools and two elementary — all huddled in one brightly coloured complex. The Grenoble-based designers had seen the project as an opportunity to simultaneously redefine the town’s future layout, while also spotlighting sustainability issues.

«We wanted to create a separate identity for every one of the five schools, along with a sense of community,» say the architects. The 9,500sq m campus is positioned in close proximity to the town hall, a public library, shops and

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